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    aguilava Newbie
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    Wow, So i was about to Upgrade to the I phone 5 but I saw sprint has an activation fee now !!!! Where did this come from? I have had sprint for almost ten years, and they never had this. Not only that though but after taxes i would be paying almost 50 dollars for my phone to be activated!!!! ***!!! Guess no upgrade   for me!! lol, just going to wait till my contract is up and change company's!! I have 3 lines so everytime I upgrade it's 36x 3 plus tax!! No thanks ill take my business elsewhere!!

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    Levi4u Master
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    This is nothing new, Sprint has always charged an upgrade/activation fee, It used to be $18 up until last Sept when it was raised to $36. It used to be waived if complained enough but corp put a stop to that last Sept also. The only time they are waived is if they are running a promo offering waiving them.
    Also FYI all major carriers charge upgrade/activation fees.

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    NotCrazy Newbie
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    You know the most hilarious part of this whole conversation is that Sprint pushes so hard for new customers but yet screws old ones that have consistently paid and stayed loyal. I have a relative that sell for Sprint. He told me about how thousands of "gamers" a name they have for Con Gamers buy new phones (5 at a time) with fake ID's and then never pay the Bill from Sprint. They in turn sell them to buyers who wipe them and sell them overseas  So ... Do you think they are eating those con's costs .. I wouldn't bet a red cent on that. Nope .. You and I are paying activation fees and additional 4G fee's for service we never got. Sprint's reply ... We have the best prices on data ... so if you don't like it! Tough!

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    RJAPLA Newbie
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    Has anyone ever gotten an acceptable reasoning for this fee other than corprate greed.  I find it hard to believe that when I purchase a phone at Best Buy or Radio Shack and the emploies of those companies do all the work to activate my phone and move my contacts that Sprint really incures that much of a charge.  I Think this fee is just to ofset the money they are pretenting to save you on a new phone.  I have overmy 15 plus years as sprint cutomer on several occasions activated a old phone to use after a new phone was broken and wait for the upgrade to come around.  I was never charged a fee to turn the old phone back on???  Is this not the same as activationg a new phone.  It is the same process!  And this process actually has to be done by a Sprint CS rep.  took it to the store and they told me I would have to call CS.  I did this as soon as just last month and no charges applied.  But the phones I purchased at Best buy the revious month both had the B.S. fee.  That I even had a cupon to waive and am now locked in a heated dispute with CS which is ultimatly going to end in my cancellation of my sprint account after being a loyal never late paying customer for over 16yrs!

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    salockett25 Newbie
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    i have had sprint service for 7weeks.....i have never been put through so much i went to metropcs and got the same smartphone and the same data and contract  $70.00 a month!!! my tethering is at 5g's!!!! i'm calling sprint to tell them they can keep their "service". and i'm not paying $169.00 this month or any other month.

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    tonyschild Newbie
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    In other words let's give better rates on our contracts so customers think they are saving money then nickel and dime them with bogus fees.
    Sprint may think they have it figured out, however; it goes to show that don't know their customers. We're not stupid we know that sprint is just using underhanded, sleazy marketing techniques to deceive us. No more nickel and dime for me I pass.......... goodbye Sprint.

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