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    Pneuma66 Newbie
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    I upgraded last week from my HTC EVO 4G with Sprint to the Samsung Galaxy SIII.  I have used the EVO 4g in my home for 2 years now, and consistently get 5 bars on my top floor, 4-5 on my middle floor, and 1-2 bars in my basement.  I have never been able to get 4G WIMAX inside my house with my EVO, even though the coverage map says that I should be able to get it.  However, I can get 4G WIMAX outside with no problem.  I live in the Baltimore area, and they have now turned on the 4G LTE, and I was told by customer service that the tower near my home had been converted to LTE already and was up and functioning.  However, from day one of having the Samsung Galaxy SIII, I have been getting between 0-2 bars inside my house on the top floor, 0-1 bar on the middle floor, and absolutely no coverage at all in the basement.  Additionally, both at home and driving around the area, I never once saw a 4G icon in the top notification bar, which I would expect to show up if I was on the 4G LTE network.  Eventually, the lady at the Sprint store told me that LTE was only in a few spots in downtown baltimore, and wouldn't be in my neighborhood until about December or January.  After doing some research, I found out that Samsung phones are notorious for getting weak reception.  Across the other cellular phone providers, it's the same particularly with the Galaxy SIII.  I read so many glowing reviews of the SIII that I was surprised about several things I didn't like about the phone in addition to the terrible signal (it is a phone first and foremost, and that needs to work flawlessly).  1. The phone has a slippery back and can very easily be dropped.  2. the phone is very thin, and has a problem with the screen cracking if it gets torqued at all.  Since I routinely carry my EVO in my front pants pocket, this would require a change in habits.  3.  The phone is difficult to hold.  It's not comfortable at all in my hand, and when you put your hand over the bottom of the phone, you interfere with the transmitter, much like in the Apple IPhone 4.  I think it feels cheap and plasticy, and doesn't seem as rugged as my old EVO 4G.  So, I returned it to the store, and got my money back.  I will now hold off on buying a replacement phone until around December or January.  The only reason I am willing to stay with Sprint is the unlimited data plan.  It's much more economical than Verizon or ATT based on my historical data usage.

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    I was having the same problem. Was about to pull my hair out, but then I tried one more thing and it worked. Maybe you can try it too. Just go to settings>system update>update prl. Didn't even know what PRL meant, but it worked for me. Try and see if it might work for you.

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    I was looking at the s3 and evo today and the s3 was 15 to 20 db less than evo when put next to each other.  Anybody else see this?

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    What were the signal strengths you were seeing ?

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    memphist044 Newbie
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    Went by a different location today:


    SG3 - -83 dBM

    Evo 4g LTE - -91dBM

    Photon 4q LTE -  -87dBm


    My old Epic 4g -95 dBm to -101 dBm


    All of them except my Epic seemed stable even as I moved them around a little bit.  Verified the OS readings with OpenSignal


    Yesterday (at a different location) I was seeing the SG3 at -68 dBM and the Evo vary but typically around -83 to -91

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    Boopgal66 Regular Visitor
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    I continue to have problems with the S3. I had the store give me a new one to see if my original S3 was the problem. The second S3 has the same problems. So I am stuck with this paperweight. I was so happy with Sprint fr many, many years. Now Im not a happy camper

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    CJWELLE11 Newbie
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    I have been having similar issues with my Samsung GSIII. Although I have been seeing the 4G icon pop up all around me. When out in areas with only 3G available the SGSIII loses the data service while having full bars for cellular service. I have to reset the wifi to get the 3G Data back. I am finding this very fusterating as I lose service while driving or in places that I need the internet. I hope Sprint stops messing around and sends out an update to this phone to fix this!

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    someothergalaxy Bronze Expert
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    Just to clarify a lower number is better ie. -73 / -93.

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    fireguy_6364 Master
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    tess4195 Newbie
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    I am having same problem in North Central Illinois. I added this phone to my account as I was not elgible for upgrade and was afraid after Sept 20 will no longer be able to get this phone.(If Apple has there way in court). I currently have S2 and LOVE it. Main reason I wanted to upgrade is for USB OTG.

    But in areas where I have full set of bars with S2 the S3 only has 1-2 bars. I have done PRL update, I have version 25006. My local Sprint today said they never heard of this before. They offered to exchange phones. They said I could return it but since its after 4 days I would be billed $36 activation fee.I also spent $33 dollars at Best Buy having a Invisible Sheild HD installed. I hope they come out with a fix.

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    Boopgal66 Regular Visitor
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    I went back to the Sprint Store today to see I could get the Airave as mentioned in a separate posting. They said I had to call customer service. So I called customer service and re-hashed all the problems I have been having with the first S3 and the replacement S3. They took my information and said I would get a call in a few days to see if I qualified for the Airave. I stressed the fact that I did not want to pay for the equiptment or the service. I just want to be able to use this phone in my house....I will update when I hear from them.

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    COFFEESHOP1 Newbie
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    i have the same exact issue, i thought it was signal in my apartment because one of sprint tower around my area was completely down the month beforemy wife and I got the  S3. now it's horrible signal....cannot make any phone calls in any building i go to...i have nothing but drop calls.....want a full refund on this dam phone....sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    android510 Newbie
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    i have the same issue.  went from evo 4g to s3.  the reception went down by a lot.  no data connection where i use to get 3g/4g wimax in my condo.  this is ridiculous.  going to sprint tomorrow to complain and then most likely return this phone.  did some research i think it's the phone's antennas and not the network.  people have the same problem with verizon and att because i was thinking about switching to the s3 on verizon instead but no point now.


    ice cream sandwich is great though.  and the screen is awesome.  and the phone is fast....but no reception equals no good.


    i live in sj, ca

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    Why isnt Sprint answering these concerns. i kinda feel like i was suckered into another 2 years of service because of the false ads for this s3 phone.

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    Peterrrrr Newbie
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    Dear Sprint,


    Obviously, thousands of customers are experiencing this issue (so am I)... Used to have good coverage on the Epic 4G, now I get one or two bars at most on my GS3..  Many calls go straight to voicemail...  Sprint, why aren't you replying with "We are aware of this issue and are working as quickly as possible to resolve it, we will update everyone ASAP, we appreciate your patience and loyalty" or something along those lines???


    People keep getting replacement phones which is obviously not the fix...  Your customer support team is not aware that this issue is affecting many customers... I called Sprint technical support 10+ times and I always get a different answer, usually "we've never seen this issue before"...  Well maybe they should read those posts?




    The phone itself is great, but I can't keep dropping calls...  My 14 days are up on Saturday...  If there is no response by then, I am switching to Verizon!!!


    Thanks and have a great day!


    Peter Q.

    (937) 422-5258


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