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Sony phones on Sprint

th3drow Newbie
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So even since i can remember, sony has never gotton any sony phones. I'm really interested in their smartphoen lineup too. Does anyone know if there is a reason they never get them?

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    mavka Bronze Expert
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    I assume you're asking about a Sony device on the Sprint network. I haven't heard any rumors about Sprint selling Sony devices any time soon. I'm curious, though. Why the interest in Sony?

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    th3drow Newbie
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    Look at the other major carriers, like verizon and at&t they both carry sony phones (mostly at&t) but verizon has them which means they aren't simply just making GSM phones or anything. Never in the last like 6 years since i've been using sprint do i remember any sony phones let alone smartphones.

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    edwin_castillo Newbie
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    Sony has got some stunning looking phones as of late; some I'd say rivaling even the iPhone. They've seriously made me consider dropping my unlimited Sprint plan and jump to AT&T. I heard Sony said last year they'd be making more CDMA phones in the future. If I had the option, I'd buy it in an instant.

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    BobZart Regular Visitor
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    That's always been the question for me.  Why has Sprint not make any deals with Sony?  Sony makes the coolest phones with the Xperia line.  Why is Sony limiting their phones to AT&T?  If they want to compete with Apple and Samsung, they should make all their phones available to all carriers.   There isn't one major Japanese cell phone maker in the top 10, could you believe! Korea is eating their lunch and even China! Samsung, Nokia, Apple, ZTE, and LG are the top 5 respectively.  I mean, who ever heard of ZTE in the US (I thought HTC will be 4th)?  You can buy the unlocked version of the Sony Xperia but they are not CDMA.   I've always wanted a Sony phone since the Xperia Arc.  Then they have the Ray, Neo, Play, Pro, X10, X8, Mini Pro, Sola, U, P, S, Ion, etc. and they will be coming out with more cool phones:



    I can't leave Sprint because I have the SERO plan.  I'm already paying extra $10 because of the Palm Pre (love webOS!).   I wouldn't mind paying another $10 to upgrade it to a Sony smartphone with 4G.  It's very frustrating waiting for this to happen and I don't see any signs of it happening.  I may have to look I don't like the iPhone!

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