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  • 15. Re: Sprint's iPhone 5 Unlock Policy
    ksuderman2 Regular Visitor
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    It has only been ~4 hours since I put in the request and they told me to check in 6-8 hours, so nothing yet.


    And just to confirm... do I have to do anything special?  The CSR said "you just have to log on to iTunes" and I would be walked through the rest of the procedure, but now I'm thinking I should have asked for more details... When I think it is time, what exactly should I do???

  • 16. Re: Sprint's iPhone 5 Unlock Policy
    Raj01Raj Regular Visitor
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    I tried after about 24 hrs but still no message. I am hoping somoene gets it

  • 17. Re: Sprint's iPhone 5 Unlock Policy
    dadaoi Newbie
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    Sprint does allow you to unlock your phone but they might have some difficulties since the iPhone 5 is so new.  I did a restore on my 5 but Sprint is unable to see if my phone is unlocked or not (they got an error message).  They put out a ticket and will call me back tomorrow to let me know the status and if I have to do another restore.  I unlocked my 4S a month ago and it worked perfectly when I went to Asia.  Also works in Europe.  I never got any message "...your phone is now unlocked" once the restore was completed on my 4S or recently on my 5.  Once I restored I called Sprint international CSR and asked them to confirm the status of my phone.  They confirmed that it was unlocked and I was good to go.  Be careful and ask the CSR to check the "STATUS" and not send in a request.  If they accidently send a request, your phone is locked again until you do the restore.

  • 18. Re: Sprint's iPhone 5 Unlock Policy
    jiyanne15 Regular Visitor
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    Hey guys,
    I purchased my 32gb iphone 5 from bestbuy under sprint. I went to the Imei checker website that Raj01Raj posted:



    Put in my IMEI and it says my iphone is unlocked. I have never requested for an unlock from sprint though.



  • 19. Re: Sprint's iPhone 5 Unlock Policy
    easy4life11 Newbie
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    i just called to sprint to have my iphone 5 unlocked for international use..

    thwy told me they had to write a ticket to get the phone unlocked ?? i was like what  she said that all iphone 5 require a ticket

    new policy i quess i wish my iphone 5 would be unlocked to when my contract  is up i can get top dollar and still remain a sprint customer.

    will see what happens i might have to switch to verizon to get a unlocked phone.\

    also the rep from sprint said that even and you have the unlock and your contract ends they can locked  it again.

    i think that is so wrong cause if you fulfilled your contact obligation they should allow us to leave with unlocked phones or sell for a better price

    will see what the future holds for sprint ??

  • 20. Re: Sprint's iPhone 5 Unlock Policy
    shift- Newbie
    Currently Being Moderated

    I get that too, but it's not unlocked.


    When Sprint unlocks the iPhone 5, it's not for use on US GSM carriers. They unlock it for use on international GSM carriers they are partners with. Such is the sad truth. I was thinking they would do the same as Verizon, but I was naive. I called Sprint and got into a pretty heated discussion with a manager on how they don't unlock it and how Verizon is essentially "screwing their customers." Also, he flatly denied unlocking my phone, even for international travel, without giving a reason. He also questioned me, quite aggressively, why I wanted my phone unlocked...


    Yea, that entire exchange left a bad taste in my mouth, but whatever. It was never a dealbreaker for me.


    Anyway, I hope that clarifies some more for any interested parties.

  • 21. Re: Sprint's iPhone 5 Unlock Policy
    ksuderman2 Regular Visitor
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    It requires a "ticket" in that Sprint has to send the request to Apple and it is Apple that unlocks the phone. The last CSR I spoke with said Apple is getting hammered with requests right now which is why it is taking so long.


    I just did another restore and I didn't get any message saying my phone was unlocked.  I tried my IMEI in the site Raj posted and it says my phone is unlocked... however it also says my warranty has expired (shortest warranty ever...)  The CSR I spoke with said he will call back tomorrow and I will get him to check the status of my phone.


    @shift: It sounds like you spoke with a manager that didn't know what he was talking about.  If you look on the previous page I posted an 888 number that will connect you to the people at Sprint that can get your phone unlocked. I had no problems and was asked no questions (of course, I don't know yet if my phone is unlocked).

  • 22. Re: Sprint's iPhone 5 Unlock Policy
    fithos Newbie
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    Would love to see if anyone can confirm that an unlocked Sprint iPhone 5 will work with At&t or TMobile sim card. I know that the Sprint iphone 4s would not accept US sim cards.

  • 23. Re: Sprint's iPhone 5 Unlock Policy
    polarized Newbie
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    I requsted my iphone 5 to be unlocked a few days ago through sprint.  They appoved the request and told me to wait 24 hours before plugging into itunes and restoring. I waited the 24 hours and then did the restore. I did NOT get the congratulations message from itunes after restoring. I called sprint back and told them this.  They said their system is showing my iphone as unlocked.  I then tried a ATT nano sim from another iphone 5 into my sprint iphone 5 to test it out. The phone displayed the 4G symbol and bars of service however the phone showed a popup message saying "not a valid sim". Im not sure exactly what this means, and I really didnt have time to mess with it.  I also only requested the phone to be unlocked for international travel if that matters. I have not ran my imei through the sim unlock checker yet.

  • 24. Re: Sprint's iPhone 5 Unlock Policy
    joker7501 Newbie
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    When I spoke with sprint they informed me that so many people have put in a request that apple has yet to complete all of them I'm supposed to receive a follow up call this afternoon. I will let you all know what I find out.

  • 25. Re: Sprint's iPhone 5 Unlock Policy
    vacouple2001 Newbie
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    I too did the same check, and mine says unlocked too.  I tested it too with some of the other numbers that were posted at the bottom of the page, and most of those were locked.


    I ordered mine directly from Sprint and got it on launch day.

  • 26. Re: Sprint's iPhone 5 Unlock Policy
    Brtaer Regular Visitor
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    Has anyone who has recently requested their iPhone 5 to be unlocked actually got it done or got it validated somehow?  I too requested my phone to be unlocked and they submitted a ticket no problem.  I got an email confirming to restore my iPhone after 24 hours to complete the unlock process.  Three days later, I restored the iPhone and didn't get the "Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked" message.


    Now, I saw one poster saying that we don't necessarily get that message.  Is that true?  Can any of you confirm that this is actually the case?  I'm just wondering if I should even bother to restore the phone again or is my phone really already unlocked for international GSM SIM use now.

  • 27. Re: Sprint's iPhone 5 Unlock Policy
    ksuderman2 Regular Visitor
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    Well, I called in today to check on the status of my unlock and the Sprint CSR said that my phone was not showing as unlocked (actually she said she was getting an error). So she put in the unlock request again and said she would call back in 1-2 hours.  I restored my phone from iTunes, but didn't get a "Congratulations" message.  However, the CSR just called back and said my phone is now showing as unlocked in the database.  I am tempted to see if I can order a SIM from Roger's in Canada to test with; I don't want to have to troubleshoot this while out of the country.


    I suspect we don't get a message in iTunes as the phone is not completely unlocked, just unlocked for foreign carriers.

  • 28. Re: Sprint's iPhone 5 Unlock Policy
    Brtaer Regular Visitor
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    Interesting.  Thanks.


    I'll also follow up with the Sprint Worldwide Customer Service chat to confirm what you've stated and I'll post back here.


    By the way, if you do indeed get a SIM from Canada, please let us know if it is working for you even with not getting the "Congratulations" message.

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    Brtaer Regular Visitor
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    Here's the reply I got.


    Dear Sprint customer,

    Thank you for contacting Sprint Worldwide. I have accessed your account and I do see that the unlock was successfully pushed to your device so you will have no problem using a 3rd party Nano SIM. The iPhone 5s are being unlocked manually at this time so you may not receive that automated message about the unlock.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email, phone or chat. Thank you for choosing Sprint WorldWide.

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