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  • 15. Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 signal issues
    David_Woo Regular Visitor
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    Same here, both my 4G Touch and my wife's 4G Touch have same issue, zip code is 92618. (Orange county), my phone is version 4.0.4 my wife stay at 2.3.6, so i don't think this is phone issue, it just happened couple days ago and before it was all good. I have opened a ticket with customer support two days ago but they failed to call me back in 48 hours (maybe they mean business day? but sorry i have to use my phone 24x7). I had dropped calls in the morning/afternoon, now it happens at night too, even right after I updated PRL and Profile. Signal went high as 3~4 bar then dropped back to 0 bar in about 10~20 seconds then calls was end due to no signal. I tried outside/inside each room different direction but no differnet. Hope Sprint can fix this sooner.

  • 16. Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 signal issues
    MichVickNJ Newbie
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    I'm actually glad the I'm not the only one with these problems and the Galaxy S2. The original phone kept going to roaming, losing the data, taking forever to open any sites, or showing an error due to taking too long to open a site. Sprint reprogrammed it, I tried the info from Shane's message from April. Nothing worked. Now the 2nd phone is doing the same thing. I might say it's the area but it goes to roaming no matter where I am, including sitting in my house. Also my sister who lives in the same house, on the same Sprint contract, but has a Motorola Photon, has never experienced these problems. So it doesn't seem to be a carrier problem but more of a phone problem. With this being the 2nd phone, I'm at a loss as to what to do next.

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    LostinColorado Newbie
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    richboy212, Glad to know it isn't just me. I have had two different phones, HTC Hero and SG SII, and in both cases could not get a good signal consistently in the Denver area. As long as I'm on the main roads it's okay, not great, but if I'm even one or two blocks off the main roads in neighborhoods, in houses, or buildings, it's terrible. I rarely get 4G coverage, but what is worse is not being able to make a phone call in the metro area. I have to have a WiFi personal tower in my house (1 block from a major road) to get a signal in my home. It's very frustrating.

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    JWalaszek1 Newbie
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    I've had my phone 2 and a half months and have had the same ongoing problem. I call in, get the updates and continue to have the problem. I think it's the phone. I had an evo for 2 years and had no problems.

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    MENOTYOU03 Newbie
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    Just this weekend, there was a new update for my Galaxy II and I was hoping this would fix some of the issues I'm having, and now turns out it is even worse than before! My emails are not going through, reception is much worse, and it is very slow!


    Has anyone been able to have their phone replaced??


    I have very bad luck with phones, and really wish I could find the perfect one!! =(

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    ChrissyB_72 Newbie
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    I've recently experienced signal issues with mine as well. And it started way before I updated to ICS. 

    I actually just got my FOURTH Epic 4G Touch replacement today. Reason being, I wasn't getting a signal and when the phone did show a signal it wasn't connecting to it. I would have to power down and turn back on in order for the phone to reconnect. Kind of a pain, for a business phone.


    I've called Sprint Tech Support too many times to count and have factory reset my phone more times than I have fingers and toes (no, NOT kidding!!). I did get some great stories though, the most recent (Monday night) was the the tower near my home has been down since March and isn't expected to work again until sometime in September. And this tower problem is causing major outages and lack of service in my area. Of course that absolutely infuriated me because in the two months of calling Sprint to complain about this latest Epic problem, no one ever mentioned this to me. So I asked to speak to a supervisor who then said that I was misinformed and that wasn't actually the problem. The tower wasn't down, it was just being upgraded and no outages or lack of service were a side effect. He told me the Epic 4G Touch is known to have internal radio issues and advised me to bring it into a repair center so I could get the phone replaced...again...So, today I received my FOURTH Epic 4G Touch (since March).


    And I can't actually tell you if the connection/signals work or not because I've had this 'refurbished' phone for all of 5 hours and have been on the phone with Tech Support for the last 2  because I keep getting error messages which cause the phone to reboot.  Sprint Tech tells me I have to now bring this phone into a local store to have it looked at...again.  So glad I get to waste my vacation days at a Sprint store and not on the beach!!


    Oh, but the Supervisor was kind enough to offer to upgrade me to the Galaxy SIII for $199 plus a $50 early upgrade fee...minus $124 for trading in my Epic 4G Touch.


    So, basically I will need to shell out $125 to get a newer phone when I've only had this model since early March (paid full price because I didn't qualify for an upgrade and honestly I was OK with it because I thought this wouuld be my last phone for a while...)


    Um, so yes Sprint I am taking a vacation day to deal with my phone...at a VERIZON store.

    Kiss this customer of 10 years goodbye...nice that Sprint values it's long-term customers.


    Anyway Good luck with your signal issues. I would suggest going with a different phone if you can. My EVO 4G got a great signal at my house and in my surrounding area. And my friends on Sprint also don't have the signal issues in my area that I do. But then they don't have the SII.

  • 21. Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 signal issues
    DaMorgman Newbie
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    >>It's not your phone, it's the network.  They signed the contract with Apple and got way more new users than they anticipated. 

    >>With everyone including their grandmother is using a smartphone, the network is really being stretched thin.


    While its always easy to slam the carrier, this simply isn't the answer.  I have four phones on my plan, 2 EVOs and 2 Samsung S2.  There is definitely a device difference with the S2.   In the course of one day hers will beep into roaming probably 20 times just walking around our house, all the while mine is 3 bars or better.  If she turns on 4G she can't get a signal at home, however, standing right next to her on sprint with my EVO I get a great 4G signal. 


    We got her phone at best buy.  We took it in for service and they swapped it out with another Galaxy S2 (I'm assuming refurb) and it has the exact same issues.  As another poster mentioned, it seems to have actually gotten worse with the recent update pushed to the phone.


    Has anyone had issues with the GPS signal?  My son's S2 does roam more than my EVO, but not as bad as my wifes.  The issue with his phone is the GPS is ****.  We try to locate each other at events and even with all the proper location settings turned on, his GPS accuracy is horrible.

  • 22. Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 signal issues
    Mama_Said_So Newbie
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    I am having the same issues, I have 3 other users on my account with different phones and we can be in the same place.. I have one or no bars and they have 3-5 bars, so I don't think it is the signal from Sprint but my phone. The tech's I talked suggested I go into the sprint repair store and have a diagnostic run on it, which I'm doing tomorrow...  Hopefully I have better luck than y'all have been. Will post if anything positive happens

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    ScotttBittner Regular Visitor
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    I'm having the same problemw with my Galaxy S2, went in for the diagnostics and it was a waist of 1.5 hours of my day. Thay said my phone has no signal issues and gave me the same old line about the towers that they give everyone else. My wife has the same phone with the same issues. We both had the EVO 4G before this and never had signal issues. my boss has the EVO 4G and gets perfect reception standing right next to me when mine is roaming or not recieving a signal at all. Sprint will not swap out this phone for another model just another S2 with the same issues. We all need to print this thread out and file complaints against sprint and samsung with the FCC, and your states Attorney Generals Office. You can file with the FCC on line, by fax, mail, or by phone, if you can get a signal.

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    halcyoncmdr123 Sprint Employee
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    Different phones have different antenna designs and different reception. You cannot compare them side by side to determine if a particular phone is operating outside of its design (aka defective). I addition two phones side by side more often than not will be on different towers and different channels depending on the network congestion in the area.


    The EVO 4G has one of the strongest radio and antenna profiles of any Sprint phone ever, so it will get better signal than most other Sprint phones just by that fact alone given identical circumstances.


    Service and Repair stores usually have RF isolation boxes that can test the phones and determine if they are operating outside of the normal tolerances that the manufacturer designed the phone for. If the phone is testing fine during these tests then there is no fault with the phone itself, there are other circumstances that are affecting reception and performance.


    Signal bars are also a terrible indicator of true signal. A much better indication is the RSSI or RSRP (the actual reception) that the phone is receiving from whatever tower it is connected to. On some devices you can access this info in the About screens, on most devices this info can only be access through hidden testing and engineering screens in the device for diagnostics. This is also where the information for which tower and channel the phone is connected to, which often will be different with two phones next to each other.


    For the record, I never had any signal issues with my Galaxy S II that weren't confirmed network issues. Every time I had an issue, I researched it and found it was being caused by some network issue, congestion or other anomaly, not the phone itself.

  • 25. Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 signal issues
    ScotttBittner Regular Visitor
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    For the record, I dont care why the phone has horrible reception, I just want it fixed and Sprint is REFUSING to resolve my problem!!!!!! And by the large number of complaints about this phone I am far from alone! Bottom line is I AM PAYING A PREMIUM FEE FOR A SERVICE I CAN RERELY USE! AND LOCKED INTO A 2 YEAR CONTRACT ON A DEFECTIVE SUBSTANDARD DEVICE!!! Like I and so many others have stated, I did NOT have this problem until I got this phone. My EVO didn't have this problem! My Sprint Blackberry Curve didn't have this problem, my Sprint Palm Treo didn't have this problem, My Sprint Nokia didn't have this problem, My Sprint Sanyo didn't have this problem. My daughters Sprint I Phone dosen't have this problem but the Samsung Galaxy S II that she had before it did. I only wish I had consulted her before buying this piece of junk!!  so guess what?...it IS this phone!!!!!

  • 26. Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 signal issues
    ScotttBittner Regular Visitor
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    I have a SENA bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset and with my EVO 4G I could travel all the way to Oklahoma City from Arlington TX listening to I Heart Radio and NEVER lose signal even once!! I cannot go three blocks in a row with my Galaxy SII before I lose signal completely. It will not play more than a few seconds when I am moving no matter where I am at with the Galaxy SII, NEVER EVER lost signal with my EVO. for that reason alone I plan to reactivate my old EVO and put my Galaxy SII in a drawer WHILE STILL PAYING FOR IT until my contract is up IN 2 MORE YEARS, and then dump Sprint for good and go to ATT or another carrier.

  • 27. Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 signal issues
    kappagirl2012 Newbie
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    i have had similar issues with my s2 purchased in july. phone hasn't worked right since i bought it. my husband bought the same one (in black, mine is white), and lucky for him, his seems to be fine. i have had numerous arguments with customer service, repaur stores, and corporate about the phone being defective, and no one is willing to help me, not even samsung! all sprint wants to do is send me a rfurbished phone, and the same one! i am so over this phone already, and i feel the same as you....i pay for something that doesnt work! sprint even sent me an airwave device, free of charge, and nothing. my phone either doesnt send or receive texts, doesnt receive phone calls, sometimes i can send texts but i dont get them back, and the same with phone calls!!! its exhausting!! i'm ready to report them and go to the local media here in philly to get some results....sad because i have been with sprint for over 10 years....its obvious from all the posts in this forum that the phone is a problem for alot of people. i guess my husband was one of the lucky ones!

  • 28. Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 signal issues
    kappagirl2012 Newbie
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    the towers always being out is a bs lie!!!!! and i dont fall for it anymore......... wish i could cancel and go somewhere else but im stuck in a 2 yr contract that was just renewed in july.

  • 29. Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 signal issues
    Mama_Said_So Newbie
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    I did eventually get some satisfaction.. they have also sent me the booster, and after a bit of playing with the long cord, placing it in a good position in a window I now usually get 3-4 bars at home, However when out and about I'm still having some issues. They did offer a refurbished phone, but I don't want anothers issues so when I said I wanted a different model, they said the policy is they have to offer the refurbished phone, have it returned and after the THIRD replacement didn't work, they would then see what they could offer in way of another model.  Right now I'm going to give it a month and see if I stay stable at home and in places there is service and see where I go from there. Other than the signal issue, I love this model when it works right.Good luck.

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