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    chrlee Newbie
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    Have fun!  Today was another good battery life day so I'm feeling more confident that I'll be keeping it.

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    7SUMMERSTX Newbie
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    I upgraded to Photon Q and kept it for 12 days...the battery life absolutely stinks!!! I was an EVO shift user, and I did have to have a backup battery to make it through the day. The Photon Q was actually worse. Most likely due to all the programs that kept running in background. You can kill them, but they will automatically re-launch within 2 minutes. One day I started off with 100% battery charge and intentionally didn't even look at my phone unless I got an incoming call. That day I got 8 incoming calls that varied 2 to 10 minutes in length. I made absolutely sure to use the phone for nothing else and the battery was at 15% 8 hours later. I was totally unimpressed. There were other issues I had with the phone, but I won't bring them up since you are only asking about battery life here. After 12 days I had to bring it back and switch to an EVO 4GLTE and I love it. The battery life under my normal usage is great. Usually still end up with 30-40% left at the end of my 13 hour day..and I use the phone to surf a lot!

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    Mike.SprintNet Newbie
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    I was at a corporate Sprint store yesterday where I know the manager and a few of the more knowledgeable staff in the area.



    I asked about the Photon Q as there is a lot to like about the phone, and the sales rep told me that one of the Sprint sales associates had returned their becuse the battery life was much less than expected.


    Then again it depends on personal use.



    I'm on the road a lot and am used to carrying a back up battery or two with me.    Especially when I'm out boating for a few days or camping for a few days where recharging frequently is not an option.    The non-removable battery is a deal breaker for me.


    How much did Motorola expect to save in manufacturing cost by not having a battery compartment door and battery contacts in the phone?


    How much do they expect to make doing battery replacements, and the battery's useful life is a function of how many charging cycles it goes through?


    How many sales will  Motorola lose from people who will not buy a device with non-removable battery?



    Keep in mind that while many American made cars have a cigarette lighter that remains electrified when the car is off, that is not the case with many imported cars, where the power to the cigarette lighter is off when the car is off, which means you can't charge you phone while the car is parked and turned off, and that's a real turnoff.



    Not a good design.



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    KC75 Regular Visitor
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    I understand exactly what you're saying. I bought this phone for 3 reasons: LTE, physical keyboard, ability to use internationally. The built-in battery was a huge concern but Sprint offered nothing else that met those requirements. In its defense, I don't think I get any less battery time than I did with my Samsung Epic 4G that it replaced. I will say I won't do this again. I like the piece of mind of carrying a spare battery or having a larger capacity battery. What happens when the phone stops holding a charge? Buy a new phone instead of a battery. Not looking forward to when that day comes as I typically keep my phones a while.


    And by the way. my friends hate riding in my import car that doesn't charge their phone while we're away.

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