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4G LTE Phoenix?

Daviddavidsonjr Regular Visitor
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ok, i have heard rumors from a few people I know that have sprint, I have just a few questions about.


1.) when will Phoenix, Arizona be getting 4G LTE? we are a massive city full of people that use Sprint...


2) would current customers with 4g phones be grandfathered into the 4g program without having to create a new contract?


that's all i wanna know, any information would be nice...

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    ky158151 Sprint Employee
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    Thanks for using the online forum for your questions. As of now, Phoeniz, AZ is not yet within LTE coverage. You can stay up to date for the rollout by visiting . You will not have to renew your contract unless your upgrade your current line or activate a new line of service.

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    reLLoK5590 Newbie
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    I've been waiting for 1.5 years. There's no 4G LTE in Phoenix, or 4G WiMax. Even 3G is questionable. See this article that tested Sprint data speed in Phoenix.

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    Willstatus Newbie
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    Glad my contract is up in June. Sprint lied to us and screwed us with over when they stopped the WiMax roll out and then just leaves us hanging with no current future plans? I left a 10 year contract with AT&T to come to your subpar 3g (2g) service only to change back. Well played Sprint, well played. SPRINT, I HATE YOU!




    Your unsatisfied soon to no longer be customer

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    MJIME555 Regular Visitor
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    Why can't Sprint ever provide honest, straight forward answers to questions regarding 4G LTE in Phoenix??? The State of Arizona still isn't even on the LTE roll-out map and other blogs (with sources within the organization) put the LTE roll-out past 2014 with a TBD start date! If this were actually newer technology, that ALL the other carriers were just getting off the ground, it'd be more palatable. However, Sprint is the ONLY major carrier in this market that does not have (and appears to have no intention any time soon) of getting it's 4G LTE network online in this state!


    Sprint's refusal to be truthful and honest about its intentions is I believe, unethical and misleading. You walk a thin line on promoting 4G capable products in this market, knowing full well they will be obsolete by the time (if ever) they'll be capable of their advertised (4G) functionality, in the home market where the customer resides.


    Many of us (current customers) who post such critical comments have varying reasons as to why we're stuck with Sprint. As many have also stated, my family and I will be moving on hopefully sooner than later as well. To those new to the Phoenix metro area (who hopefully found this post on a search), please head these warnings. I challenge Sprint Care to reply to this post with a detailed response outlining, when (if ever) you intend on moving forward with 4G LTE in Arizona. If not, your silence will only serve to prove my point.

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