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  • 45. Re: Spam / Prank calls to Sprint Iphones
    vgmaiz03 Newbie
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    Just started receiving these phone calls on my iPhone too....good info about the numbers being the "numbers" for Private Number...and Unknown..... I am taking the advise of others on here and putting these two sets of numbers in my phone book as "Bad private number" and "Bad Unknown number"


    I would like to add here, I have friend with att, and they have gotten strange numbers like this too.... I have also gotten them on my home phone... So this is not just a sprint thing.... Every cell phone company has it's share of problems....and I love my sprint.... Problems and all....

  • 46. Re: Spam / Prank calls to Sprint Iphones
    MEOWLADY37 Newbie
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    So I got the 865-6696 call today for the first time (I've only had my iPhone for a week, but I've had this number for more than 5 years) ... it was a recording about my Bank of America debit card having problems, but I don't have a Bank of America debit card. I didn't hit the number to go to "security"; I just hung up. Sigh.

  • 47. Re: Spam / Prank calls to Sprint Iphones
    PNTBALGRL Newbie
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    I too have this number show up without an area code. I finally answered it today and it was MY HUSBAND but that is not even close to his number!!!! Way to be a DA Sprint.

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    Connie2M Newbie
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    For every stupid call that I receive, which looks unfamiliar to me...1st thing is I ignore it (turn off ringer) and then if they do not leave a voicemail for me - I go to the recent calls list and "Add" it to my contacts under PEST.  That way, if they ever call back, it is easy to ignore from the start.  My list on PEST in my contacts if really quite long.  Also, if I answer and actually am offered the option to press a cue to talk to them, I ask or select "do not call" or "take my number off your list".

    Then I re-lable the caller as PEST NOTIFIED.  That way I have a record if I need to report them. 

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    RONF_47 Newbie
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    Sprint has known, at least since January, that ""Unknown", "Restricted", and "Private Number" calls may not display correctly.



    The following may be displayed: "7748283686237" (PRIVATENUMBER) or 8656696 (unknown) caller-ids are received.



    When can we expect a fix for the long numbers and the 8656696 problem?




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    ALynch40 Expert
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    Spoofing numbers, TXT and emails has been going on in Apple products for years. They are security holes Apple has never bothered to fix even though they have always known about them.


    The TXT spoof was reported again a couple week ago on Gizmodo and Engadget and Apple's response was it wasn't their fault it was ALL SMS code. Then they retracted it cause it was proven that NO other phone platform has this problem except Apple.


    Take it for what you will but it's all there in a simple Google search.

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    AliceCullen8 Newbie
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    I've been getting calls from "865-6696" and other illegitimate ph numbers over the last few weeks. They don't leave a voice mail. I just answered a call from 865-6696, and it sounded like a call center in the background. They disconnected after about 10 seconds without speaking to me. It's very annoying. I've also got an iPhone.

  • 52. Re: Spam / Prank calls to Sprint Iphones
    Laytonl980 Newbie
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    happening to me too when i got my iphone it started this its so f****** annoying

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    Chinadoll7183 Newbie
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    Hello everyone I found this form after trying to look up these numbers calling my iphone as well, no luck blocking them via the sprint site however I do have the app Youmail which is the hreatest by the way but it has a feature were you can add these 2 annoying numbers into your contacts and then turn on the ditching option I havent gotten a call from these numbers since I have added them but the fact that i could add them to the list being that they are not the typical 10 digits got me excited enough to share the news with you all. I will post back and let everyone know what the outcome

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    laneice22001 Newbie
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    Ok sooooooooo did this actually work?

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    RONF_47 Newbie
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    This is not a Sprint problem. It only happens with iPhones.

    Read the above posts - you should not block these numbers.

    The numbers are being displayed incorrectly by iPhone.

    If you take the alphabetical equivalent of the numbers they spell out 7748283686237 (PRIVATENUMBER) or 8656696 (unknown).

    So if you block them you will be blocking calls you may want to receive.

    Not every call with the caller-id blocked is a spam call.

    For example - my doctor has the caller-ids of the phones in his office blocked so patients in the office don't see them and call back on those numbers. Patients are only given the main switchboard numbers.


    Register your complaints with Apple but they've known about the problem for over a year and haven't done anything.


    I've had my iPhone for about 6 months and the problem just popped up recently.

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    HENRYMEL73 Newbie
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    I have the same 8656696 number calling me.. I have used the prefix 817 800 877 with this number to block it.  It doesn't work...  I'm switching my Iphone to an EVO.. I hate the Iphone... too many problems..  Sprint is not equipped to have the IPhone..or handle any issues that arrise with the Iphone. 

  • 57. Re: Spam / Prank calls to Sprint Iphones
    TLAdY1504 Newbie
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    The numbers spell out UNKNOWN. It is a bill collector company usually. It can be anyone who has a caller id of UNKNOWN.

  • 58. Re: Spam / Prank calls to Sprint Iphones
    sbeason88 Newbie
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    They must have changed this. I just tried it and there is no block call option.

  • 59. Re: Spam / Prank calls to Sprint Iphones
    Fergie_B Silver Expert
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    If you know the number you are trying to block, you can do so on Sprint.com. 


    1. Sign in to My Sprint with valid username and password at www.sprint.com.  
    2. Click the My Preferences tab.  
    3. Under Limits and Permissions, click Block voice.  
    4. Select a phone to block.  
    5. Choose Block only the following phone numbers for inbound and outbound calls


    6.  Enter a phone number to block in the field then click Add number. 

      • The number will be added to the block list. 

    Click Save to block voice access. 

    • A Blocked icon will appear next to the phone that has blocked voice services.

    8. Powercycle your device for the new settings to take effect.



    Sprint Technical Support
    Community Hours: 9am-2pm CST Sunday-Wednesday




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