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Windows Phone 8

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Can't find anything on the Sprint site about Windows Phone 8 which will be coming out shortly. Most other carriers have already announced the Windows Phone 8 plans. We are a Sprint Business customer. Will Sprint have a Windows 8 phone or should we jump to another carrier?

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    Have been with Sprint for 10+ years... have asked the same question in forum, chat, phone cal & stores... all the same... check our website... IDIOTS!!!  NOw they are beholded to (bad) Apples f em...


    I'll have a WP* device by the holidays... and I'll take my lines with me if Sprint hasn't announced by then I'll move.  Love my HTC Arrive but too old.  Sprint need to wake up!

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    All i get is the "we have nothing to announce" responses.  Disappointing...

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    Sprint, hope you're listening. Tired of both iPhone limitations and android legal problems that don't let me upgrade to newest OS. verizon and att looking pretty appetizing considering their Windows Phone options. Tried the OS and it seems to be very robust and smooth. ADD Windows Phone 8 or I'm pretty sure that I will be joined by many in our move to the other guys. how many millions of $$$$ will that add up to? I'll find out soon enough a few months after the phones hit the market.  This is not a threat, it is a harsh way of saying "give your customers what they want for their money or we'll go get it somewhere else. Pretty please with sugar on top"

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    The windows phone for sprint will be out second quarter of 2013 its spose to be dual core 1.5ghz

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    Well, at least they put a poll out for phone preferences...  make sure you vote for the Windows OS 

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    Thats way too late and a dual core 1.5GHZ thats it!  By that time the market demand for phones equipped with quad core processor will be through the roof.  I hate the options Sprint gives its customers.  They have the worst people managing the company business decisions.  The only thing their management ever got right is the cheaper Sprint data plans which are the only thing worth staying for.  I went over to AT&T yesterday to preorder my Nokia Lumia 920 and just a single line will run me about $85/ a month if I want comparable data usage to what I use now on Sprint. AT&T data plans are very discouraging, but their coverage makes up for that. If Sprint would annouce there future support for Windows phone 8 within my probationary period with AT&T, I would be willing to cancel my contract now and continue using my HTC Arrive until then.  My Arrive is still one of the best phones I ever purchases(compared to my Iphone, HTC EvO and a Galaxy S2), its still a lot of fun to use, and it still has a lot of life left.

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    My fellow Sprint Customers, I'm headed to AT&T, I'll be getting the HTC 8GB Windows Phone 8X in Limelight Yellow; it's 2012 baby & I love the bold fashion statement. However before parting ways with my fellow Sprint subscribers I feel it is my duty to share this valuable information  in attempts of helping someone get out of their contract for FREE just like I did. Below I'm gonna explain in detail my situation & everything I did in the proper context so you can decide whether or not you want to attempt this. I'm aware that Sprint has FINALLY decided to come out with a statement regarding the support of Windows Phone 8 for 2013; this information I'm about to share is for that person that does not have time to wait for Sprint to get their sh*t together & accomodate us paying customers.


    When you think about it, tthe only thing stopping you from leaving Sprint is the Early Termination Fee's because quite frankly, any carrier you decide to go to will have the same monthly amount especially for individual plans AFTER taxes & insurance (Family plans are easier because extra lines saves money overall).



    My contract was going to expire in March of 2013; which was 4 months from now under normal circumstances (just for the record the lowest amount of ETF is $50). All I did was call Sprint (dial *2 from a Sprint phone & press 4 then 5 then 6 at each prompt to speak to a human) & tell them I was moving out of the United States & what was the next course of action to take to get this situation resolved. After I said that, the Rep asked for my usual account info to verify who I was. After verification I told him to go ahead & schedule a service disconnect at the end of the current billing cycle to avoid going into another month & he obliged with my request with no issues. At the same time the rep told me that he was going send a return kit to me so I can send my phone back to sprint due to that phone not being usable out of the state (I also confirmed that giving them your phone is optional & that the condition of the phone doesnt matter); it was an HTC Arrive I was sending back to them. While the rep was processing all these orders he confirmed with me that there would be NO ETF's at all!



    My contributions to you guys are done, whatever you decide to do I wish you the best of luck. Also for the people that are going to stay & wait, I look foward to us enjoying out Windows Phone 8 devices in the future. Live long & prosper (terrible outro lol)









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