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  • 15. Re: Sprint ID has stopped working errors
    mgonzales085 Valued Member
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    No, I am not using any type of utility for the contacts...just from Google.

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    RC1024 Sprint Employee
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    Hello mgonzales085, I had replied to jag11, who had since removed their post in regard to why they are seeing duplicate contacts when they reset/restore. are you also having trouble with duplicated contacts?

  • 17. Re: Sprint ID has stopped working errors
    mgonzales085 Valued Member
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    No my contacts are fine, it is just the performance of the phone that is horrible. For one, I can barely make a phone call because I keep getting disconnected or hear nothing on the line but on the other side, someone can hear me (I just cannot hear them). When this starts to happen, you notice that when you click on an app, it sticks for quite a few seconds and no system "click" that I have the sounds set on dissapear. I do a restart and it clears it up for a while then later on...you guessed it....back again. I am really getting tired of this phone because the two times that I have needed it to make important phone calls (picking up kids), the phone malfunctioned. I can deal with the data and other stuff but when it comes to not being able to make a call that is important, this is where I begin having a major problem.

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    Glarbmonster Newbie
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    Also having the same issue with my brand new Galaxy S2. Within an hour after updating to FI27 and going to the play store, I started getting the same Sprint ID error message over and over, with the phone slowing to a crawl.


    My phone is completely stock, NOT rooted, less than a week old. I had absolutely no problems with the update process itself, this error is clearly on the side of the software/firmware and NOT any sort of user error. I am fresh off of my 2nd factory reinstall now. The factory reinstall basically just temporarily fixes the problem only for it to start up again after an hour.


    Honestly, how many people are even testing these updates? I'm having trouble grasping such a horrible glitch could be applied to an official update.

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    jag11 Newbie
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    I have been on the phone with Sprint Tech Support for 3 days, and expecting a call back next week. Two tech's and a supervisor told me they could fix my phone if I wasn't on it, but I didn't have another option. The superivosr told me to take it into a Sprint Repair store and they could fix this issue. Today I took it to the Spring store and the technition told me I had to do a FACTORY RESET, after I was told that WAS NOT NECESSARY. So, I've been on the phone with a great technition from Sprint who has been trying to help me all day fix my phone. We've tried everything and he says I have no choice but to do a factory reset. I just want to know why can I not get rid of the Sprint ID OR why is one not available to download to fix this one????????


    The new update has royally messed up my phone in every conceivable way. At first it was the Sprint ID for about two weeks. my phone, which is also fairly new (Galaxy 2 - June 19th), froze when I turned it on and tried to slide it open to unlock it - always freezes in the middle of unlocking it. It froze often but would always say "Sprint ID has stopped working". Then it began to affect my Wifi, which I use in my home, turning off whenever it felt like it. After that it was my 3G when I was out, which wouldn't work; and now when it freezes, which is anytime I try to do anything, it's that the Spring ID has stopped working as has Gmail, Youtube, Task Manager, Messaging, Dolphin Browser, the thing that plays your music, you name it. Each of these appears in the same black box the "Sprint ID has stopped working" appears in. And I am not even allowed to click "Ok". I have to wait the 30 seconds or more, depending on whatever it seems to feel like, and even then it will freeze in the middle of me attempting to slide it open. I have just learned to wait and not even try for a while. Even when I am uninstalling apps trying to MAYBE fix the thing it freezes when I hit "Ok" after it has uninstalled.


    So, taking to the store like I was advised to do did nothing. I am seriously considering paying to get out of my contract and being done with it all. I love Sprint; customer service has been GOLDEN TO ME. But I can get a Boost phone (on the Sprint network) or another one on the Verizon network, much cheaper and be done with this. I will recoup the money I paid to get out of my contract in 2 months. At least Verizon has 4G and I hate Verizon. Switched from them to Sprint. I am tired of calling and talking and now I have to do a factory reset.


    BTW: They removed my post; I didn't. If they do not like what you have to say they will remove it. So I cannot imagine what I have said here that would cause this to be removed. I am going to copy and paste this in the event it is, and if so I will write a letter to the President at the Corporate office detailing not only this problem but so many more I have had with the 3G towers being "upgraded" then a day after my brand new phone worked after not having worked for 16 days, the 3G stopped because a tower in my area was being 'fixed". Sometimes enough is enough. I will say Sprint compenated me $25, which I have to admit I do not believe was a fair amount; but mathmatically speaking they will win that battle. The sheer frustration of having to call and then being told a couple of different things and the time and energy spent is not worth $25. Copying and pasting now.

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    jag11 Newbie
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    They removed my reply. I just posted another one and do not believe this one contains anything that would cause removal, but just in case......And I did go into my Google account and fix my contacts issue as a Supervisor in Tech Support walked me through this.

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    LittleRedChief Newbie
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    You need to install a new ID pack.  The original Sprint ID pack that came installed on my phone was incompatible with the new FI27 update.  I installed a new ID pack and the problem was solved.  Unfortunately, this means you will have to reset all of your apps and widgets on your screen.  I still have not figured out how to move the Google bar to the bottom of my screen.

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    kacey39 Newbie
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    I had the same issue as


    and was thinking a hard reset was the only option. I took it to my local repair store and they were leaning that way, too, but wanted to diagnose it first. The tech was not listening to what I was saying happened. Once he finally quit talking long enough to listen he went into settings, apps and changed the "launcher" to twLauncher and BAM I have my phone back!!! Apparantly, the Sprint ID changes the launcher to the ICS basic launcher. The twLauncher is the Samsung overlay. I have had the "Sprint ID has stopped working" error a couple of times. I have force stopped it when that happens and I can live with that!

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    gscottjohnston Newbie
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    I was having a similar issue, which got escalated. I kept getting the Spring ID has stopped working message several times a day. Like others report, the message was preceeded by a few moments (anywhere from 30-90 seconds) in which my phone was basically frozen. Although probably unrelated, I also noticed that it often happened when I was at the Google Play store. I tried clearing the cache (both from the task manager and individual apps, as well as from the reboot/update screen), but it did not resolve the issue for me. 


    I decided to see what "Sprint ID" is all about so I opened up my list of Apps and found it. I had never used it and did not know what it was or how to use it so I could not understand how it would quit working .  When I opened the app, there were two IDs (My ID and samsung) which looked to be identical. However, I found out that they were not.  The samsung ID was marked as the current one, so I clicked on the other panel labeled "My ID" and got a message that it was loading. I did not think much of it until I exited from the app.  It was then that I discovered that my main desktop was completely changed. It appeared as though it was reset back to a factory default desktop because all my icons and widgets were gone, and in their place were a few other app icons and some graphics describing how to add and move icons to the desktop, there was a google search widget at the top of all the desktop panels, and when I flipped to through the panels I could not go directly from the last panel around to the front (I had to back track instead).


    I tried to fix it myself, but could not find an obvious way to do it. I went back into the Sprint ID app and selected the samsung ID. I got a message that it was loading and after waiting a long while, I finally exited the app only to find that nothing had changed with my desktop.  I got so frustrated that I called Sprint for help. After being put on hold numerous time and passed around a few times, the last person said all they could do was walk me through a factory reset.  I said no way, I don't want to loose all my saved data and have to re-download all my apps. The person created an open ticket and said I could visit a Sprint retail store for (possible) assistance.


    I went to a local Sprint store, and one of the attendants was able to fix the problem. At first, he was just as baffled as I. I brought my wife's phone (same Galaxy SII) and showed him they were both on the same level of Ice Cream Sandwich, and showed him the extreme differences in the desktops and the desktop features.  He played around with it for a while (maybe 20-30 mins) before trying out something that worked.


    Cut right to the solution... the Sprint Attendant downloaded another ID Pack. Once there were multiple different IDs packs available to the app, the default samsung ID pack was able to be loaded correctly; returning all my desktop icons to where they were before and all the features I was used to using, such as the ( . . . . . . .) widget navigation, quick slider-switching between desktop panels, Google search widget only on one desktop rather than all, and ability to go from the last desktop panel directly back to the first (rather than hitting a brick wall and have to back-pedal).


    Here's what the attendant and I guess was happening. The Sprint ID app has a default ID package (probably based on Gingerbread), and originally it matched the other ID pack which shows up as samsung. However, I updated my phone to Ice Cream Sandwich, and therefore the default Samsung desktop changed too. When I clicked on "My ID" the old default ID pack was loaded. However, when I went back into the Sprint ID app and clicked the "samsung" ID pack, it just reloaded its default (My ID). After downloading another ID Pack to the app (which must be done on the Sprint Network only - can't use wi-fi), then the Samsung ID became distinguishable as a separate ID pack from the samsung ID pack.  In my case, the attendant downloaded the Sprint ID pack (of course). He did not change the Sprint ID app settings to use the Sprint ID pack, he only download the Sprint ID pack so that it shows up as another possible ID Pack to use. After that, there were three ID options "My ID", "samsung" and "Sprint" and clicking the samsung ID re-loading the desktop to the exact same state it was in before it was hi-jacked.


    Although the issue I was trying to fix (hi-jacked desktop) is different, the solution also seems to have helped resolve the Sprint ID has stopped working issue too. It was been about a week now, and I have not had experienced the frozen screen or have the message displayed.  If you tried clearing your cache and that did not work, and have never downloaded any other packs for the Sprint ID app, then consider downloading at least one to see if that helps. It might be that the app is getting confused about which 'default' pack it is supposed to use and adding more packs might help it dis-entangle them.  This is just a suggestion. It seems to have worked for me, but your experience might be completely different.


    Hope this helps someone out there.

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    RKendallGlover Newbie
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    I'd like to try installing a new ID Pack to fix my persistant "Unfortunately, Sprint ID has stopped" errors, but every time I try to run Sprint ID, I get the message "Unfortunately, Sprint ID has stopped".


    It might as well say "Catch-22".


    I'd like to f-ing uninstall the worthless Sprint ID, but I can't do that without rooting my phone.  That might be my next step.  I'm tired of having a phone that randomly locks up after a few minutes of use.

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    1994MGoBlue Regular Visitor
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    Same here.  Did all the 'easy' stuff.  Reboot, remove battery, clear cache on Sprint ID app.  Also did a 'wipe cache' from the VolUp+Power boot menu.  As soon as the phone rebooted after doing the clear cache I got the "Sprint ID has stopped working" message.  Try to launch Sprint ID, I get a black background for a couple seconds, then "Sprint ID has stopped working".   Seriously, am I going to have to do a total factory reset on this thing?  This sucks.  There's no question where the problem lies, the app is SPRINT ID

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    MJDee Newbie
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    Finally got the Sprint ID problem FIXED !   You won't like it but I was able to fix it with a total Reset.


    Didn't want to do it, but it was becoming a pita.   Made sure all my contacts were saved, downloaded all files to my computer, and Cringed when I hit "Reset".  Also removed ext card. Had as many apps on card as possible.  Also  wrote down all apps to make sure I didn't forget any that might not have been on card.


    Everything went fine , I downloaded a couple of new sprint I D 's   and now everything is fine. My ID app never opened after last phone update.


    So if all else fails, suck it up and do a Factory Reset .  It want as Traumatic as I thought it would be. Two days with no msg or lockup.

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    Biophukuatu Newbie
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    I started getting the "Sprint ID has stopped" error for a couple weeks now just randomly.. In the last couple days it started getting bad, and today every 2-3 minutes just sitting on my home screen (probably faster because my screen time limit is @ 2 minutes and the screen was staying on because of it.


    I tried what others have suggested, download more IDS, remove old ones, etc but i could not get into sprint id, every time i tried to open it i got the same error.


    This does not fix the problem, but it got rid of the errors, and i have been error free for several hours now. Its very simple.


    go to Google Play Store, click your menu button, go to settings. Turn off Auto Add Widgets.


    download and install GoLauncher


    Upon install it will give you the option to use Launcher or txLauncher, click 'set as my default setting' then set it to txLauncher.


    Again this does not fix the sprint ID problem but it does seem to stop atleast most of the errors.


    Good luck!

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    bill9999 Regular Visitor
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    I got rid of the Sprint id error on my wifes phone without a reset. She was running the stock ICS launcher. I went into app settings. then did a force stop on the Launcher. When I exited it popped up a box asking which launcher I wanted to use. I picked TWLauncher and the error went away. I was able to get into the sprint id app, download ID's and switch between them without any errors.

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    EBass61 Newbie
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    Hey gscottjohnston!! I just want to give you a Big Thanks!!! I stubbled on the very problem you had with Sprint Id.....I tried Everything I could think of!! It was Such a Frustrating Day for me trying to correct this issue!!! Even the guys at The Sprint store didn't know as much as they thought they did.....Thanks to you, I'm gonna go back over to them and let them know how to fix this problem....I did just what you said to do and, BINGO!! What a Great feeling it was to see my normal screen pop back up!! You said that you hoped that you could help someone out there!! Well.....You Did!!! Thanks Again!!!

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