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Should I switch to the GS3 from iPhone 5

mcantu177846 Regular Visitor
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So I am seeing many people having issues with the dreaded "o" and 3g problems. I too am having the same issues. Its very annoying!!!!


Does anyone know if the GS3 has any of the same issues the iPhone 5 is having?


I'm still in my 14 day grace period. I have 10 days left to decide if I want to return my iPhone for something else.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    mrcminnesota Expert
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    I actually am wondering if I should switch to the iPhone 5. I currently have the Epic 4G Touch (predecessor to SIII). I have vowed to never purchase another Samsung - not happy with their radios/antennas as well as their support of the phones (seems like they dump for the latest and greatest). Also looking at the HTC EVO 4G LTE - have one of those on my account with just one issue. HTC seems to do better support and build better phones than Samsung.  I am past due for my upgrade and have been waiting. I don't want to step into issues but very interested in the iPhone 5 - I have 2 iPhone 4s on my account without issues.


    Can anyone tell me if their iPhone 5 works well??



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    jaleesa.gordon Valued Member
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    I had the GS3 and traded for an iPhone (trying to be nice cuz my boyfriend wanted it so i was gonna surprise him...he didn't want the white one so I'm stuck with the iPhone 5 lol) but the iPhone gets much better service than the GS3!  I have service in places I didn't with the GS3.

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    ajsb4 Newbie
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    I had the GS3 for about 2-3 months before getting the iphone 5 (GS3 died from water damage and thought I'd try the iphone.)  I have been having the problems with 3g dropping to o (very slow data) since getting the iphone last week.  I've tried all of the fixes I could find online, went through phone support and visited Sprint store with no fix.  Now I'm waiting for a replacement and will go back to GS3 if this one doesn't work.  I never had the data problems with the GS3.

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    20MoPar12 Regular Visitor
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    I have had the GSiii since it was released.  The only complaint I have is when the phone updated to JellyBean the battery drains quicker.  Although, JellyBean is really nice and I'm willing to charge the phone constantly if need be.  The antenna on the GSiii is not as good as the Iphone5, which I also own and use as an MP3 player.  For me, the GSiii is a much better phone than the Iphone5.  Again that's just my preference.  You can't go wrong either way you go, it's just what your preference is.  Good Luck...

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    GusHerb94 Regular Visitor
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    GS3 has none of the issues the iPhone 5 has! In fact it has no issues to speak of. Contrary to popular belief my GS3 does surprisingly well on the signal end. I can make calls in places where the iPhone 5 just sits there and eventually fails to make a call, also I receive calls where the iP5 can't. Strange considering everyone says the GS3 is so awful! It also helps that it is much quicker to switch to roaming to get the call out where the iP5 will not do so. (comes in handy inside urban brick buildings)


    The GS3 is also better at staying connected to LTE during weaker and fluctuating signal. For me Jelly Bean hasn't made any noticable impact in battery life but one particular app (Weather Channel app) is drawing more power then when it was on ICS.

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    Panzer06 Bronze Expert
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    My iPhone 5 has none of the issues people are seeing here.  It works great other than the slow Sprint 3G network.  I'll be in an LTE city in about 10 days so I should be able to see how it works with the higher performce data LTE offers.  It works fine as a phone though voice clarity when talking to other cell phones has been less than the Galaxy Nexus this phone replaced. 



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