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Photon Q: Sprint, the Never Network

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So I've had my Photon Q since mid September. The device itself is great, I love it. Was happy to get a new phone with good hardware AND a keyboard.

The embedded SIM and small battery I can get over... Paying $200 for the phone just to see it be offered for free online 40 days later hurt... but I can get over that too.


What's really ******* me off is the terrible network.

I would say 95-98% of the time I'm stuck on 1xRTT (which is so slow I wonder if its even working) for data.

I RARELY ever see eHRPD. I live in Manhattan, NY and work in an area of NJ with several office buildings. BOTH areas are shown to have "dark green" coverage on Sprint's network map.

Yet I can only get eHRPD if I am standing still outdoors, and even that is rare. Even when I'm walking down the highly populated popular areas of the city (Union Sq, 34th St, Times Sq), I'll still get crappy connection.


Not only that, I sometimes have friends telling me they called me, but I never got a call. I've tried this with my sister at home. We're both on Sprint and she has the iPhone 5.

Standing next to eachother, both of us with around 2-3 bars, she calls me, but I never get the call.


And even better. Sometimes I get kicked off of the network completely for about a minute.

I get these kinds of errors:

MIP Error 129: Administratively Prohibited

MIP Error 104: Unknown Challenge


My software, PRL, and profile are up to date. Already did the username fix for the data profile (which solved the MMS and VSNCP errors)

Contacted Sprint a few weeks ago about this, and was told they couldn't help me because Sandy knocked out a few towers.

So it would be hard to tell whether there was a problem with my phone, account, or just the towers. This I can understand, haven't had a chance to call back though.

Decided I would post here instead.

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