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Samsung Galaxy s2 issues with battery and keeps crashing. Please Help!

skypiratepally Newbie
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Ok, so I used to have a crappy Evo and bought a galaxy s2 online b/c with my evo sprint basically said I was screwed. Anyways I get my phone and the battery doesn't seem to be lasting at all. Its constantly crashing. When I turn it back on my phone is dead and it has to go back on the charger. It can handle doing alot at all. I can call someone when it's fully charged talk for 10 minutes the **** thing dies. Sometimes during a text as I'm typing the keys the words stop showing in message and sometimes the drop down menu freezs. Also, there are times that the bottom keys(home,back,etc.) freeze up too oh and my roaming pops randomly too. I have been reading some forums about the ICS software not being as good as GB. So are these problems linked to ICS should I uninstall it?

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    kiki3469 Regular Visitor
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    Yes, some of us have experienced ICS issues.  However, if you bought your phone a second party it's hard to say if all issues are ICS related or someone just wanted to dump a phone they abused.  If you purchased it from Sprint or other retailer I"d return or exchange it. 


    If you look around the board here you'll see some solutions that people found helpful to them.  It takes some digging to find helpful posts, but they do exist. 

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    andreamabbott Newbie
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    I am having the exact same issues!

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    misael209x Regular Visitor
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    i have the same exact phone which i got about two weeks ago. As soon as i got it i updated to ICS and my only complain is the Battery life. I charge it all night and by the time i start to use it in the morning my battery will be half dead by mid day.

    As for the crashing thing i havent experience this unless im using Google Chrome as my broswer but i think it has to do with the app. I have noticed that it does freeze sometimes but it usually goes back to normal in a few seconds. i suggest you try to replace the phone since you recently got it. im sure you can exchange it for the the same kind of phone.

    Good Luck

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    ERICBEESON Regular Visitor
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    I'm having the same issue as well. It's only started within the last week or so though, so I can't directly blame ICS. What I do know is that my phone will freeze to the point where I have to pull the battery. On reboot, I'll be down to something like 7% battery, even though I was just up in the 80's or 90's before the freeze. I'm also noting that something is keeping the kernel awake so the phone can't go to sleep.


    As usual, now I need to go through and start removing apps to see if any of them are the cause.


    Hey Sprint, here is an idea - how about offering the option for an OS update when one comes down? Some of us don't whine and moan for a new OS because our phones are running just fine. You force an OS upgrade to everyone because of the vocal minority, and now we all have battery issues. This isn't iOS where you control the hardware - blanket updates don't work. Please stop making OS upgrades manditory!

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    AmaiT Social Care
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    Good morning Ericbeeson,Misael209x, Andreamabbott, Skypiratepally


    Here is some helpful information that will help with the battery life: 1)removing any unused applications 2)using the auto brightness feature 3)turn off gps,bluetooth and hotspot when you are not using it4) maunually sync emails. If these tips still don't help I would recommen to take the device to a service center to get tested. here is alink to find oe close to you: www.sprint.com/storelocator. *Paida

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    ERICBEESON Regular Visitor
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    Thanks for the quick response, though I think I've found the culprit. It appears my battery is going bad. I've had the phone for around a year, so this seems a bit premature, but I took the battery out and placed it on a table and it spun. You can also see a slight bulge on the battery's back. I found a battery on Amazon where someone posted a review and he mentioned the exact issues I'm having-

    • Random freezes
    • Battery showing incorrect levels
    • Heat issues


    Apparently, the batteries aer only good for a certain number of charges - if you plug your phone in when it is at 75%, you're essentially killing your battery a little more.

    Hopefully, the new battery will resolve some of my issues - though I'll be a little more judicious about my charging.

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    Eludium-Q36 Valued Member
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    I'm on ICS 4.0.4 FI27. Good news, long story short, I went to Settings-->Accounts & Sync then removed entries for Facebook and Twitter and this fixed most of my battery drain problems, seriously. And like many others my GPS sensor goes off the rails at times and won't detect sats, and that puts my E4GT into a power tailspin. So the first and easiest thing to do is to disable GPS from the notific'n panel. Then later at night, I'll either pull the battery and restart which seems to set GPS straight, or because every few months that doesn't even work, I use the "GPS Status and Toolbox" app's Manage A-GPS State tool to clear the GPS cache, pull the battery, restart and its fine. This can be alot of workaround stuff but at least you won't anymore hate the phone you loved so much and makes the wait for Jellybean more tolerable.

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    Jeeth Newbie
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    I have similar issues.


    Problems started sometime in December, and now the battery doesn't last more than 3 to 4 minutes. But shows more than 70% battery full.


    - Doesn't last for 3 to 4 minutes, with battery. Gets turned off.

    - I see a bulge in the battery.

    - Gets heated up some times.

    - Have to plug it all the time to use it.


    Time for a new bettery. Hmm.

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    amuso77 Newbie
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    I had the same problem over the weekend and went into a store.  The tech guy said it was a common problem and he had seen 3 swollen batteries just that day.  He found a spare and said it should last until my upgrade eligibility in August.  Gotta say, I'm disappointed not to see a response about that here.  Apparently the batteries for this phone are notoriously bad.

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    RatedX2 Newbie
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    Not sure if you got your answer, but I will go out on a limb and confirm for you that it's the battery. So stop trying to update your phone and all of the other "quick fixes" you have found on the net. (Sorry for the , but IMO there has to be a bigger problem here that the big dawgs won't admit to).


    I got the update just like most and yes, the phone started to act funny since then. Random reboots, shutdowns and lack luster performance with battery life. It didn't get worse until this week. My phone is the GSII purchased in Dec 2011. I spoke to Sprint today, it's the battery and it's not covered under warranty. You have to foot the bill for a new one. (Ok, get over it right)...So I travel to 3 stores today looking for a battery. I can't wait for it in the mail right....but what do you know, no one has it in stock. Well, just get it on line my wife says. Ok, I will. What do you know, can't find it on Sprint.com or Samsung which has it back ordered.


    Sigh...to make matters worse, I check the website for this list of new areas for 4G LTE service.. what do you know, my major area which just hosted the Super Bowl is not on there. However, just two hours west of here in a small country town, they are on the list to get 4G LTE? Confused, me too. If you really want to confirm it's the battery...take it out and put it on a flat surface. If it rocks, it has expaned and can no longer hold the charge. Until you replace it, it won't properly function.


    (Disclaimer - I am not a professional or electronic tech.)


    Last thing, I know some of you may say "hey man, you signed the agreement...I sure did because just like the major social network site, cell phones and their technology are an increasing part if not way of life. however, as a consumer, I am tired of the increasing trend of climbing prices for services accompanied by decending quality in customer service and product. Now I'm off to search for a cell phone battery for this paper weight.


    Good luck guys and gals!

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    808moke Valued Member
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    It isn't the "battery" per se ...it is the software from ICS that is bloating your battery... Go back to customer service and get gingerbread back...

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    ddsschiro Newbie
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    I went to the Sprint store regarding this very issue and they "reset" my phone.  It is reportedly not a battery problem (although it is causing issues that seem to be battery-related), but rather a problem with the firmware related to this specific phone (Samsung Galaxy S-II) and this latest update.  The guy also told me the reset may not work because the software may now be embedded in the phone since the update.  Here's the biggest issue I have with this...he also says I will be out of luck if this is the case because I don't have the insurance.  Now I know I'm not tech-saavy, but I think I'm smart enough to realize I shouldn't have to have insurance to fix a problem that was created by an update to my phone, especially if it is causing problems to everyone else phone (of this particular make and model) as well!  I didn't pay $200 for a phone that has these kind of problems.

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    ZSRMG Newbie
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    i purchased my Sprint Samsung Galaxy SII in October 2011 at Best Buy, along with an extended warranty plan from Best Buy.  In October 2012, I took my phone into Best Buy because it was getting very hot and the battery would not hold a charge.  Best Buy said the battery was bulging and ordered a replacement battery for me.  The replacement battery never held a charge well, but would work if I plugged it in every night to recharge. Then it got to the point that it would not even hold the charge for the rest of the day, and I had to plug it in mid day as well.  I frequently received a message while trying to charge or after charging that said, "Charging paused.  Voltage too high." It didn't matter where it was plugged in, or sometimes even if it wasn't plugged in at all, the message would be the same.


    In late February 2013, discouraged by the lack of reliability of the phone and lack of time to spend in line at Best Buy to get resolution of the problem, I called Sprint and had my service switched back to my old Samsung flip phone, so at least I could send and receive calls.   I found time a few weeks later to stand in line at Best Buy, so took the phone back to them to see if they could resolve the problem.  Their service people said the error message was just weird and claimed to have never seen it before.  They said they would send the phone in for repair or replacement, took out my battery and SIM card and gave them to me.  I asked them why they didn't send the battery in as well, since that might be the problem.  They said that wasn't the procedure they had to follow - they would test the battery in the new phone once it came back.


    So a few days later, I got the call that the phone was in.  When I went to pick it up, I asked Best Buy personnel to put the battery back in and charge it up for me before I left the store.  The battery would not charge.  They said they couldn't get me another replacement battery under my extended warranty plan, because it had been less than a year since I had a replacement battery.  I asked them to show me where in my plan it said that; they ignored my question, but eventually agreed to order another battery for me.


    A few days after the order was placed, I received an email from the Best Buy parts store demanding some rather detailed information to justiful why I needed another battery so soon.  As this came at a very busy time of my life,Ait took me several days before I had time to look up the information and reply to the email.  Then I got another email confirming that they were "waiving" the one battery per year replacement and sending me another one, which I received early this week.  After using a wall charger to charge it overnight, the battery indicator said it was 99% charged.  A few hours later, the battery power indicator was down to less than 50%.  I called the BB parts store (the number listed on the invoice that came with the replacement battery).  They didn't really seem very interested in the history of this problem, just apologized and said they would send another replacement battery, which arrived, as I recall the next day (expedited shipping).  When I attempted to charge replacement battery #3, it would not charge at all.  As there was a little charge in the battery when it arrived, I went ahead and used it, and tried again to charge it on this same, then a different wall charger cord and outlet.  No additional charge was added, and today I am down to about 25% charge left. 


    Hoping Sprint might have additional information regarding this problem, I called them today.  I knew that they would not help me for free because the warranty was with Best Buy.  The Sprint representative was empathetic and did offer some options for replacing the Gallaxy SII with another phone, but all of those options invoived costs or conditions that I'm not willing to try at this time.


    As had everyone I spoke to at Best Buy, the Sprint representative denied having any knowledge of a widespread problem with the Galaxy SII charging process.  However, since I have previously found many complaints of similar problems by searching the internet, I find all these denials disingenuous.


    Instead of calling the Best Buy Parts Store this time, I called Best Buy customer service, who put me on the line with one of their technicians.  The technician also denied having knowledge of this problem with the Galaxy SII phone and put me through to the Parts Store again, instructing them to be sure I get a good battery this time.  So I am promised delivery of yet another battery "in five to six business days." 


    It seems unlikely that there are very many people who are stubborn enough and can carve out the time from their busy schedules to spend the hours I have in line at Best Buy, and on the telephone (thank goodness I have a Skype on my computer so I can make the calls on it) with Best Buy customer service, Sprint customer service, and Best Buy Parts Store, so eventually this problem will fade as people give up and replace their phone, leaving Sprint and Best Buy with the profits from these transactions and no real responsibility for the resolution of the problem.  


    I loved the features offered by the Sprint Galaxy SII phone.  One of the people in a forum I saw online suggested someone with problems similar to mine, "delete all the apps that were putting such a strain on the batteries." It seems to me if you are selling a phone with the claim that you can run all of these wonderful apps on it, that you should sell it with a battery and charging system that could run them.

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    Erin_28 Newbie
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    I have had nothing but HUGE issues with the S2, I am super frustrated!!!!!!

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