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Sprint upgrade policy - What a shame!

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I have been a Sprint customer for 10 years.  Last night my cell phone broke.  I went to the store to get a new phone and was told I was not able to get upgrade until 1-1-13.  The person at the store called Sprint that they said I could not upgrade 12 days early.  I went home and called sprint and spoke to Kyle.  Kyle tried to help me and was very friendly however, he too said there was nothing he could do.  I was then transferred to Grace a Supervisor.  Grace told me she is sorry and appreciates my loyalty but there was nothing that she could do either.  My only choice was to add another line to my service, change my phone number, pay 50.00 and get a new phone.  I again asked why a 10 year loyal customer of sprint could not get a break with 12 days.  I was then told there was a deal going on where you could upgrade early for $50.00. I said I would gladly pay 50.00 just to get this upgrade.  She told me that the deal was over 2 days ago.  She said there is no way possible to get this moved up.  I indicated that I may go to another provider and it seemed as if it was not that big of a deal.  I am sure its not a big deal if I change to Sprint as they have so many customers, however I cant understand why they would treat a loyal customer like this.  I then called back to try and retrieve my contact information - it cant be done and was again told that they appreciate me as a customer.   I have not decided if I will leave Sprint, but I am just frusterated that it is 12 days and they just had a deal that expired 2 days ago but could not help me.

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    I can understand your frustration especially with your particular phone situation.

    I'm sure those reps want nothing more than to have some ability to upgrade you early. 'Policy' is not the word you want to hear, but that is how companies operate. Hopefully you can appreciate the consistency of the different channels you spoke with and getting the same answer.


    In the meantime, do you have a backup phone or extra Sprint phone you can borrow from a friend?  Are you without a phone right now?


    Was it a smartphone or dumbphone that broke on you?

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    I do not have a phone now.  This was a Samsung Galaxy Phone that is broke.  I do have an older sprint phone that my husband used prior to getting our Galaxy's.  Is it possible to charge that phone and then program it to my phone number (broken phone) and use that until 1-1-13?


    I agree that the reps were trying to help me and understand how companies have policies.  I work for a large company myself in a management position.  My problem was not with the reps its with the Sprint Policy for a long term customer.   There is no monetary loss by alllowing me to do this 12 days earlier.  I am still spending money to get the upgrade as I would on 1-1-13 and still paying my monthly bill for two phones.  


    Can I use this old phone and program it to be my phone number?



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    Definitely know the frustration with that. Try one more thing before you give up. Call Sprint back and ask for retention department. I believe they have more ways to help you compared to regular customer care. Or even the Advance IT department as well. I was able to move up my upgrade date from Verizon 20 days early when I spoke to IT. Regular customer service wasn't able to do it though. So give that a shot. I'm sure you'd rather stay with sprint since  you seem to have great coverage.


    Let us know how it goes.

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    yes you can charge up your husband's old phone. then just call *2 from a sprint phone or 877-365-6413 to have them walk you through activating it. no activation fee of course.

    And I definitely agree with you on a long term customer policy. Things change frequently, but Sprint did have a reactive way to do early eligibility a while back. The problem of course becomes that it is abused, both by sales reps and customers. It's ruined for those that actually need it. And what is a long term customer? 10 yrs, 5 yrs. Should an upgrade be done in this situation because a customer has had an account for 10 years, but not for a 2 year customer that really needs it?


    So the decision to stick with 'this is the upgrade date and you have to wait until then' is probably a likely choice to guarantee a consistent customer experience.  I agree with you, and think some form of a fair early discount system should be created and re-evaluated.


    Sprint also offers refurbished phones at at deeply discounted prices. Sometimes a customer is directed to this option when they have a phone that doesn't work, don't want to get it repaired, and/or have no other options available at the time like an upgrade.

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    I think the response is going to be consistent. It's to the point where 'i don't have any way to do that' is what you are going to hear because that's the policy change they made on early upgrade bumps. The customer service experience of 'ole is not the same Sprint experience today. Today it is more consistent with same policies across channels.

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    im in almost the same boat.  been with sprint since 2002.  have 3 lines for last 5or 6 years.  have one line eligible now, one eligible on 1-1-13.  want to buy each other phones for christmas and sprint is the christmas nazi.  told me i could add a line, pay 50 cancel contract get a new number.  all unacceptable.


    why not give 10 days and get a 3 line customer on the hook for another 2 years.  i mean i stuck with sprint when they had NO good phones, and can i get 10 days.......NO PHONE FOR YOU!


    disappointed and debating leaving.

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    I was able to locate and old phone and a Jessica and Jainey were very helpful in getting my phone number changed to that old one.   As a matter of fact it took 2 and a half hours.  The phone for some reason does not work in my home but does work if I am on the road. My contact information is also all gone so I now have no way of contacting certain people.  I dont remember Sprint telling me I needed a gmail account for me to keep my contacts.   This satisfies me for now as I indicated last night I have an elderly ill mother that needs to be able to reach me. The two reps I mention above did a very good job in helping me and were patient.


    I am sorry that other people abused the early upgrade, but perhaps someone should really evaluate what you are doing to their customers.   Between last night and today here is the time spent by Sprint because this upgrade was not approved 12 days early with a customer of 10 years:


    12-20-12     1 hour on the phone with me

    12-20-12     Time spent on answering my post

    12-21-12     2 1/2 hours spent trying to switch over my line to the old Rant phone

    12-21-12     Time spent on answering this post


    Now, this was also MY TIME SPENT and I still cant use the phone in my house.  My time is valuable.  You ask what is a long term customer - Any customer that you want to retain is valuable and your goal SHOULD BE to make them a long term customer.  There are many other servicers out there.


    Does Sprint feel that not giving me the updgrade 12 days sooner and all the time their staff spent on this really worth it.  They probably lost money and time on the decision not to upgrade.  The folks that spent time to me probably could have been helping other customers.  Not to mention they might lose me as a customer along with my husband because of the amount of aggravation this has caused me, again a loyal customer.  Even though the two ladies that helped me were great today, I am not sure I will stick with Sprint when my contract runs out in March.  


    Yes, your answers are consistant as you have indicated but when the answer is simply "there is nothing we can do for you," trust me its not appreciated.  I begged on that call last night as my mother was ill and I needed a phone for her to get in touch with me or my family.  I get that people lie or take advantage, but how stupid not to give someone an upgrade 12 days early.  What is the difference between today and 1-1-13?.  They are still paying Sprint.    You did not give it to me and now you may lose two customers because of it.  You would have been guaranteed we were customers if you gave the upgrade 12 days early.           


    It looks like other people are in the same boat as me.  I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!  I wish you the best of luck on getting your issues resolved and thank you to anyone that offered a suggestion.  


    Sprint, look at the time spent and loss of customer vs., just giving the upgrade.  Its not rocket science. 


    Thank you.


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