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  • 15. Re: Columbus Ohio 4g LTE when?
    ASHLEYBBB Regular Visitor
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    I was told by one csr end of Dec 2012, when speaking to sup on another issue I asked and she advised me to access Sprint.com however it gives no info...so who knows.

  • 16. Re: Columbus Ohio 4g LTE when?
    ff2000 Newbie
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    Ah, it's the rare Dectuple post, impressive.


    On topic, I've seen this thread (http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/1904-network-visionlte-columbus-market/) basically say that the best prediction right now is probably something deployed by mid 2013, but there haven't been any announcements. They have at least begun (and maybe) finished work on planning the rollout, however.

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    14KNIGHT Sprint Employee
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    I do not have access to the rollout plans so I cannot give you a hard date when you will see service in Columbus.  We are working hard on the network vision update to upgrade the Sprint towers.  The entire project is scheduled for completion  by the end of 2013   Where in the time frame you will fall right now is guess work

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    TDBCSB Regular Visitor
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    And this is why I'll be leaving Sprint. Sitting at my desk on Morse Road, I can go from 4G to 3G, to no signal at all, to roaming, to complete loss of data connectivity, all within 20 minutes without ever moving my phone.  You can't even get what you have right. Don't even bother with 4GLTE until what you have actually works. You're service is cheaper, but as with most things, you get what you pay for.

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    spartansc Regular Visitor
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    First rule of Celluar Networks. DO NOT EVER LISTEN TO THE REPS IN THE STORE.


    They have no more knowledge than my grandma. They read from scripts, and lie like crazy.


    The one at my local store said Sprint had the fastest 3g network. I laughed and didnt say anything.


    Seeing as you have WiMax in COlumbus expect to be at the bottom of the list for LTE. That way they can say they have more cities covered under "4G" (WiMax + LTE). Dirty, but all carriers mislabel it because its all the uninformed people can recognize.


    SOrry about your luck. Im in cleveland, so I feel your pain.

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    NeedFasterSpeeds Newbie
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    Get the Samsung g2 for straightalk and you will cut your bill in half and increase your speeds to 3.5 meg down 1.5 up on their hspda + network. It's plenty of speed unless you need to connect a laptop to your phone to download large files. Don't let the wireless telcos make you believe you need all of this speed and a contract. FYI.....most of Europe is pure prepaid. There is no concept of post paid. It's an American marketing machine that has you believing you need all of the speed and post paid. Give the prepaid smartphones a shot. You'll love it. And if you don't you just bring your phone to the next provider and try them.....no contracts.

  • 21. Re: Columbus Ohio 4g LTE when?
    qy Newbie
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    thanks for the information. I will look at prepaid plan. T mobile's value plan is also cheap. Even with purchasing handsets (pay $20 for 20 months), I still can save money. I heard T mobile's speed is the fastest.

  • 22. Re: Columbus Ohio 4g LTE when?
    WaitingAgain Regular Visitor
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    Looks like it might be starting to roll out soon. Not crossing my fingers, but the Florida Sprint Rep was surprised my call got forwarded to her call center (the 3G network was HORRID along E. Dublin-Granville Rd. between Karl Rd. and Cleveland Ave. for the last week or so, and all I have are 3g/4GLTE phones). Anyway, she said that she was surprised I was forwarded down there (Florida) and that must be because they are "enhancing' the towers in the area.


    I asked her what she meant by 'enhancing' and she mentioned LTE, Voice, 3G service enhancements.   I sked her if she saw any areas that was getting an LTE upgrade and she started typing into a computer and starrted reading the page she was on out load.She then said the words "LTE" and I asked her if she was actualyl reading "LTE" on the site she was referencing, and she said yes. She even corrected herself when talking abotu another tower later by saying "And an LTE upgrade at the tower located at.. oh, no, that one isn't LTE". Makes me think she was actually reading LTE when she was saying it. So then I did some research when I got home and found THIS link of tower "enhancements". Quite vague... why aren't they saying "LTE" if it's not, but upgrading older technology? Oh well... if anyone rcalls how 4G wimax was back when Columbus wasn't on the radar, it suddenly sprouted up almost over night with no warning, no predictions, etc. In other words, LTE could be here tomorrow even though we are hearing nothing about it.



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    CbUSd Newbie
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    I cannot get an honest answer from Sprint either.  I think it's BULL that I have to pay a $10.00 premium data charge on my Galaxy SIII, and I can only use 3G on it in Columbus! (except when I am connected to wi-fi).   Does anyone know why the Galaxy SIII doesn't connect to Sprint's regular 4G like my old HTC did?? 

    I was never told when I bought my new phone that 4G wouldn't work. 

    I have been a Sprint customer for over 10 years, and never had a complaint until now.  I think Sprint told their stores in Columbus to stay Hush-Hush about no 4G on the Galaxy SIII so they would sell more phones.   And if the post about 4GLTE isn't coming until 2014 is true---now I am really ******. 

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    qy Newbie
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    Galaxy III only works for LTE & 3G, WIMAX. Galaxy II works for WIMAX and 3G, not LTE. Currently the 4G of Sprint in columbus area is 4G WIMAX.


    BTW, in my previous post, I complainted about the low speed from Sprint in columbus area and no 4G WIMAX. I just found recently that I have 4G WIMAX signal now in several areas and the speed is fast. I got 5Mbps~10Mbps. I was surprised to see 4G signal in my areas, because I complainted about it since August 2012. Apparently the previous low speed and no 4G WIMAX was due to Sprint capacity issue in Columbus. They probably added 3G capacity in Oct and 4G capacity in Dec. 


    I agree that Sprint should be honest with its customers about the status of its network and deployment. Otherwise, the customers have no confidence in its network.  

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    SamAshleyBlogs Newbie
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    I just did quite a round about phone call with a Sprint rep about my basically non-existent cellular data network as of late. It came down to her finally admitting that on second look of the map they have not started enhancing the very old Legacy towers in Columbus, she doesn't know when they'll start and definitely doesn't know when they'll finish. It's not even in the plan as of today. If I do not have wifi turned on, I wait 5+ minutes for a website to load (depending on whether i'm on "3g" or "roaming"). I asked her what my options were and what the solution was... she had none besides for Sprint to do a master reset once I backup my iPhone. I asked if that would work and she told me, not really... it is the network.


    So, there you have it. No options if you want to use data without wifi. I've been a Sprint customer for 10+ years and seems like I'll be leaving. Let's hope they'll waive the ETF after that discovery on the call.

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    PSTRYJEW Newbie
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    Sprint 3G service is getting slower each passing day.  Unfortunately I gave up my EVO 4G which at least got some speed.


    Four devices (three different models) all have terrible speed all over town.


    Couldn't get any data service inside Nationwide last night, it's never been a problem before.


    Sitting 200yards from a Sprint store and could barely connect to App Store.   When to the Corporate Sprint store at 7:45 to find the doors locked, even though they were supposed to be open until 8PM.  I could see the guy in back, who slinked away when he heard me shake the door and make eye contact.


    Maybe they should offer a "limited plan", because with the 3G speeds you are never going to go over 1GB in a month.

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    mookiemcdermot Newbie
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    I'm all kinds of salty right now. I dropped my galaxy s2 and broke it and went back to a really old rumor 2 to make due. I just bought the galaxy s3 to replace my s2 and was wondering why I only seem to get 3g and why it was sooooo slow when I am not on my wifi. Now I know that I was sold a phone which is incompatible with the fastest cell network sprint has in my area and have no way to know when it might get upgraded.


    Bravo. That's a great reward for a 13 year customer who just bought one of the most expensive phones you offer.

  • 28. Re: Columbus Ohio 4g LTE when?
    sftechguy Newbie
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    Okay seroiusly go on ebay or just search online and order a new digitizer and lcd for your samsung s2 you should be able to the repair yourself in a couple hours at the most.  Very easy you'll save yourself a fortune and you can get rid of that old Rumor phone. It should cost you around $60+ and I think they even throw in some tools. Youll save a fortune over having Sprint fix or another repair place, dont bother with the Handset insurance just as bad when you add in the deductible unless you just got a new phone

  • 29. Re: Columbus Ohio 4g LTE when?
    SteveRHin Newbie
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    I am seriously frustrated right now. I have never had problems with Sprint and have had them since cell phones first came out. I bought the EVO 4G the day it came out, and paid extra, without service in Columbus at the time. I will NOT do that again. I want LTE in Columbus before I buy a new phone - if not, it steps DOWN to 3G. Why would anyone do that? The charge port on my Evo is getting buggy and I need to replace it. Looks like I might have to switch to Verizon. Hurry up Sprint, I really would like to stay a customer!!

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