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Galaxy II menu settings window pops up and down all the time!

THRUSH311 Newbie
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Galaxy II with the settings menu popping up and down all the time in low reception areas.  I've read that this is a problem inherent in the phone, but it does this even when connected to wi-fi.  I can't get anything done, texting is interrupted, email is interrupted and it also freezes for seconds when it does this.


Has anyone been able to fix this, or is there an update or patch from either Sprint or Samsung for this issue?  Had this phone 4 months now and am getting really upset.

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    SuperWilliamD Social Care
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    To be completely honest, I haven't heard of this particular issue. Have you tried making sure your device is backed up and performed a factory restore?



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    evanbing Regular Visitor
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    Yep, a good number of us have had this same issue. Take a look through some previous threads and you'll find a lot of people are experiencing the exact same problems. I understand your frustration; however, Sprint and Samsung have refused to do much of anything in regards to fixing our phones. There is an update being dangled in front of us (which should supposedly fix nearly all problems with this phone), but they continue to keep it from us without giving us any sort of idea on when it will be released.

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    halcyoncmdr123 Sprint Employee
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    This issue is currently under investigation by Sprint and Samsung. They have not been able to discover a root cause yet. Most sample devices that have been sent in for review from retail stores have either not presented the issue during testing or have had corrosion inside the phone. I have no information for an ETR or whether it is a hardware or software issue at this time. It seems to be more affected by warmth/heat from my experience working with phones in store but I have no scientific basis to supprot this, just my view personally. So areas of low/no signal where the phone is having to work harder to maintain a connection, seem to cause it to present more readily.


    I assure you the device team is aware of the issue and is looking into it, but I don't have much info other than that currently.

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    RetroOrbit Newbie
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    I have the same issue constantly. The phone is unresponsive and has random pop up menus when I have low reception. And since I live in a low reception area, it happens all the time. I've had this problem since I bought the phone. My wife has the same phone, doesn't have the issue.

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    srala1 Valued Member
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    This particular problem was the last problem I had with the S2 on Thanksgiving day. The stupid settings screen kept popping up all on it's own. After trying all the reset stuff over the phone with no cure to the problem I was allowed to free myself from the S2 once in for all when Sprint allowed me to lateral over to either a Motorla and or an HTC phone that was equal to the S2. I couldn't be any more happier now that I no longer have that junk S2.

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    KMcMurtrie Valued Member
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    My soft keys have been malfunctioning too with weak reception (which is everywhere for this phone).  They stop working then later replay all of my missed punches to the buttons in rapid succession.  It's like running an old Windows 3.0 desktop - lots bugs, lots of waiting, and lots of rebooting.

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    DarkAvionics Valued Member
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    I have been suffering this problem since acquiring my S II in August 2012.  Though it seems to be related to low tower signal strength, and the majority of the time I can get it to quit popping up the menu by putting the phone into 'Airplane Mode', but sometimes it continues the behavior even after going into airplane mode.


    Of course, this also means I cannot make phone calls or use wifi during that period of time.


    I have also seen this menu popup happen when the phone is showing four or fivee bars, theoretically indicating a good signal...


    So, do we know if this is a problem with hardware, the core OS or the Sprint overlay?  Is this problem peculiar to the SPH-D710 or does it happen on other model Galaxy SII phones?


    I also live in an area of constantly low signal (and no 4G...), so any workarounds would be welcomed.

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    DarkAvionics Valued Member
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    Update: I have found This post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1551580 which indicates that it is actually a hardware problem.


    It might be masked by software, but if this is actually a hardware issue, then I fear we are stuck with it, since it is highly unlikely that either Sprint nor Samsung will be willing to issue something along the lines of a recall to rectify the situation.

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    KMcMurtrie Valued Member
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    I don't have problems with the menu poping up but it will stop working for a while.


    This probably isn't the only hardware bug.  My phone always malfunctions while hiking in remote areas and I've been able to reproduce the problem at home simply by wrapping the phone in aluminum foil for a few minutes.  GPS and cell radios die, power consumption becomes very high, and the charge light may stop working.  Only a reboot or power cycle fixes it.

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    tsiciliano Newbie
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    I have had this same issue on my phone for about three and half months (sub menu's popping up and buttons freezing) and I've only had the phone since November of last year. And it happens everywhere and anywhere. I did a chat session and was told I would have to do a factory reset. Did that...Didn't work. I then sent an e-mail to Customer Support and was told I would have to contact Technical Service, but, the day I emailed them, my phone, all of a sudden started working like new again...for a couple of weeks. Now it's back to doing the same thing. I went into Sprint Zone (under help) on my phone and noticed that there were two updates so I went ahead and ran them (thinking maybe this could be a fix to the menu popping) and while the phone says it updates (phone shuts down and resets), when I go back into Sprint Zone they are still there. So, again I contacted Customer Service, thinking maybe I had something turned off that wasn't allowing the updates to take place, I was told that, as far as the menu pop-ups, "Technical Service is also aware of the issue and should be able to handle this for you". Okay, fine. I plan on contacting support but the real kicker...This same customer service person also told me that "This is an issue that should be taken care of at your local Sprint Service and Repair location" which for us is about nineteen miles away but that "You may be subject to a $50.00 service and repair charge if the impacted phone does not have TEP insurance". I was floored by this. This problem has taken on a life of it's own on not only on this site but on the Internet itself and they want us to pay a service charge for a problem that they apparently don't have a fix for? I don't mind paying to fix a problem that I created but considering the amount of people with this issue, by Sprint's own admittance, I think that this has less to do with how we use our phones and more to do with hardware/software/etc. issues that they can't seem to find a cure for. I understand that there will be issues with any type of technology that we use, and I don't mind working through these bugs, but when someplace wants to charge me for an issue of their creation then I do mind. I entered the contract with Sprint with the understanding that this phone would work as advertised and it has not. Minus this issue I love the phone but I pay a fair amount of money each month, as I'm sure many of you do, and because I hold up my end by paying my bill I expect Sprint to hold up their end and fix issues that are causing the problems. My plan is to contact Technical Support, and if needed, I will make one trip to a repair center but if I am charged a $50.00 fee because of hardware/software/etc. issue that should automatically be taking place on this phone then my next phone call will be to the Better Business Bureau because I won't continue to pay for a piece of equipment that does not run as I was told it would. Sprint should have notified it's customers, via text/phone message/e-mail (as soon as this issue started to mount up) that they knew there were reports of this potential problem and if any customers were experiencing it they should contact them. Customer's shouldn't have to spend hours chasing down answers for these types of things when the company could easily notify them, and reassure them, that they are working on it. In my opinion that's just good business and lets people know that they are trying to handle whatever the issue is.

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    DarkAvionics Valued Member
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    tsiciliano, there is a hardware fix.  Go to http://community.sprint.com/baw/message/532414 and make your complaint there, or print out the pertinent parts of that thread and take your phone to your service center.


    As for the $50 charge (if you don't have the insurance), you might try arguing them out of it considering, as you so rightly state, that this is a hardware materials/workmanship issue that should normally be covered under a warranty.

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    tsiciliano Newbie
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    Thank you Very much for this information. I plan on printing out the needed fix and taking it to the repair facility...Eventually. Unfortunately the closest repair place is about half and hour away. While this isn't necessarily a long trip, between the drive and the wait time to have it repaired, it isn't actually convient either. I do plan on contacting the facility prior to my going there to make sure that this can be taken care of when I do go.


    I noticed that you had posted an article by xdadevelopers in regards to this potential problem that is dated March of last year. While I wouldn't be inclined to try and fix my phone on my own, I'm a little curious as to why, if what is stated in "The Problem" portion of the article is indeed part of/could be/or could have been, an issue, why phones were not checked before sending them to new customers? It seems to me that if they either tested the chips, or replaced the troublesome hardware/part, beforehand they would save themselves a lot of headaches. I understand that this wouldn't help customers that received their phones before Sprint realized this was an issue, and that there are people that are not having this problem at all, but the article that you had posted is a year old so they have been quite aware, for some time, that something was wrong and it seems to me that they would have put preventive measures in place to check the devices so that newer customers were not effected. Or, as I stated in my last post, at least let customers know that this has been a problem in some phones (and what would have to be done to correct it) and should they be affected to contact them and arrangements would be made to address the issue.


    I worked as a parts manager in a car dealership for many years and we had our fair share of recalls and weird things that would pop up with new cars but once we would determine that there was, or could be, a problem with a customers vehicle we would personally notify them, or a recall note would be sent by the corporation, letting them know that it's possible they could experience an issue and a fix was either in the works, or had been determined, and to contact us if needed. While recalls on cars are required to be sent out if it is found that they have, or could have, a defect, it was the idea that the customers were made aware of a situation and something was being done to try and fix it. I would think that if places, such as Sprint, did the same thing, or something similar, that their relationship with their customers would be better. Everyone is aware that electronics can have quirks but when a company takes hold of the problem right from the start and makes it's customers aware of it then, I believe, people are a lot more patient and understanding.


    These forum boards and discussions work wonderfully at times and are great to have but maybe what Sprint needs (if there isn't already one that I am unaware of) to do is also have a specific tab at the top of each phone type that lists the problems that they have come across and how the person needs to address it. I wouldn't leave them open for discussion and understandably a person may have more than one issue, but it would give a person a reference point to start with before complete aggravation sets in and frustrated posts start. In my quest to determine the problem with my phone I did come across directions that could have applied to it but, again, I had to search both the Internet and the site to try and pin point it and, the 'fix' that I did find did not address the hardware issue at all. It only had me doing factory resets which, may in some cases fix it, but, it would be great to just have these things listed right under the make and model of the the phone so that people could see these types of things all in one place and say: 'hey, this appears to be what I'm experiencing and I might need to have a part replaced. Let me look into this a little more" or "Wow, I just had something turned off on my phone that wasn't allowing 'whatever' to take place". And I wouldn't say that a person shouldn't contact Technical Service but I do think that it would make things a little easier for the customer to be able to look under one spot, see something that relates to what is taking place and then call TS and say "my phone is doing some/many/all the things that are referenced in bulletin one". At least it would be a jumping off point for both parties. Understandably I am sure it can be just as frustrating for TS as it is for a customer when one is trying to narrow down what is going on. There's no doubt that, at some point, we are going to experience some type of issue but from a customers point of view, it would be easier if there was a more direct way, or spot, to try and research these before having to post complaints or problems.


    Thank you again for the information you supplied. Hopefully this will take care of the situation.  

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    KMcMurtrie Valued Member
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    I took my phone into a Sprint sales and repair center.  I got the usual argument about needing a repair plan, replacement plan, insurance, or some other means to pay Sprint $50 for an expensive phone that never worked.  I explain that it has already been to Samsung for repairs three times.  The service tech reluctantly replaced the screen with what he claimed was a "salvalge screen."  It fixed the erratic buttons, high temps and extremely rapid battery drain on 3G, and GPS works for the first time ever.  Randomly entering roaming is still a problem.  It still sometimes reboots on heavy 3G data.


    I won't be renewing my contract with Sprint.  They chose these Samsung duds to be their phones, they locked me into a long contract, and then they offered as much resistance as possible to me having a working phone.  It makes me want to give Sprint as little business as possible.

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    DarkAvionics Valued Member
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    The xdadevelopers forum post I referenced was for a different model Samsung phone.  As it is, it took many months between Sprint and Samsung troubleshooting this issue, and the fix we finally have is the closest thing to a recall we will likely ever see for a cell phone.

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