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Text message error 9230 msg 2114

chantalrdj Newbie
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I have most of my contacts saved without an area code, for the fact that it is much simplier to find when going to call. Now because of this, I am getting  "9230: Message sent using invalid number of digits. Please resend using 10 digit number or valid short code. Msg 2114" everytime I try to send a message to a saved contact that does not have an area code. I really do not want to have to enter the area code for each person just for messaging, then when I try to find them to call, I can't find them.
Is there a way I can change the settings for the messaging to send to 7 digit numbers? This is a big pain the rear end!


BTW I am using a HTC evo 4g design, but that forum is pretty dead!

  • 1. Text message error 9230 msg 2114
    abe2020 Master
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    Sorry for the inconvenience

    First the issue is you once texted someone with a 7 digit number. Most likely becuase you stored them in your contacts that way. Even if you update the contact info it will always drop the area code from all future messages to that person. Everyone that was stored correctly will message correctly. Deleting the contact and reinstalling them will not work. Importing the contact again will not work. Deleting the message thread and starting a new thread will not work.


    Here is what you need to do.

    Clear data in the Dialer and Dialer storage.... under manage Applications> All.

    That is Settings - Applications - Choose All to view All choices - then find Dialer and clear the Data. Repeat this for the Dialer Storage as well.

    I personally also deleted the message thread first from the text message window and my log history which is a menu item from your call screen.

    This process will not delete all your contacts.

    The only other fix to this problem is to reset back to factory defaults. I don't suggest this at all.

    Let me know



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    RAINE1221 Newbie
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    Do you have a solution for an iphone ?

  • 3. Text message error 9230 msg 2114
    RAINE1221 Newbie
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    I changed the contact name a little and now it works.

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    I had this problem when I saved a contact to my iPhone 5 with only 7 digits. Even when I added the area code to a text message, I would get the 923-0 Msg 2114 error. To fix the problem, click on Messages to get to the main Messages screen then click Edit button. A minus sign will show up next to each text message. Click on the minus sign next to the message that had the error. Then delete and re-create your contact with all 10 digits. Your texts should finally go through.

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    so I dad this same problem. at 1st it was only doing this with my stepsons number. and to be honset i couldnt figure it out and thought his mom got in his phone and blocked my number just to be mean and start trouble. that was all i could think of cause it was just his number, and my husband had no problem texting his son. and even got replies. so i guess anyone could see why i thought what i thought. but anyway 9 months later out of the blue another contact started doing this. never had any problem with her number befor just flat out of the blue. so this is how i finally fixed it to fix the problem on sending text to my friend and to come to find out it actully fixed the problem period. even my stepson number was fixed. i open the icon were you go to recieve and send text message. then puch the blackberry icon button thats right beside the send button. scroll down to options and select. then select inbox settings. make sure there is a check in the little square beside SMS And MMS if not check it. from there exit back out and try sending a text message to number that been having the problem. it should work for there but if not return back using same way before but after selecting options select General Options. then scoll down until you come to Show Recent Contacts When Composing Email. change that to no. back out and also drop back in to inbox settings to double check that the little box still has check in it. that will fix the problem i Promise!

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    Great post, thank you!


    Andrew B.

    Sprint Social Care

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    None of these methods are working on my LG Nexus 5 using Hangouts.

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    jordanlong20 - Thanks for the post. The steps mentioned on this forum are the steps that we recommend. Make sure that when deleting the contacts for the numbers of issue that you are not just deleting from the phone but from Google as well. If that still does not help out I would advise taking the device to a service location to have it looked at. - Sean Sprint Social Care
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    papasouthpole Newbie
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    it worked! Thank you very much.

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