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SuperiorHotsy Newbie
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So does anyone know what's going on with Sprint not having the Z10?

Are they going to carry it at all?


Honestly, I might just change services just for this phone. I really don't want to do that because I've been with sprint for 6-7 years...





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    MrFournier Regular Visitor
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    Yea, as usual; The phones we really want Sprint never gets them. It's always been like that with them. Unless it's Samsung, and luckily we got the iPhone, which I don't even like any more. They're always behind on everything. If it's not the phones it's the LTE. I'm thinking of switching network as well. AT&T and Verizon always get the best phones, plus at least you're paying for a network that actually works, and doesn't take a year just to only get about 21% of LTE working in New York. SMH!

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    asas Regular Visitor
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    From what I heard, Sprint will start selling the Z10 around May-Jun-July this year. Reason? Maybe they want to see how it sells before getting into it? Maybe they spent all their money on the iPhone to Apple? I don't know. I won't switch carrier as I have great coverage and I don't have to be the first one to get the new bb, but I'm definitely getting it.

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    Yea, from what I herd they were going to sell the Nexus 4, and they never did. Keep believing that. Those are just speculations not real!

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    BB-Batman Newbie
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    I have been with Sprint since Jan 3 2001, I stuck with them through iphones 1-5! Sprint was the first network to come out with 4G if you remember and I am still on 3G in Louisiana.  Whats taking so long? I stuck with and defended them while all of my friends and I are in a room and they can play youtube videos and view pics in an instant while mine either doesn't play or loads the slowest.  I get it iphone was originally given to AT&T who was not the big dog in the cell phone world at the time. They bought Cingular contracted the iphone and now they are a powerhouse. This is Sprint's opportunity to win one and they are not getting that phone that is clearly better than the iphone for us business guys.  I am with you SuperiorHotsy I just might switch...  SPRINT BRING US THE Z10!!!

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