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  • 75. Re: Philadelphia, PA 4G LTE?
    EZEKIEL.sheard Regular Visitor
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    I personally would like one of the sprint persons on here to tell me the persons working on your Boyertown tower were being honest when they claimed they have completed nearly 30 towers in the area and that we should be online with LTE in a week or two... I told the gentlemen of my plans to leave and they said please be patient we only have a little bit more fiber to run and then you will see... **** even if they are wrong about the two week timeline atleast give us something... Coming months is not good enough for me...

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    When did you get your device? Have you had it activated longer than 14 days? If not and your not satisfied you should return it to the dealer you bought it from. If you feel your sales were not met, I suggest not keeping something that is not going to work for you. The truth is we just started setting up LTE in Philly. I do know Philly is expected to get over 600 towers. But this is going to take time. As Philly is not the only area in PA we are working in.


    Just for the record. The $10 premium data fee is not for 4G. We charge this fee because today's smartphones use 10x more data then a feature phone. This is 3G 4G wimax if you get it. Smartphones are always on data and we charge the fee to keep unlimited data, unlimited. We don't throttle, we don't cap. If you are not getting data in your area, Sprint can look into how much usage you actually use and make considerations. But we will look into your account, we will look into your call detail report (for data) and research and review. Any of our customers can do this. If you don't get or use any data we can check that and fix the issue. By creating a network ticket so our teams can fix the towers or adjust them to suit your issue.



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    Thanks for the post. You can always check our coverage maps and LTE rollout by checking out this link: www.sprint.com/network . This link will provide you with all the info about your area and what services are active.



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    Hi Victor...


    I've asked several times about the 4G LTE here and always get the response "We're working on it" and have since browsed this board and that seems to be the consensus.


    While I do understand that it takes a while and there will always be problems in rolling it out, there are absolutely NO excuses why Sprint put LTE in HERSHEY/HARRISBURG first??  are you even serious?  How can you justify that?  Philadelphia is a MUCH larger city with a lot more subscribers than the middle of PA.


    Furthermore, the excuses i hear about it taking time to update the network, is BS. I mean was no one at Sprint being PROACTIVE and looking at what ATT and Verizon were doing? how can you be this far behind in technology?


    The iPhone 5 is basically junk on sprint right now... I can't even download apps without being hooked up to wi-fi at home, completely ridiculous!

    I have been a Sprint customer since 2001 and really havent been that upset about their service until now, with my first iPhone. (had 4G on EVO previously) and now with the iPhone 5, have been bumped BACK to 3G.

    3G here is awful and barely works half the time... I know you guys can't give a specific date, but is there any range of time that you can honestly give?

    I mean are we just waiting for nothing at this point?  are we talking about 3-6 more months or 10-15 months? 

    Like another subscriber said on here, I am basically waiting until my contract runs out.  Its embarrassing to have a phone like this and not be able to use it to its full capacity because of the network. 

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    So is the Galaxy S3. I can only get 3G, but my son (using my old Galaxy SII) and my daughter (a Conquer) both get 4G. The Galaxy S3 is an awesome phone, but it would be a lot better with 4G LTE, which I've never even experienced. They told me 6 months when I bought it. Been a lot longer than that and I'm in Wilmington, DE. From the coverage map, it seem to make more sense that LTE would have followed the I95 corridor into Philly vs. Harrisburg and Hershey. Been too long coming and I'm considering other options at this point.

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    Thanks for posting and we appreciate the feedback. The Conquer and S2 are WiMax devices and we fully support WiMax through 2015; that network will be shut down at that point in favor of LTE. Philadelphia has had a massive amount of upgrades and while I can't give a rollout date, it is progressing smoothly and you will not have to wait much longer; we appreciate your patience in this regard. I know its frustrating to see LTE deployed in a progression that seems to be smaller to bigger city but there are many variables involved in a rollout and a city with a larger population doesn't automatically qualify for an early rollout. We build where we can build as our teams negotiate contracts, permits, technology licensing, etc..... Rest assured we work with passion and accountability for your wireless experience and we will deliver!


    Andrew B.


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    Standing 100 yards from a sprint tower that has had several data upgrades....... Speed test app shows "priceless " results.  Ping = 473 Ms download = 51 kbps. Upload= 72 kbps......


    All I can say is....PRICESLESS!!


    My phone is as good as an ipod.... Great with wifi.....a BRICK outside of wifi


    Should you have to pay for that kind of service.....


    If the electric company failed to provide an electric signal to run my appliances and the said We are building a power plant, then you'll have electric, be patient and keeping paying your bill until then, that would not go over, how can sprint do that to us?

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    I understand the difference between 4G WiMax and 4G LTE...NOW! It was not explained to me when I bought the device, which I feel is a bit misleading. I had assumed I would at least get 4G WiMax, (not knowing I would only get 3G), until 4G LTE was available, and the sales person said "up to 6 months." It's been well past that. I feel that as I'm only getting 3G on my device, I should only be paying 3G prices. Furthermore, and for the amount I spent on the phone, I should get some kind of break or refund for the time I should be getting 4G LTE, when you consider that your top two competitors offer it in my area.

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    jhender_sprint Newbie
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    I think Victor what you're seeing is a lot of people upset with the quality of their service. This forum thread is for the Philly area, and it was made a couple of months ago and has like 80 replies, with +8k hits. In fact, if you search on google for 'LTE philadelphia', guess what's the very first hit? This thread, and the top of 2 million search results at that!


    We can safely say this delay in LTE rollout is a concern, unless Sprint likes having this kind of relationship with their customers?


    I continue to have no LTE, and huge drops in many areas in/around Philly on my 3G network. I have yet to feel like you guys have done anything but deflect. I'd say the many posters on your own website from the area agree.





    P.S. Smart phones have been the standard for years, I think we're past the point of being gouged an extra $10 monthly on 'premium data fees' dude...

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    Abe11782 Newbie
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    This might sound crazy but I wasnt told upon purchasing my S3 that it would take this long for LTE. Yes I did have WIMAX before but did not anticipate this great length of offering a device that is capable of more than the network it was built for. Yet I am not upset. I wanted to save a buck as well as get "unlimited" data so I saved a buck and went with Sprint. As did all of you. We chose to sign up with a 2nd rate cellular company and we are getting second rate service. To compare Sprint to any other company would be comparing a Daewoo to a Mercedes. One company was doomed and one company fought to drive and compete with the best to offer. I am not shocked and will wait with the rest of you. There is nothing we can do, we made our bed so to speak. I feel your pain as I am downloading at 56kilobyte speeds and am shocked that Samsung was naive enough to offer their phones on a primitive network and with a lagging company. Best of luck to all of you with your daily struggles to download apps and check the weather. Your friend from 19057 performing at dial-up speeds.

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    Abe, you make a good point about Samsung allowing their 4g LTE phones on Sprint at this time.  It goes doubly for the Iphone 5.  If you read the reviews of the Iphone 5 on the Sprint website, many users complain about the lousy data speeds and mistakenly blame the phone.  I'm surprised that Apple didn't anticipate this and restrict Sprint to the Iphone 4S until Sprint's 4g LTE is built out.  I remember when Apple created the original Iphone and only allowed it on AT&T.  It took a long time to go to other carriers and I read at that time that the delay was because Apple wanted to be sure that the other carriers service was "worthy" of their Iphone.


    But like you I'm sticking with Sprint and hope that they get their act together soon.  I almost hate to criticize Sprint like this but in reality, they don't deserve us to keep silent. I cringe when I see their ads touting their data plans "without any data throttling."   Throttle from what?

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    Thank for your post. I do apologize for your frustration. I can assure you we are working as hard as we can to get LTE rolled out to our current 3G foot print. I can not speak to what the reasons why the tech teams choose where to start an update. I also know we were going with wimax prior to us deciding to launch LTE back in 10/7/11. 


    In regards to your Iphone 5 . The device is not able to download anything larger than 50 megs without it being connected to wifi. This is a device protocol. It has nothing to do with actual service. But I am sorry if your phone is not able to download smaller files. Have you taken a look at our airave. Check out some info on it here: www.sprint.com/airave .



    Sprint Social Care.



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    Thank you for posting. I think your right the LTE rollout is big news. Sprint is in process of building out the LTE network vision in the PA area. I can understand your frustration with the amount of time it is taking for this to be live in your area. But I cant say why its taking so long as there are just so many variables involved with the buildout. I can assure you we are working on it and want your service to be at its best. The $10 premium data charge is for the amount of data smart phones use. The fact that there are apps that run all the time like weather or facebook have you on data all day. This charge is to offset the amount it costs to provide this to our customers.



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    I was misled by the salesman a few months ago when they told me I would have 4g. I'm upset that i pay $102 every month and i cant even stream music on my phone without it buffering and stopping altogether. (dont let me dare try to watch a youtube video) You have people with a Metro that has better service than us and they only pay $55/month. So why am i still with Sprint? Oh yea the contract. I advise everyone not to let them sucker you into renewing another contract for this bs service.

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    If they updated there 3g towers in the Philly market which ones or area because its hard to tell? I see that the Manufatuers have increased the ability of there phones to process the data but I see no speed inprovement from the locations that I use. I switched back to my Evo untill they build out there LTE. I feel bad for people that purchased newer phones. Has anyone driven to Lima Pa to check to see if LTE works in this area. I don't hear any one updating.


       I will standby my suspison that they may put parts of LTE on but it wont run any better than Wimax . Untill Nextel is offline. I also think they will increase there rates due to this system upgade.


    I use Sensorly app to check speed . They may not throttle,  but the reason its Sprints unlimited because you can't effectively download without giving up  . They know that the data rate not there.  This is why I use my home Wifi. Even there Wimax was very ineffective. Its going to be awhile before LTE is up and running in Phila . Hows NY data rates vs Verizon or ATT?

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