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mowery58 Newbie
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I can't even believe that Sprint would sell this phone to me. It shuts off constantly, overheats, and won't even connect to my computer. Sometimes it doesn't even charge.

    sprint9149 Silver Expert
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    Its an entry level phone. Those all suck and are behind the technology curve already when they are released.

    Shutting off and overheating might be caused by a bad battery. Wont connect to computer -- might just need to delete drivers and then try again ....not charging all the time - could be battery; or might need phone replaced.

    Upgrade if you can. Spend some money though and get an S3/GNote2.

    W_Windle Newbie
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    My girlfriend has a Replenish, it's the worst excuse for a phone I've ever seen and Sprint will not fix it or replace it without extra cost. She has been "making do" with this paperwieght for almost two years, and I am leaving Sprint altogether over it and the lack of service area.

    DLMILL1295 Regular Visitor
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    Couldn't agree more.  I have had to replace mine twice since December and they finally gave me a different phone.  The first time I was told the internal antennae broke and the second time the charging mechanism completely died...after only 6 weeks of use.  I was not given a new phone, I am sure, but one that had been refurbished.  I would tell anyone considering this phone to run the other way, quickly.  And after the service I received from Sprint thorugh it all, I might even tell them to consider another carrier altogether.

    swhitak45886@yahoo.com Newbie
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    Having all the same problems.  I really hate this phone, if you can even call it a phone.  Got a replacement once, which was just as bad or worse.  Can not do nothing at all with it.  Even worse in an emergency situation when I really need to depend on my phone.  I can not believe Sprint sells this phone.  When I did ask about replacing it with something else, the lady at Sprint was rude and said "well it was a free phone anyways (since I got the 99$ rebate thing).  It is just a complete waste of money seeing that I am paying close to $100.00 a month for a phone I can not even use.  Just do not know what to do.  It sucks that if I want a decent phone that works I have to pay a **** load of money to SPRINT for it since I can not upgrade for another year.  I have enough stress in my life to have to deal with besides this terrible phone.  

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