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    Cyclical Regular Visitor
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    I am sick of HTC, their support of the HTC Arrive was absolute ****. Disappearing keyboard, compass points the wrong way, numrous other bugs, and they never released any fixes.


    Nokiaa has been very supportive of th WP brand, releasing fixes, and producing better hardware. Sprints plan so far for WP8 this "summer" is more of the same por performing manufacturers. I want a Nokia phone, Verizon is getting a 920 variant, and it looks to be nice.


    Both my wife and I have HTC Arrive, and our contracts are up. Just waiting to see if Sprint will offer a flagship device from Nokia before I jump ship.

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    BCALLEN44 Newbie
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    I just finished the update using and so far so good.  I'm going to wait a few days and then update my wifes phone. 


    Sprint gets a really big F for their support of Windows Phone! 

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    gveets Regular Visitor
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    While Sprint's handling of this update has been nothing short of unacceptable, don't expect Verizon to be any better. In fact, a look at their community forums shows they are actually worse than Sprint in providing information about the 7.8 update. Not only are they not providing an answer on the update, they are deleting posts and blocking links that even mention the seveneighter updater openly discussed in this thread. One poster writes:


    "If only we could get a simple yes or no answer as quickly as the mods redact posts."


    And this:


    "Release the 7.8 update... All HTC Trophy phones that are unlocked or on Vodaphone (Europe) HAVE A WORKING VERSION OF 7.8!!! Get your act together Verizon, your support and customer service is ATROCIOUS."

    Here is a link to the Verizon HTC Trophy thread which has now been locked by the moderator because of too many posters mentioning the updater tool:


    HTC is also doing a very poor job of informing its customers about this update. In fact, I blame them more than Sprint. They originally stated that they were not going to be updating the HD7 to 7.8, but have said nothing about their other Windows phones. I would be very surprised it they ever release the update for the Arrive. This lack of support from HTC is one reason why I won't be getting a new HTC 8X from Sprint when it comes out this summer. HTC is barely hanging on anyway and not supporting their exisitng customers is one reason why they might not be around in a year.


    Nokia is doing a good job of rolling out the update, but of course Sprint will not be getting a Nokia phone anytime soon, if ever. So that leaves Verizon (AT&T and T-Mobile have spotty coverage in my area) as my only choice for Nokia.


    What we really need is for carriers to unbundle the service from the phones. Let me buy my own phone and sign up for whatever service plan works best for me.  That's the model I want to see in the US. Think we'll ever see it?

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    Smorkle Newbie
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    Thank you for posting that link to the update. I just finished installing it and it seems to work very well with one exception: Now when I press the phone button to make a call it acts as though it is going to start then instantly goes back to the start screen. I can even go into the applications menu and try to start the phone app from there and it tries to start and then goes instead right back to the applications menu. I have another app called "Rap Dialer" that is essentially the same thing, but with speed dial capabilities, but it's annoying that this function seems to be, well, nonfunctional. Other than that, it is SOOOOOOO nice to be able to re-arrange the start page with customizable sized icons.


    I don't understand why sprint would NOT want for it's users to have this update.

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    BobbybG57 Regular Visitor
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    I have 4 lines, 2 had to get new phones so their contracts had to be renewed.  I am the owner of their lines, with that said, I will be leaving sprint once my lines contract ends if no new Windows phones have arrived.  I will transfer the main account and move on.  The world does not revolve around I-phone or android.  I love my windows phone, my phone does things that their phone just can't do.  I love the way MS setup works, I have broken 2 phones... I receive my phone plug it up, turn it on & walk away.  when I pick that phone up all I have to do is log into MS on my computer choose the apps that I want back on phone... and that phone now has all the same apps & functions I want it to have.  So Sprint keep going the way you are, keep us in the dark and you will loose all 4 of this family's lines.  I have no problem moving on.

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    CornerstoneVegas Newbie
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    It looks like Sprint may not be entirely responsible for not providing this update to its customers. See a thread here: As I understand it MS releases the update to the manufacturers, then the manufacturers release the update to the carriers. HTC has not released the update to Sprint as of yet (for the Arrive) and so Sprint cannot release it to their customers. If that is true though, why doesn't Sprint just say so? Is there a contractual agreement that does not allow Sprint to throw HTC under the bus? Not that it matters much. HTC is fighting a losing battle with Samsung's Android devices and Nokia's WP devices. Come on Sprint. Get with the program and quit throwing your lot in with substandard manufacturers.

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    YeOldeBuzzard Newbie
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    Well, here it is the 2nd of September and STILL no 7.8 from Sprint...  I will remember the lack of support and information when I replace my 3 lines.  Nokia seems to be the preferred brand for those of us who wish to use Windows Phone systems and Sprint doesn't have them.  Oh well - not like I can't get service somewhere else...  By the way, the "forced update" information worked well for me (as it has for so many others).  Too bad Sprint/HTC engineers can't figure out how to do this.

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