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Text details

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Every single other provider in the country is able to provide their customers with the text message details for their phones.  Sprint requires their customers to get a form notarized and then get details within 7-10 business days.  This is beyond frustrating, and has driven me to make the decision to switch carriers as soon as my contract is up.  Sprint, why are you unable to have these details readily available to customers but all other providers are able to?

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    There is a huge thread about this already, just fyi. Many threads i guess that is.

    And it is available through Google Voice integration with Sprint.

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    I posted this in the other popular thread on this, but im not familiar with the other carriers ability to show text detail. Do you mean content of texts? Or just # and date/time?


    Do you have any info or links to those carriers features where they can view texts? Or any tutorials on how to do it?

    I think this is one of the hotter topics and this info would be interesting to come by.


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    What I am reffering to is the phone number and date/time of the text logs, just like the phone logs we can already view.  When I was with TMobile and Verizon they both offered these reports.  Sprint does not offer them and claims they are staying in compliance with some sort of privacy act, which is absolute nonsense.

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    Just my update... So I jump through all the hoops for Sprint to provide me text details. I download the form, fill it out, pay the notary for their services, mail it in...and wait. And this is the email I finally got:


    "Thank you for contacting Sprint. We have received your Text Usage

    Details Request Form for the phone number XXX-XXX-XXXX; unfortunately,

    there is not an Authorized Point of Contact set for your account. For

    security and legal purposes, the signature of the Authorized Point of

    Contact is required for text detail records to be released. Due to this

    fact, we cannot send out the information you have requested.

    If you wish for your request to be processed, you will need to contact

    Sprint's Business Care department and have an Authorized Point of

    Contact added to your account. If the individual who signed your consent

    form, XXX-XXX-XXXX, is added as an Authorized Point of Contact, you may

    then contact us back and request that we process your request. If

    another individual is set as an Authorized Point of Contact, you will

    need to submit a new consent form with that individual's notarized

    signature. A blank consent form can be downloaded at

    At this time, we are closing out your request."


    The annoying part of this is that I've been with Sprint for about 15 years. I have always been the "Authorized Point of Contact". They've never had a problem taking my money, but somehow I'm not a point of contact? Absurd. I called the number listed, was transferred twice, and finally got a rep that admits that I am a point of contact on this account but somehow it was not on the first "screen". o.O So now supposedly he fixed it and I should receive the data within 10 days. We'll see.

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    Thank you for the update. I am sorry that this did not go through for you. I would be happy to double check your account to make sure everything was updated correctly. If you would like me to check please send me a private message with your phone number and account pin.


    Thank you


    Sprint Social Care Team

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    Yeah the policy Sprint has is nothing short of infuriating.  When I was with Verizon, text details were provided just like the call details.  When I was with T Mobile, the text details were provided just like the call details.  My friends also tell me that the other providers give the text details in the same manner as the call details.  All you have to do is log in and view them.  Sprint is the only provider that pretends they are abiding by some imaginary law.  It's absolutely ridiculous.

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    I'll tell you what's ridiculous, but in a good way. Sprint partnered with Google some time back to provide the precise service you're describing, plus a whole lot more. More than just text message history, it will also do call screening (even down to the specific contact if you like), selective call forwarding, voicemail, voicemail transcription, multi-ring, and the list goes on and on. The service is called Google Voice. I use it, and recommend it highly. I set my Google Voice number to my Sprint number (see Option 1 on the page referenced below), and I now get full text history online (searchable), copies of text messages sent to my email, the ability to send and receive texts online or through email, and I use the heck out of it. It takes about a minute to set up. You don't have to go to You don't have to log in or jump through hoops to get your text history or call history. And it's free! Now that's ridiculous.

    You can check it out at

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    And in order to get the google voice on the phone you must either have the device or get the individual to agree to install it on the phone.  Those two options are not always available.

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    I'm not sure what scenarios you're thinking of, zaitsev, but there's a solution for every case. Google Voice isn't a panacea. It's not designed for spying on people, and it's not designed for keeping an eye on your kids, but for the typical, personal scenarios it's perfect. Sprint and others have solutions for parents who want to keep tabs on their kids. As for spying, you're on your own.


    By the way, Google voice isn't installed on the phone. It's a network service; however, there is a really cool companion app from Google.

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    If you are the account holder, you don't have to have the device and the user does not need to agree to install anything on their line in order to get this set up.


    It can actually be done in so called 'stealth'. The only tell though, is that they won't get their voicemail the traditional way they do now. They would instead call their own # and enter a passcode you set up (because they will be using Google voice for their voicemail once you set the Google Voice integration up). I haven't found a way around this particular 'tell' yet.


    If you want more detail let me know.


    Kind of like using Sprint Family Locator without the family member user that you are locating knowing and getting the notification is possible.

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    How can you set this up. I am the account holder but not the user.

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