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Dropped calls

ouswimos Newbie
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Every time I make or receive calls they get dropped.  Tonight I had 6 phone calls get dropped.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  Is there anything that I can do to fix this?  Right now I can't wait to get rid of sprint.

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    Thanks for your post. How long has this been going on? Are data and text features having issues as well? Can you please let me know your zip code, cross streets, and phone model? Thanks!


    Sprint Social Care Team

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    ouswimos Newbie
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    Its been going on for months.  I am only having issues with phone calls.  My zip code is 52240 and street is Kountry lane.  I have an EVO LTE and before that when the problems started was an EVO.

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    ouswimos Newbie
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    And I had 5 more dropped calls today.

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    AleMorin Newbie
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    This is happening to me too and they are important business calls. My zip is 89135. I want to add another line to my account but if this continues there's no way!

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    SEANDOC46 Newbie
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    This is also happening to us we cant hold a phone call for more then 2 minutes and it drops and the service during the call is very choppy, cant even call customer service because the **** thing doesnt work... But when I do they are gonna hear it

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    There's an event in that location, I'm here for you. We're working on the tower on Lower Muscantine Rd. Things will be better soon, try updating your device through the system settings. That should help.



    Thank You


    Sprint Social Care

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    I am constantly getting dropped calls and can't believe I am being charged for this garbage service.    I work from home and conference calls are imperative for me to do business - dropped calls are not acceptable.   My wife is having the same problem so I know it isn't my phone.  She was talking to doctor with critical discussion about my daughters care and either doctor couldn't hear (as though she was on mute) or the call would drop.  upon trying to call back or make other calls during the day the connection wouldn't even establish to start ringing.


    I have updated the phones with the PRL, etc.  I have rebooted, we have tried talking outside the house and even driven to areas that are known to have better 3G and 4G reception - nothing is working.  I went to Sprint today to complain and they did nothing, said I should get a new f*&@#  phone! 

    seems  like there is nothing I can do but ***** at this point.


    maybe if you have my zip code you could fix the problem


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