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    Prince_Jabari Newbie
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    I'm a fellow sprint customer (been a sprint customer for 10 years) and have been going through the same problems that you have.  I have a samsung galaxy s2/epic 4g touch.


    My problems:


    Since I did an update at the end of March that was pushed through by Sprint, my phone keeps having the menu screen pop up for no reason.


    Each time the menu screen would pop up, 1 of 2 things would happen: (1) I would either be able to hit the back button at the bottom of my phone or (2) the phone would cycle itself off and back on.


    After this started happening, my phone would cycle itself off and back on with or without the menu screen randomly popping up.


    Now, my power button has stopped working completely.


    My battery has also been seeing massive drain when it cycles itself off and then back on.  And it sucks because I just bought a new battery in February so I know its not due to the battery.


    Also, I have had pretty poor reception starting last week, and I live in a 4G area in South Florida where I have always had a significant numbers of bars showing on my reception indicator.  It has even been to the point where my calls drop when the reception goes completely out.


    I bought my phone brand new on last year, and I did not have these problems until I did an update on my phone pushed by Sprint.  Now in addition to these problems, I have to plug my phone in to the usb charger and remove it from the charger to be able to use the phone, because this action mimics what my now non-functioning power button used to do. I know that other sprint customers have been able to get a ticket made on their behalf to get their phones fixed due to these issues.  I would also like a ticket to be made on my behalf so that I can take it to a store and have my phone properly fixed like the other sprint users in the various forums concerning these issues.


    I just wanted to let you know that you are not the only one going through what you are going through and that these issues are now recognized by the Sprint company as "known issues".

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    coltsfan1014 Newbie
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    Samsung G2 is the biggest piece of **** ...i've had mine replaced 4 times and it still gives me fits!!!

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    im having the same problem. i took it to sprint the tech told me its the battery and sprint dont replace batterys. now i have to go and purchase a batterry.. Sprint service sucks and i had them for 8yrs.. time to switch to att or something better then sprint and the funny thing is this phone is only yr old i purchased last yr in april so sad.. sprint always try to rip ther customers off service sucks phone dont even last its a piece of ****

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    This is HILARIOUS  to read and find out that this is a problem that everyone is having. I read one of the post and it was like I was the person that wrote it. I mean everything that I just said this person said. word for word. You would think that SPRINT would start replacing these batteries since it seems to be a common problem. No One in my area even carries the battery.

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    redragn72 and others,


    Samsung has recently released Jelly Bean for the Galaxy SII (Epic Touch). Follow the download instructions here. Samsung also recommends that you uninstall the Adobe Flash player after the update; more information is found here. Please give me feedback on changes (positive or negative) after the software update.



    Sprint Social Care

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    TexasGalaxy Newbie
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    Maybe there is hope.


    I've had my S2 for well over a year now. The battery seemed to get worse and worse after ICS. I guess we now know why. A day before my one year mark, I took it to Sprint and they pulled the battery, noticed the small bulge and explained that because of that, the battery was going bad. I purchased a new one as the battery was not under warranty. Things improved for a while. I could never go the whole day without a charge, but I could get through my 8 hours at work most times. It seemed to get worse as the months went on. I decided to upgrade to JB to see if that would give me better battery performance. That was a nightmare. Anytime would connect to WiFi, the phone would reboot twice and it would never remember the WiFi passwords. Sometimes, the battery would instantly drain, or at least report it had. Several apps would cause crashes as well, randomly. I regretted upgrading. I then saw problems with apps installed on my SD card. I had seen that in the past, so I thought perhaps the card was going bad, so I ordered a new one. That didn't fix anything, in fact it made things worse. About a week or two later, my phone rebooted due to a WiFi connection and would never boot back up. It would freeze on the 4G screen. I didn't want to lose everything, so I tried to re-install JB the same way I had initially. That failed, as it would not boot. I finally relented to doing a factory restore. To my surprise, all of my photos and videos were not deleted. I inserted my SD card and it worked fine. I had a backup of my contacts, SMS, phone logs, etc from before upgrading to JB and those restored without a hitch. I didn't get much time to mess with it that day, but I charged it fully 23 hours ago and I still have 42% left. I have made a few calls, sent some texts, got on WiFi with no problems and even had the Connections Optimizer on until a few minutes ago. My 64gb SD card shows up in Storage and i can browse the photos and videos that are on it as well.


    While in theory, upgrading to JB and a fresh install should be the same, it appears that is not the case. While I am one to always reformat and install a fresh copy of Windows when upgrading, I hadn't done that to my phone....ever. Lesson learned. While I don't attribute the upgrade to all of my battery issues, it definitely was part of apps gone bad and Wifi and SD card issues. The battery issue could be part of that and also part of all of the apps I had installed. I think I'll now install small groups of apps I had on previously so I can see if any one of them really drains the battery. It may be that 50 apps combined do the damage, but I would guess there are some bigger culprits that can be avoided.


    My advice to anyone with this type of problem is to backup your phone, including photos and videos, (just in case) and then do a factory reset to whichever version of Android you are running. Then test your battery and see how long it lasts. If it's still draining, consider upgrading your OS, if possible, and if not you may need a new battery. Needless to say, for the first time in months I am actually happy with my phone. We'll see how long that lasts!

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    phloof Newbie
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    The JB upgrade didn't do SQUAT for this piece of trash phone. What a waste of money. When I call sprint I am told they weren't aware of such issues. Interesting that there are three pages worth of complaints about this device. Ridiculous.

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    rafleenor1592 Newbie
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    The update did wonders for my phone actually. Got rid of all the issues I was Having with the phone itself although the connection optimizer ****** me off royally. now I'm just plagued with service and data issues like before.

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    tamiwegener@gmail.com Newbie
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    I definitely feel like I have been taken for a ride by Sprint. We have three of the Galaxy S2 model phones in our house. Most recently I went in because the phones were continuously rebooting themselves, often times in the middle of a phone call. In one such event my son was listening to music and his phone rebooted. When it came back on, the phone vibrated off the counter and the screen broke. I brought all 3 phones in and they said they would reset them to "original" factory settings. I stated that I have a lot of important numbers and pictures that I can't have lost. The tech assured me he would be able to save them. WE LOST EVERYTHING!!!!
    Sprint has completely refused to replace the phones and I don't feel I should have to. Needless to say I will not be staying with Sprint. With all of the complaints online this will make for a very easy win in court.

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    Trinh8384 Newbie
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    I received the 2nd replacement phone from Sprint store with the updated version of Android 4.1.2 with Baseband version is GB27 without the Abode Flash and still getting problem with having the menu screen pop up for no reason. Each time the menu screen would pop up, I wouldn't be able to hit the back button at the bottom of my phone.


    Now Sprint said I can replace with another dedice: EVO or Proton.  These two are not compartible with my S2.  I have insurance throught Sprint and it stated they will replace with compatible device but it is not.


    Please help.

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    TBmehciz Newbie
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    Same problem as everyone else.  I'm currently on the 5th battery since all these problems started and it stopped working 2 weeks ago.  It's expanded to the point it almost pops off the case backing but my local Sprint is arguing with me on whether or not the battery is the problem.  Asked about a replacement since I have the phone insurance and it's not even my fault and was told $100 deductible would still apply.  Sprint is a joke.  Coverage is terrible, numerous problems with phone, and customer service is c r a p.  Going back to Verizon as soon as possible.  Hopefully I can talk to someone that will waive my early termination fee in light of all these Sprint-created issues.

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    Alan_A Regular Visitor
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    I've had the same thing happen with my S2 in the past.  Called Sprint and actually got the guy I talked to that it is an acknowledged problem with the phone and that the process to troubleshoot is as follows.

    1) Factory reset phone. (didn't work for me)
    2) Have screen replaced. (Also didn't work)

    3) If still happening replace phone.

    Took forever to get a replacement phone and they also wanted to give me some crappy Evo or Photon phone instead of the S2.  Got my "new" phone and it was loaded with Jelly Bean.  Ended up being just as worthless.  From my research it's an issue with the 3g radio interfering with the capacitive buttons.  Samsung apparently did not use proper shielding between the radio and touch buttons, which is why they say to replace the screen.  You'll notice if you turn 4g or wifi on it does not happen, as well as if you turn all data radios off.  Also it did it much more and rapidly in low signal conditions due to the phone switching rapidly between towers, thats where the interference comes from.  We see it as the capacitive buttons activating themselves and effectively locking the phone.  My advice, if you're not afraid of losing your warranty, I suggest you root your phone and place a gingerbread (Android 2.3) ROM back on your phone.  Gingerbread ran so much better than ICS or Jelly Bean on this phone.  I miss it.

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    Trinh8384 Newbie
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    I did all the steps and my phone stills having issue.  Did you mean to use WiFi and 4G when needed data or just to turn it on?  I turned it on without having it available and the issue still there.

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    Alan_A Regular Visitor
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    Just turn them on when you need data.  If your 3g radio is inactive you no longer have issues with the capacitive keys.  Took me a long time to notice my phone never does it when I'm using wifi or hooked up to a 4g tower.  I'm due for an upgrade now and was going to spring for an Ativ S Neo......but I figure I'll wait until 4glte comes to Cincinnati before I upgrade.  Which means I'm stuck with this S2 turd for a little while longer.

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    I appreciate you taking the time to post this. I have had an extremely frustrating and similar experience with Sprint and my Samsung Galaxy II.  As of today, Samsung denies any known issues even though a tech at a Sprint Service center said the issues you detailed are indeed known issues.  The discrepancy is frustrating, as well as Sprints willingness to resolve this fairly. I agree that an EVO is not a comparable replacement.  I have blogged about my experience here: Issues with Sprint and the Galaxy SII Epic | Oh, for the love of all things.....


    Let me know what you think please.  I wish Sprint would listen to their customers!

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