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Long Time Customer - Leaving Sprint

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I've been a sprint customer for over 10 years with on time payments and all.  I'm amazed and saddened that this company can offer me nothing to stay.  Yes you have unlimited data.. and so what.  I'd rather be with a company that wants me as a customer.

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    I just had a conversation customer service and received the same support... None.  We have been customers for over 15 years and hit they offer no incentive to stay. They would rather lose a family membership than waive a $39 connection fee when we upgrade to a new phone.

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    RAJ18 Newbie
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    I know how sad is that.. I'm going to verizon... Costco has discounted phones.

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    MRNINGSUN2 Newbie
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    I can relate, I have been a long time loyal Sprint customer for over 13 years.  I have always told everyone Sprint was great, defended them NO MORE...I will be going to AT & T, I never in a million years thought I would but Sprint does not wish to take care of it's long term good standing customers.  The would rather lose $6,000 guaranteed (2 year contract, 3 phone family plan with hotspot and tablet @ $282 month) over a rule that penalizes everyone for the wrong others have committed.  I went to Sprint to upgrade my phone as I have done every 2 years.  I asked to put the cost of the new phone on my bill, as previously Sprint has always done in the past.  The customer service person said, "oh we don't do that anymore, cause too many people were buying phones putting them on their bill and then not paying the bill.  How lame is that to penalize good customers who pay their bill on time every time for over 13 years!!!  If someone has a history of not paying their bill, don't allow it, however if someone has an outstanding record of timely payments and paying for their phone, it makes no sense to penalize them for the erroneous ways of others!!!  Spoke to  customer service agent who passed me to supervisor who passed me to supposedly management.  All along the way they were saying Oh we agree that is not right, we value your loyalty which is just lip service, there is not one ounce of sincerity in the empty words that they are trained to say, you can hear sincerity and tell when you are just being passed along. Once the supervisor was finished with me, she stated she was sending me to management to resolve the issue.  A guy answers the phone and says "Account Termination, can I get your name and account number we are canceling today"  I said I though I was being transferred to a manager to help resolve the issue.  he said, oh once an issue is elevated to this level, account cancellation is inevitable, so let's just begin the process.  He then stated that's new our rule, we changed it in 2011, deal with or let's start the termination procedure right now.  WOW! A company is willing to lose over $6,000 for two years over putting $300 on a bill that will get paid the next month (they have the records that show it has always been paid in the past).  Well, needless to say I did not cancel that very minute as I rely on my phone and did not have another service lined up as I was not expecting to have to leave a company I have been with for over 13 years.  I was expecting to upgrade my phone and be on my merry little way in my delusional world of Sprint is wonderful.  ( I believe this is a scare tactic they use, knowing full well the customer can not cancel on the spot, will "cool down" and keep their service and put up with the BS)  OPPS big mistake on their part, HUGE. I got off the phone, went grocery shopping, talked to 5 people I never even met before in the store and told them of my experience and how Sprint doesn't really care about it's customers.  Most of the comments went like this...unlimited data great, but if it is slow and you can't get a connection what value is it and if a company doesn't respect its customer, which is why they are in business...Then I went home got on line and researched what my ETF fee would be and looked into AT&T services.  My EFT will be $150, as much as it gulls me to have to pay it, I am paying it and signing up with At&T tomorrow.  Good Riddence Sprint!!!  Oh and along the way, I'm talking to anyone who will listen about how Sprint is not the cellular company to sign up with!.  For the low low price of not allowing 300.00 to be put on a bill to be paid the next month, Sprint just lost over $6,000 for a 2 year contract and bought them selves a whole lot of free advertising as I have a big mouth and am not real shy!  I don't think it is the kind of advertising they really want to build their business up though!!! Too bad soo sad, should treat your customers right, as they are the best or worst form of free advertising for you!!!

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    You're not alone ... another 10 + year customer heading the same way as soon as my latest contract is up


    No incentive to stay and a ridiculous standard in customer service ... their executives give all sorts of raving reviews of themselves and what is supposedly outstanding service ... apparently they see something somewhere that the customer never actually gets to see ... but if it sounds good to the share holders and the fund managers then it must be 'so'

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    Raider2441 Newbie
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    So new people get a discount on a new phone what do loyal customers get.  Do we have to drop the service and then come back???

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    I couldn't agree more. I have been with Sprint for a long time and the $100 for new customers is just a slap in the face for veteran Sprint customers. Why does Sprint continue to disappoint loyal customers?


    I bought the original 4g Evo phone in 2010 considering that Milwaukee will get 4g service. I constantly called customer service for updates and they led me to believe that Milwaukee will eventually get it. IT NEVER CAME. It is 2013... it is STILL NOT HERE. I want to buy the galaxy s4 but I can't because the phone will be stuck on 3g.


    I will admit, 3g service was great back in 2010 but it was horrible after the company added the iphone. It was like 4 steps backward on service speeds.


    I can't stand being with Sprint anymore. I will gladly move my business to a competitor.

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    halldl02 Expert
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    Raider2441 wrote:


    So new people get a discount on a new phone what do loyal customers get.  Do we have to drop the service and then come back???

    I have found that this is true for a lot of services.  So, if we want the best deal you'll have to leave for about a month and then switch back. 


    So don't sell your old phone, and switch to a company where you have an old cell phone (or can get one cheap).  Then after about a month you can come back under no contract (because you won't need to buy a new phone) unless you want to be back in a contract to pay for a new phone.

    Of course you'd have to pay the ETF for this to work.

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    t1msprint Newbie
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    Me too!  Worst company I've ever delt with.  I'm romaing IN THEIR STORE (southcenter, tukwila) and they won't do anything about it except say "I'm sorry."  Your not - every employee I have delt with has lied to me ('we'll have LTE by January"..its MAY, no LTE; "you have to call customer support for help, we can't do that in the store"..."you have to go to the store, we can't help you over the phone" (5 hours waisted), "we will document your complaints"..."I don't see any notes on your account"  "I personally PROMIS you I will take care of you" - no responce in 8 days.


    I'm fed up.


    Please Please Please if you are considering a cellphone carrier DO NOT PICK SPRINT!  you will be continually disappointed.


    oh...and I've had a sprint number since 1999.

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    painter2535 Regular Visitor
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    I'm 90% sure I will be leaving as well in a couple months.  The biggest issue I have is my P.O.S. EVO Design has turned into a brick since the ICS update and my upgrade is coming up in July.  The only decent phones they carry are all 4G LTE and there are no plans on launching LTE in my area any time what's the point?  4G Wimax is barely usable as it is and 3G is worse than dial up.  If I have to pay a couple hundo ETF, then that's the way it goes.

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    I've been a customer since 1997 or 1998 and I had the worst customer service experience EVER at a sprint store today when I went in for service.My phone has been running very very hot. Well, I have a scratch on my phone that doesn't affect functionality at all and they refused to service my phone, despite the service plan and insurance I pay for. The scratch? By the power button which works just fine. You press the button to turn it on. It turns on. You press the button to turn it off. It turns off. Physical damage. I had to leave the store on my own free will because that CSR was fixing to receive "physical damage" for his smug arrogance.

    If these idiots had been polite, I probably would have bought a new phone.They treat long time customers like old beer cans. They couldn't care less.

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