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Windows 8 [wp8]

couponkate Newbie
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This is very frustrating. I have a Motorola Q9c that I got when Sprint first deployed them... that's like coming up on six years. I thought it was on its last legs last summer and was so excited to wait "just" until fall for a new Windows 8 device. Even employees at two different Sprint stores told me that they were going to be coming out in/by October of last year. Well, that didn't happen and thankfully my Q9c recovered from its cold.  Now here I am, needing a quicker device as the Q9c is more sluggish than before, and no one at Sprint can offer any speck of insight on when and what will be coming.


Today, I have started to look at other options out there.  I'm new to this, so I'm asking some insight: what carriers should I look into?  Are you looking into any carriers?  Have you already jump-ship or have you set a date to jump-ship by?  ...What exactly does "Summer" mean?  Which month do you think?


::Wishing for a Nokia Lumia phone offered by Sprint::

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    Well, from the research I've done over the past 3 months, "Summer" is vaguely May-June. They have been identified as likely being the Samsung ATIV S and the HTC "Tiara" (This being just a code name for the real phone). They have promised these two phones by the end of June, so that is my cut of wait before I switch to AT&T so I can also get the Nokia Lumia!


    With all the wait, I'm honestly guessing late June, last minute as always for Sprint.

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    You might as well bail now Kate. You know that Sprint isn't going to offer a nokia phone and the samsung and HTC phone they are going to offer are going to be half-assed and unsupported after 6 months.

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    MarcP90 Newbie
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    Looks like it will be end of Summer closer to Q3.. I'm NOT HAPPY!!! Well looks like I will be moving on to another provider Q3 and sometimes this summer is not working for me.....


    Longtime Customer +10 years

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    MUSICMAN247 Regular Visitor
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    I'm kind of with you on that. I've had the Arrive since launch (that's over two years ago now!) and really want Sprint to take my money and give me a great WP8 device, but it seems they don't care about my money. The phone was going to be a graduation gift anyway, and upgrading from SERO Premium to include 4G was going to cost $50/mo. anyway. Might as well switch over to AT&T prepaid and get a Lumia 920 (or 925 if it's coming out soon). It'll still be $50/mo, but I'll be able to have the device I actually want!


    Side rant: I tried AT&T prepaid for a few months with a Samsung Focus 2. Awesome phone, awesome service. I should have said goodbye to Sprint, but I heard they would be coming out with some top-level WP8 devices in the summer. Then they announce two mid-spec devices. Thanks, Sprint.

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    MarcP90 Newbie
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    Yeah I'm more frustrated with Sprint right now. It looks like they are forcing us to move another OS or to switch providers. We have not seen any updates since Mango which I don't understand.


    At this point I'm looking at Verizon Wireless Lumia 928 phone. I guess I have to go play in the Verizon sandbox!!!


    Thanks Sprint.


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    couponkate Newbie
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    I am on the SERO too; still with $30/mo, but if my phone is too slow to use internet/data plan effectively, then what's it really worth then -- practically nothing!?  I was holding out and holding out because of SERO, but if you're saying that AT&T prepaid will be about fifty bucks, then it may be worth it to test that out.

    I just keep on typing with the support staff via their instant messanger asking them when a W8 is coming out -- it helps to relase my frustration with this matter.

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    Just so you know, T-Mobile pre-paid has a $30/mo. unlimited Data and Text plan with 100 minutes of talk. You have to buy the starter kit at Walmart, but so far it is working well with that same Focus 2, now unlocked. Plus T-mobile will be getting the Lumia 925 next month!

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