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Is anyone else getting calls from 865-6696 no area code?  I don't answer and they don't leave message.  I call that number back and it says it's a non working number.   Very weird.  I read posts that say its a known issue for Sprint iphone users.  Is that good info????  I also read where those numbers spells out unknown which is true, but what the heck????

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    Thank you very much!!!   IS there an ETA on this issue????

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    I get these calls all the time and I finally got the chance to answer and it was a Pro Life group asking me to support their cause. So I guess its just a generic number that is displayed when you get telemarking calls like that. I just told them to put me on the Do Not Call list, we'll see if that works.

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    My wife just got a call from 865-6696 today, so this problem continues even now.


    After reading through posts on http://community.sprint.com/baw/message/386950#386950, I called Sprint Customer Care. The guy stated that he couldn't block either the 7-digit or 13-digit numbers that people are receiving calls from. He didn't appear to have ever heard of this before.


    After no help whatsoever, he asked "Have I been able to resolve your issue today?" I almost laughed. Okay, I did laugh, and answered "No". He asked if I would speak to his supervisor... I said I'd be happy to. Well, after a couple of minutes of distorted on-hold music, I decided I'd had enough of this, hung up, and went to lunch. They had already consumed enough of my lunch hour.

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    If you guys read the other thread posted, you'll know that those numbers actually spell out UNKNOWN... 

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    So I get a call from 865-6696 and I have gotten a call from them in the past, they keep asking for someone and I tell them they have the wrong number so a few minutes ago I told a lady that she tells me " I have not called this number so don't have a nervous break down or I will blow you up" and then hang up the phone... Like ***.... I called sprint and they said I can block them and for the area code just use zeros, if it continues to happen, i can change my number or go to the police...

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    This is a generic number used by various firms.  In this case it was my bank calling to find out if charges to my debit card were actually mine.

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    I'm getting the same call from the 865-6696 number at least 5-6 times a day. They start calling from 7am till as late as 9:30 at night. I can't ever leave my ringer on because of this and that drives me crazy cause I too am missing important call because of this.

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    I have started getting blocked numner calls in the middle of the night. Luckily I had my do not disturb thing on. This number called me at 1:30AM  cst and then at 5:30am they figured out to get past the do not disturb they just have to call 2 times in 3 minutes and they can ring. Not a fun thing first thing in the morning. There has to be a way to block these unknown/blocked numbers!

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    This number just started calling me today. I received 5 phone calls within 2 hours from this number 865-6696 ..... every time I would answer, they would hang up. It's driving me insane bc they just keep calling. Of course Sprint can't block this number without an area code. I need this number blocked!! Is there an app that would block this? The agent on the phone said to try blacklist. The apps aren't very helpful.

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    I get calls from this number too.  Most of the time no one talks to me but once in a while it is a guy with Indian accent wanting to talk to me about Windows.  Have told him several times to stop calling.  No luck there.  Just talked to Sprint and it comes into the system as "unavailable" but it comes into my phone as 865-6696.  So there is no way to block unavailable.  I registered with National Do Not Call list again and can file complaint after 31 days.  Will see where that goes.

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    Carol from Sprint just called me back to let me know some of her coworkers suggested she add 000 as the area code (someone posted that earlier)  and to let her know if I get anymore calls.

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    It's for collect calls. At least in my case. I have a friend in prison who calls and that is the # it comes up as. On my EVO and and Galaxy anytime he called it came up as unknown, so this makes since with the iPhone.

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    Has anyone had any luck adding the "000" before the number? I too am getting annoyed and this has been happening for months. And I've gotten the same response from Sprint in regards to them not being able to block or see the actual number.

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