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Sprint not unlocking my Galaxy S4 giving me one device per contract unlock policy

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I have bought the Samsung Galaxy s4 for full price and using it in my sprint account. I will be traveling abroad in a couple of weeks and I would like to unlock my phone to use it with a local sim. I contacted sprint international services about it and they shot me down saying that it's sprint policy to unlock only one device per contract.  I already had an iPhone 5 which I unlocked in December on my trip overseas and hence they can't unlock my S4. I find this to be ridiculous I travel a lot overseas and I need to use to my phone with local Sims.  I should have freedom to change my devices and get them unlocked by sprint.  I purchased s4 for full retail price and it's beyond me as to why they are not unlocking it.  I have been a sprint customer for a long time and I have no reason to misuse my account.  I know the 90 day policy that sprint has and what else everyone has been getting but in my case I was escalated to backend and was shot down saying that they already unlocked an iPhone for me few months back and cannot unlock any other phone till my contract is up.  This is ridiculous.  So this means if I want a world phone anymore I should leave sprint and go somewhere else. I have 6 lines on my account and if this thing doesn't solve I will rather go to some other carrier.

I have never seen or read sprint making announcement of such a policy and this is ridiculous for sprint to treat a loyal customer in this way. If I would have known of sprint policy I would have taken my business elsewhere rather than buying a phone which sprint publicises as a world phone.

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