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Airave 2.5 no longer gets GPS signal

leggosboy Regular Visitor
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Got an Airave 2.5 because of signal issues at home. It worked well for a few months, then about two weeks ago lost GPS signal and nothing seems to work to restore it. Tried resetting, powercycling numerous times over several days. The

GPS light is solid red and Mobile light flashes red after unit reboot is completed.


Please advise.

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    Hate to tell ya your SOL no one at Sprint can fix the problem. I have also found non of them care to try to fix the problem. Only response I have been getting "This is a company wide problem that we are working on." And do even ask about getting a credit for the service you're paying for that they can't provide. You'll get a big giant F you from them.

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    I-am-Sam Bronze Expert
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    Oh no! That is really strange! Give airave tech support a chance! They will be able to send refreshes to your device, and get you back up and running! (866) 556-7310





    Sprint Social Care Team

    Tuesday-Saturday 11am-8pm mst.

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    leggosboy Regular Visitor
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    I have tried calling off and on for the last couple of weeks, which is why I ended up posting here.


    I need a working phone if they are expecting me to be able to do any troubleshooting of the device.

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    jtoole78951 Newbie
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    Similar to what Banshee said, "it is an issue caused by a software update and synchronization with GPS satellites", this is what the last rep told me. They are apparently waiting for the software people to create a patch, whatever that means (I always assumed the software people would be in-house, and not unable to provide timelines for fixes).  Like you I have poor reception at home, however I have a lot of verizon towers nearby and can access them while roaming.

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    rberth Newbie
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    I have had same issue for a week now with my Airave 2.5. Blinking Red Mobile Light and Solid Red GPS Light; Horrible cell reception at my house. Airave support said it is a GPS issue and they followed up with me this week to tell me they didn't have a fix or estimated time for fix. Kind of hard to believe it would take this long to figure this out. Apparently, not all human resources are too worried about the problem. If this continues, I will have to go to AT&T at some point.

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    JD60490 Newbie
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    Earlier in the week, I called customer support about this issue.  I was told that the GPS on the Airave malfunctioning and a new one was going to be sent.  Based on these posts, it appears that the issue is further reaching. 

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    leggosboy Regular Visitor
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    Finally got through and am getting a new unit as well. And they did mention some kind of known GPS issue, but would not elaborate. And of course, the units are on back order, so going to end up with about a month of not being able to use my phone while at home.


    I really feel like I am having to make an awful lot of effort to be a Sprint customer.

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    Neko1230 Regular Visitor
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    I've been going through this for weeks now and have talked to 5 people and a supervisor. The Airave was replaced and the new one isn't working either. It's ridiculous. I've been told by more than one Sprint person that it's a problem with the GPS lock - it doesn't. Because it doesn't, we can't lock on to the satellites that direct us to a cell tower that enables 911 and also allows us to have a signal. Soooo....Sprint is supposedly working on it. They are waiting for Ericsson to discover how to fix the problem and then send an update and then we will have service again. It not only happens when you have a blinking or solid red light; it's also happening with the solid green light. I can see it on my cell phone. I have absolutely no signal strength on the cell phone even though the Airave is telling me the GPS is good to go.


    I gave up on my Sprint Phone Connect service and turned it in. If I can't get service at home because the call quality stinks and the calls drop constantly (even when trying to talk to Sprint about this problem!), I'm not paying for it. Now I have to fight about a termination fee, which is stupid since it's their fault and not mine. I still have the cell phone but, because the Airave doesn't work, I have no service at home or my neighborhood. I have to go outside and down the street to even get service. I've also sat in my car in front of the Sprint store a few blocks away. The signal there isn't great but at least it works.


    I've had a Sprint person tell me that it's not my Sprint equipment but the internet provider's quality. After I dumped the Phone Connect, I got home phone service through my cable provider. It's also voip....funny, I haven't had one call issue or dropped call since using the cable's telephone service. It's been stellar. So, that was BS and I don't appreciate being lied to by a Sprint rep.


    I've put a LOT of effort into this to get it to happen and I'm not happy that I've had to do that. I want to like Sprint. I like the cell phone when it works, but the Phone Connect and Airave problems make me crazy! It also makes me crazy when I call and a Sprint person is so nice on the phone and tells me that they will call back in a few days with an update and NEVER do. I've even had one rep where we decided on a specific time for her to call me and update me on the Airave problem. It didn't happen. I emailed the supervisor and he wants me to call him?!? Really?


    So I've mailed back the Phone Connect modem thing and cancelled that. If they can't get it together with the Airave, that's going back, too. Right now, it's connected but it certainly hasn't been consistent service. No wonder people leave Sprint and go to Verizon, AT&T, or their cable service for phone service. If Sprint is going to offer this service, they need to make sure it's absolutely works. There are too many alternatives around that offer solid service. The competition is going to win every time if Sprint can't get their act together.

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    airaveworkingyes Newbie
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    Sam I am - I have had a similar problem for over 2 weeks now. I selected Sprint on the condition that this device would function in my home. Verizon has improved their signal quality recently around my home and I now have 3 bars on their network. 2 technicians have already went into my device remotely and have reset the device. No luck. Then the Ericcson excuse comes down and waiting for the patch story. I have 4 super beautiful phones on wifi. No text messages. No voice. The billing department is right on their toes if I am a day late with the payment. Maybe we should have the billing department trade places with the tech dept.

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    littlemisslover Regular Visitor
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    I called Airave again yesterday hoping for a status update on the software fix.  Nothing.  How can you have so many customers with a malfunctioning unit, but not have a date when it will be fixed?  The tech I talked to yesterday said that Ericsson is positive that their update will solve the problem.  Meanwhile, there's nothing to be done.  I think this mess is just completely inexcusable.  I can't wait to be out of my contract!

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    MICRO2GO Regular Visitor
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    No..No.. You have it all wrong!


    I've had the Airave 2.5 for 3 months working just fine without needing to use the extra wire to put the GPS antenna in the window. Yesterday I began getting the same "error" you all are describing. The answer I got from tech support is Soooo different than the rest of you I just have to post it!


    First thing I was asked to do was to plug in the wire and post the antenna in the window. No difference.

    Next I was asked to try it in another room. (I only have wired internet in the one room so I ran a 100ft Ethernet cable out to my driveway and plugged everything in. (At the same time disabling anything internet related so there was nothing but the Airave on the network. Nothing else was plugged in, just the Airave.) Same error.


    Now here comes the good part. After discussing all this with the tech I was told that "the Earth had tilted making all the GPS satellites go out of whack." Really? First the tech wanted to send me a new antenna wire (which I didn't need to use for the 3 months it was working and didn't work with the wire it came with.) I tried in vane to explain the logic that a new wire wouldn't improve the signal when the unit wouldn't see any GPS signals in the driveway completely in the open, with or without the wire. There was obviously a notebook being followed here, line by line.


    I know the problem isn't in the Airave as so many of you posted the same problem with many different explanations... and I haven't seen one "fix".


    I have 10mb up and 10mb down fiber-optic internet connection. My house was built in January this year. All power is under ground and my Airave is plugged into a APC UPS  battery backup along with my computers. It worked yesterday morning and quit around noon. No thunderstorms in site or power interruptions.


    I have been a Sprint customer for about 7 years starting with Nextel. My last mistake may turn out to be buying a new phone a year ago believing the promise that LTE was coming soon. I live in a tourist area (Myrtle Beach) where they wheel in a few COWS for the busy season then wheel them away. I doubt they even have an LTE COW?


    There is one local Sprint store that has a tech support person. I think I'll bring down to see if he can make it work or at least make an actual diagnosis....


    P.S. They are sending me a new Airave but I am not confident it will be any different than now. (They don't want to send only one unit per year) If the local tech support finds the problem I'll post it here...

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    rberth Newbie
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    holeee sh! airave just started working! All green lights! 2 weeks later! Amen

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    rberth Newbie
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    PS - didn't do anything to it - power went out in my subdivision 2 times today, though....don't know if that had anything to do with it

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    MICRO2GO Regular Visitor
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    Great news!!!! The Earth has re-aligned and all the GPS satellites are back Airave working again!!


    I left the Airave on with the GPS antenna plugged in with the wire and the antenna through the window outside all night and no GPS signal this morning. I took the unit over to my fathers house approximately 1/2 mile from me. Plugged everything in using the antenna wire. After 10 minutes all lights went green. I unplugged the wire and plugged the antenna directly into the Airave. All lights stayed green. Took everything back to my house placing it back in the same exact spot without the antenna wire and within 3 minutes all lights went green! The only difference other than location is my father has wired internet (same company) and a newer Cisco 2.4ghz/5ghz router.


    I am at a loss what the **** went wrong but it's working now.


    P.S. I called Sprint back to cancel the replacement order and low and behold no replacement order was ever placed! (Surprise? )

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