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GPS On Galaxy S2 won't work ever.

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My Galaxy S GPS worked flawlessly...every time I used it, which was probably 3-5 times a week.


I got the S2 around Christmas, but I can't get my GPS to lock in to save my life. It has NEVER worked. It just keeps saying "Searching for GPS". It only knows my location when I'm connected to WIFI (Kinda useless on the road when I actually need it...)


I've searched multiple forums on other sites and many people have this problem but none have a solution.


Has anybody here had this problem and solved it? Or knows of anything that might work. I've tried everything.

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    Watts_ Sprint Employee
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    This is a tempory, and certainly quickfix until Samsung releases EL30. Within this application, clear your GPS cache, and then download assistance data. Do this with an open view of the sky, and your GPS will give you a fix on a few sattelites. It's an annoying workaround, but a solution none the less. Just be patient, and wait out the release of ICS.

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    As Watts_ said there are certain temporary "fixes" that help the GPS to get a lock and work.  The link he provided takes you to a program in market called GPS status and toolbox.  I have had better luck with GPS test also from market.  Once its installed you open the program then go to settings then tap the button "clear GPS"  that will empty the cache and should help it work better.  What also works is a reboot.  I know its a pain in the rear but sometimes these things can help, Rick

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    Samsung has finally figured out GPS on the newer leaked modems FC18, FC22 and FC24+.  GPS is reportedly locking instantly and staying locked.




    Doing the following voids your warranty (only temporarily as you can always reflash the Sprint official ROM) and doing the following MAY also allow you to NOT get the Sprint OTA updates.  Read first, worry later.


    For the FC22 ROM go here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1562042


    You can just flash the modem too: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1352310

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    I followed these steps which I found in another thread in this forum and it solved the problem for me.


    Installed GPS Status app (available in the market)


    Activated screen PASSWORD functionality


    Rebooted phone


    GPS locked on immediately

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    BUSTAENZ14 Regular Visitor
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    None of these fixes are working for me.  There is no "Clear GPS" in the GPS Status app that I just downloaded off the market.


    When will Sprint release a fix for this?  What the **** is going on! This is supposed to be a flagship phone (until the new EVO comes out that I wish I could switch to).  This is absolutely frustrating. 


    It also sucks that these forums are more of a help than your own stores that have no idea how to fix these problems, they're just good at passing the buck and saying it's another issue, either samsung, an app, settings etc.

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    Link you posted does not work anymore...please update!

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    The only way to fix the GPS is to flash a new modem.  Any of the ICS modems from XDA work great.  EL29 modem's GPS blows.


    Don't worry though, rumor has it that the OTA for ICS is being prepared this weekend and should start the roll out in the next couple weeks.


    If you can't wait, head over to XDA and flash the modem to get your GPS working with EL29 or flash the ICS.  Flashing through ODIN is simple and danger free. 


    Don't believe me?  this was taken with FE22 build for ICS (app is GPS Test).  Best GPS I've ever had, rarely had SNR values over 20 on EL29.  Locks instantly, even indoors.  You don't need to do any tricks to get it to lock EVER.



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    I am having the same issue with my Samsung Galaxy S II.  I went to the Sprint store and there were going to wipe my phone.  I was in there all the time for my EVO 3D and they were sick of switching it out so they gave me the Galaxy last week.  I am so tired of having my phone wiped and having to redo all my preferences and set up.  I'll try these tricks but realistically, I'm not holding out much hope.


    PS: How do you flash through ODIN?

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