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Galaxy S4 MF9 OTA Update ISSUES LIST  **add YOUR issues to this thread as well**

Apocalypse10k Regular Visitor
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As a previously very happy S4 customer, the latest OTA update has wreaked havoc on my phone and those of my friends/co-workers who have the same phone and service.  Here is an abbreviated list of issues common to us in no specific order:

  • Battery Life Significantly Reduced - Phone charge lasts 30%-50% less than before
  • Heat issues - The phone gets hot now, where it never did before
  • Data and Connectivity Problems - Phone is now getting errors connecting to the Sprint network, seems to always be looking for towers, continually switches between 4G/3G/no Data connection, reduced signal strength in same places where we used to have strong signal before!  THIS is a significant issue!!!
  • SMS Problems - Getting many SMS failures when sending and also multiples of the same SMS received! 
  • Cannot Disable Knox - ***?!
  • Screen Auto Brightness Not as Awesome as Before - It just lags now and can't seem to find the right brightness for a while.  Sometimes too dark, sometimes too bright.  Before, it was always perfect.
  • Gestures (autoscroll/video stop, et al. Still Suck - Not new, but still worth mentioning that these are still crappy features that don't work and are bloating the **** out of the phone.

I encourage anyone else who has issues to also add them to this thread so maybe we can get some answers from Sprint and some help.  It would be a shame for Samsung and Sprint to f*ck with the best phone Sprint has ever had and in the process lose a ton of customers.

Please HELP!

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    dmdlos1 Newbie
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    I am also having the same issues after the update. Another thing that I have found is that when I turn off the wireless, after about 5 minutes it turns itself back on  I was in Orlando yesterday and had 75% battery in about 1 hour I was down to 28%  I checked the status of the phone and had no applications running in the background. The phone has been getting extremely hot since the mf9 updates.  Please have these bugs fixed before permanent damage is done to these phones.

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    SuchABigLiar Newbie
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    I am having major connectivity issues since this FORCED update. If only I could uninstall it...I've had nothing but problems and error messages. Immediately after the update, every time I make a phone call (initiated or received) the error "Network error - please check the network" pops up AND I can no longer text while on a call. Stopped by the Sprint store and they tried to reactivate and update my PRL and Profile, but could not get a data connection. So they blamed it on Google Voice, which I have never integrated with my Sprint number. The app is stand alone. They suggested deactivating (never activated) so I just deleted the app to appease them. Still the same issues and error messages. I then called Sprint and they tried everything to get it to work...they came up with nothing but a "false error message" because phone does work, but every time i tried to update PRL I got Error: Connection Error (6602). That was resolved by connecting to Wi-Fi to complete update, since no mobile data connection. But now today I'm getting a new error code in addition to the "Network error..." - this one says "Unable to establish a wireless data connection EHRPD : 4"


    Also - when in my pics gallery viewing a photo, my trash can icon to delete is gone and replaced with a Select Device icon...I have no idea what this is for.


    Sprint....why deploy an update without first letting users know what the purpose is. Maybe I didn't want what you were offering - actually I'm convinced I'm not NOW!!!!!!



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    tennis-freak Valued Member
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    Just posted this in another thread and confirm what the OP posted.


    I isolated my issues to wireless/mobile data connections.

    I have noticed that the phone now drops-searches-connects both wireless and mobile (3g and 4g) data connections quite a bit and for no apparent reason. The phone is doing this so often it gets hot and eats away at the battery.

    It is happening most often in areas where the signal is weak.  Pre last update though in weak areas the phone never went bonkers searching-dropping-searching like it does now though.

    If I disable my wireless and mobile data connections when I notice this happening then my battery life goes back to normal.  If I am in an area with good signal then my battery life is normal.

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    MARGIPATEL7 Newbie
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    Omg I am having all those issues as well! The battery life and network connection issue is the worst. I loved this phone before the update and now it's driving me crazy to carry my charger at all times.. Oh and avoid long phone calls bc they will get dropped and make my phone over heat. I finally convinced my boyfriend and sister to make the switch from iPhone and now they're regretting it bc of this update! Took my phone to the sprint store and he was a total idiot telling me I'm not letting my phone charge all the way and I have apps running and all this nonsense. If all that's true then why haven't I had an issue until this update?! Please fix this sprint or just go back to the old version!!!!

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    DL22 Newbie
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    Yes, bad battery life, hot phone, "No sim card" when I have not removed it......this is the buggiest phone I have ever owned!

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    fireguy_6364 Master
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    the sim card failure might possibly be the cause of the other 2 issues though. i have only spotted one other incident with the sim card failing..take it into a repair store and they can swap out your sim card for you..

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    Great summary of issues.  I have noticed all of these things with MF9, I might try to go back to the old firmware.


    Another issue I'm seeing is with my Messages App notification noises stopping after about a day?  The vibration still works. Rebooting the device will return the notification sounds to my text messages. 


    I booted the phone into safe mode and this also was the case in safe mode after about a day.  I'll have to go back to using a third party SMS app I suppose.


    The SMS Issues you have quoted above are network issues and not really phone issues, btw.

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    robertdondebonde Newbie
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    I have a brand-new, unrooted Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4.


    Just spent 25 minutes on the phone with sprint tech support (866-518-0927) and spoke to a nice lady about these issues with the MF9 update. In particular, my issues are as follows:

    • Received the update around July 18


    1. Started experiencing significant BATTERY DRAIN on July 19 or so, with a complete change in battery usage profile. Google services and android core apps began to dominate, while screen usage dropped. Today, for example, my battery life is down to 17% after LESS THAN 6 HOURS of use. Screen has been on for less than 2 hours, and I was sleeping for part of this time. I have not made any phone calls, listened to any music, played any games, or taken any pictures. I watched one youtube video and updated a couple of apps. My biggest offenders: Android Core Apps (47%), Screen (25%), and Google Services (15%). Everything else is minimal.
    2. Phone is tremendously OVERHEATING. I know it's hot in death valley, but it's pretty hot in my pants too -- feel like I can cook an egg in there (battery temp has reached 37 C)
    3. Gallery app takes longer to open (I have a galaxy s3 that I have not yet sold connected to my wifi network, which opens the app faster). Also, I no longer have trash icon in gallery app.
    4. Lost the black notification bar on top of home screen - now underlying background is visible (this is not necessarily a problem).
    5. Phone is tremendously overheating and processor is constantly running. Have I already mentioned this?
    6. When I long-press the home button, one process ALWAYS shows up: com.sec.app.MIPErrorNotifier and does not go away.

    Attempted Fixes

    1. Found a few "fixes" in various forums (sprint, google, etc), which I have utilized with little success.
      • Disabled Google Play services, which, for some, has apparently been chewing through the battery due to an issue with google maps. Incidentally, this renders Google Now and Google Hangouts essentially worthless.
      • Uninstalled Google Maps update and reverted to factory installed version (6.14.3?)
      • Have disconnected and reconnected my phone with my Google account 3 times.
      • Have rebooted phone multiple times.
      • Have removed battery twice.
      • Disabled Sync (was previously syncing my gmail and other Google services as push without problems)
      • Left Power Save mode enabled. This has been on since I purchased my phone based on battery-saving tips that nearly every website recommends
      • Left GPS, bluetooth, and all "Smart" Samsung features OFF (occasionally used smart stay previously, but disabled with these problems)
      • Downloaded JuiceDefender and Battery usage app to assist with battery life, but to no avail. I also downloaded AVG Antivirus to combat any virus threats (battery problems occurred prior to downloading this app)
      • I did NOT mess with the DRM settings, as I was uncomfortable doing this.


    Sprint conversation

    The lady I spoke to grabbed a sample S4 from her office and began tinkering with it as well. I told her my battery usage stats (android core, google services, etc.). She stated that not everyone in her office with an s4 has experienced these same issues, but made it sound like some may have (didn't directly state this). I asked her if there were known issues with the MF9 update and referred her to the numerous threads in the sprint forums regarding this issue to show that this is not an isolated problem, and she said that nothing has been formally documented that she could see. Her suspicion was that there may be some faulty software integration between the MF9 update and google services, and RECOMMENDED THAT I FACTORY RESET MY PHONE. She also noted that there is NO WAY TO UNINSTALL OR ROLL BACK THE UPDATE, even after factory reset.


    I will factory reset my phone later this afternoon, and if my battery problems persist, will have to to go to the sprint store to see if they can do anything. She indicated that they may know of some way to roll back the update, although why some local dude would have an answer to this problem while she does not is unlikely. As an aside, my battery life has decreased from 17% to 11% in the course of writing this post. Awesome.


    Please call tech support and badger them with this issue. Perhaps with our powers combined, they will hasten to release an update.

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    ZX-10Rider Expert
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    Like everyone else, the update has caused poor battery life.  I would typically disconnect my phone at 4:00 a.m. (with 100% charge), and it would be around 50% at 3:30 p.m., but it is usually around 20% at that time ever since the update.  This has caused me to start using my car charger, which is a Sprint-branded charger.  Unfortunately, even though it shows the battery is charging, it won't charge when I'm on a phone call or sending a text message; and, when I'm not using it, the battery charges extremely slowly (i.e., no more than several % in 2-hours).  Also, it get extremely hot periodically.  I checked out what users are saying on the AT&T and Verizon websites, and there is less chatter about it than here, which is surprising considering they are much bigger than Sprint.  A Verizon representative mentioned enabling 'Restrict background data.'  I don't recommend it.  It froze my phone.  Then, it constantly rebooted once it got to my home screen.  I pulled the battery, enabled it again, and my phone seems to be working fine again.  I sure hope Samsung comes out with a fix for this issue soon.

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    ANWWORKS Newbie
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    I'm have a problem with my phone rebooting while web browsing. If any site redirects me to the play store or download a file. My phone freezes the screen cuts off. It vibrates twice and reboots. I'm also having data connection issues

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    Apocalypse10k Regular Visitor
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    Is anyone from Sprint planning on addressing any of the issues listed on this thread? Obviously this is not some isolated problem or a mass delusion!

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    JADAMUAH15733 Newbie
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    I am also experiencing poor battery life, data connection issues and battery getting really hot. Sprint please fix Asap.

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    SaraKing0 Newbie
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    I have a Note 2 not a S4, but my phone has been acting the same as you are all describing within the last 4 days. My phone is plugged in and I pulled up my texts and it started LOSING battery life.....while charging.

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    Mr_k1tty Regular Visitor
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    I'm also having the poor battery life and hot phone issues.  I can't even get a full charge to my phone when it's plugged in overnight and I plug it in at 5pm and take it off to leave for work at 7am ... it's non-sense


    Per other threads I've done the following:


    Disabled DRM in the application manager

    Turned off Smart Wifi

    deleted my Google account then re-added it


    None of these "fixes" have shown any improvement. 

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