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Galaxy S3 Group Text

skiprj Newbie
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I've seen multiple threads on this issue but nothing definitive comes out of any of them.


Galaxy S3 does not have Group Text Reply option. We can send to a group but can not reply to a group or see who is in a group if someone texts a group text. Makes it very difficult to reply to others in the group if we don;t know who they are!


My sister has Galaxy S3 with Verizon and she does have Group Text option.


When can we expect an update to correct this seemingly obvious missing functionality? Even more confusing is that I am sure I had it before the last update and now I do not. I am not interested in a 3rd party solution to this problem as that only further complicates the functionality.

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    Supermama Valued Member
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    Thanks for the post.  From doing some research on group texting on the Galaxy S3 it seems that other customers are downloading apps to have this option.  I would suggest researching some texting apps and see if this works.  Let us know if this helps.


    Thank you,



    Sprint Social Care

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    fireguy_6364 Master
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    if memory serves handcent has this ability

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    skiprj Newbie
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    Thanks but that's not a good option. The phone should be able to do it through the native texting app. Sprint needs to upgrade this. The 3rd party applications are sup standard in many other ways and not a viable solution. Other carriers/devices are managing this without 3rd party apps.

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    STPAT373 Newbie
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    I have tried handcent and plenty of other 3rd party apps but still no "reply all" function.  It seems like Sprint is the only carrier that does not have this option.  One sibling has ATT and another has T-Mobile and they both have the ability to "reply all." What is the deal with Sprint and being so far behind their competitors?!?

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    BobbyPaul7 Newbie
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    I don't see why the option doesn't exist. It can't be that the network doesn't support it. My EVO Shift had a "Reply to all" function, and Sprint iPhones can reply to group texts all the time. One would presume that the Galaxy S III would support it. How difficult is it to update the phone's software to accommodate it?


    Like someone mentioned before--and you noted as well--I don't want to use a third party client for something that can be easily integrated into the phone's system software.

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    TechMan2012 Regular Visitor
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    Handcent will do the trick if you set it up correctly and make it the default messaging application and turn on thread group conversations. Trust me it works like a charm and the features are alot better than the stock app, plus the cool emojis. After using this for only three days i would never return to the stock without it having all the handcent features. Yes, there is no reply to all button because by default it replies to all in the thread. Note that if you reply in the popup it only goes to the person whose name that appears in the pop up, so either turn off pop ups or when you receive a message and the pop up appears close it and reply back in the thread and everyone will see it. Forget about your stock, it took me a month to figure this out and i was thinking about switching to verizon just for it. No need now. Works on galaxy note 2 as well, tested with friends messaging iphone users and they all receive and reply back properly. Close the case!!!!

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    bojo92 Newbie
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    I attempted to set up Handcent but either have done something wrong or the group texting and group reply all features are not working.  Can you please provide how you were able to configure this?


    To Sprint Social Care:  Are there any updates as to when the stock message will be able to support this feature?

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    TechMan2012 Regular Visitor
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    install Handecent - install handcent sms - install handcent emoji plugin - install handcent GroupSMS Plugin 10 and 9

    Remove your stock app from your launchers and replace with Handcent so you dont use the stock by accident but do not uninstall it.

    Open Handcent and go to settings - application settings

    Default Message Application - ALL

    MMS Settings - Smart

    Smiley setting - system default

    emoji encoding setting - Iphone/softbank

    emoji message protocol - Always with mms

    thread group conversation - on (blue)

    Now go to send message settings

    send as split thread - off (send as one thread when sending group sms

    Auto convert to MMS - on automatically convert to MMS when length exceeds 3 messages

    max mms size - 1.2

    auto convert - on (blue)


    those are the most important. Everything else just customize to your liking.

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    fungini Newbie
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    Tried everything techman said to do and it still doesn't work correctly.  Sending the geoup text works fine but when receiving texts back, iphone users texts show up in the group thread but other galaxy s3 and s4 users show up in a seperate thread.  Real frustrated about this. 

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    TechMan2012 Regular Visitor
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    Use Hangouts.... Hangouts can handle your messages by default and if you keep have recently updated the App it should have informed you that you can use SMS and MMS through Google Hangouts now... it works by default and has a clean look to it. Emoticons are also available by default. no extra installs required.

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    Matty_A Newbie
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    I've had the same issue as fungini with handcent. All iPhone users come in with the group thread, other androids come in as individual threads. I also have an issue where, if I open the message in the group thread and respond right away, it goes to the individual only instead of to everyone. So essentially, you have to open the message, back out, and go back into it to get the response to go to all. Very frustrating that Sprint is so far behind the curve with this whole process.

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    fungini Newbie
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    Thanks for the tip but i was looking for an app that didn't need to be installed on everyone elses phone.  Turns out the people i needed to group text with all have viber, so i'm using that for now.  Kinda shocking that Sprint and Samsung can't come up with a solution for this.  Anyway...thanks for your help

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    rktek Regular Visitor
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    I just updated Hangouts, which was preloaded as Google Talk originally on my S3 and it works perfectly, particularly with the group text function. Now I just have to see how it works with texts containing over 150 characters.

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    racingviking Valued Member
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    The 4.3 update has group text functionality in the native messaging app.

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