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Palm Treo 755p Vs. Blackberry 8830

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Hopefully someone can help me!
So i went to my local Sprint store last night and looked at the Blackberry 8830 that I want, but I also looked at the Palm Treo 755p. The only drawback to getting the blackberry is the 2 year contract for Blackberry Data whereas the Palm doesn't require it (as i was told by store rep, but who knows for sure)
So this brings me to my question. If i'm going to pay full retail price for the phone and the BB8830 and Palm 755p are the same price, which phone would be more worth my money????

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    i know you can pay full price for the phone. I am pretty sure you can get BB data plan without a contract but i could be wrong. I know you can get powervision w/out contract.

    Given the choice, i'd go with the bberry. 755p runs palmos, and the 755p is the last device to ever use palmOS in its current form. Thus, you will have a lot more software available for the blackberry, plus bb can also run any MIDlet software (java software written for mobile phone). Lack of a stylus may be a good thing or bad thing, but the click wheel makes it real easy to navigate the phone with one hand.

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    Thank you very much. I didn't know that the 755p is the last one to use PalmOS in its current form. I work for another wireless company and I know a lot about the Palms that we have but we don't have the 755p, we only have the 700wx.....But thank you for the info. I am still thinking I want the blackberry, I was just told by CS (which of course you can't trust) as well as a store rep that I would need a two year contract since it's a "plan", the company that I work for doesn't require a contract because it's a BOLT-ON feature like Text messaging or PowerVision or something of the sort, but who knows if it's a phone that's worth it, i'll take the two year contract to be able to use it, who cares.

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    Yeah, for a while there will only be WinMo based units like the 700wx, then eventually PalmOS is going to return as some kind of Linux-based system (which should theoretically still support the older software apps).

    I agree, AFAIK as well the blackberry is a bolt on. Perhaps an employee can look this up and fill us in? I'd like to know this too...

    I CAN tell you for sure that it's treated as a bolt on pricing wise. You pick a calling plan (you can pick any plan you want) and then you add unlimited blackberry for $40 or whatever. Based on that I'd assume you can get it w/out contract if you want. If you do sign the contract you have 30days to cancel, and you get the discount price for the Treo.

    You should keep in mind that not all the smartphones support all the content services. I'm pretty sure the BBerry's support TeleNav, and I THINK that the gpsOne interface can be used by other apps (IE google maps), but I'm pretty sure you don't get Sprint TV yet. No idea on Pandora streaming radio. If these matter to you, double check to see what there is, because I am 99% sure the Treo supports almost all of them. However you can always of course (with the right downloaded software) listen to your own MP3s, shoutcast streaming radio, use bluetooth GPS (not sure if this works on BB), etc.
    Either way, if it's important to you check in the PDA forum and double check the spec sheets.

    Also, if i may ask, what made you betray your own company and look to Sprint? If it is who I think it is I'd run the other way too; but I'm curious about your reasons.

    Speaking of which, Sprint has a great 'defectors plan' for employees of other carriers, it's a really good value and we're sure you'll love it. It's in the back room here, you'll like it a lot. Oh don't worry about the big chair with leather straps, the bright light, and the psycho-looking guy with a suitcase full of hypodermic needles and garden tools; we were, uh, filming a commercial here. Yeah. If you have a seat now we can pull up your account....

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    Well hopefully if an employee looks into it just being a bolt-on it'll be one that actually knows a little about what they are talking about! I get a lot of reps who know nothing about blackberrys or anything like that. I'll shoot for the no contract thing still, but then again if i'm upgrading i'm extending my contract anyway so what's the big deal I guess.

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    Another thing   > is the Treo Capable of Sprint Navigation? I have the blade (as you know) and it's not by my wife's M500 is. I've been wanting a phone capable of it because **** I pay for it in my package! lol I can't find a direct answer on it anywhere so that's why i turn to everyone here! Thanks!

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    Yeah i am sure you can upgrade the hardware without contract if you pay full price (i've seen the option on the dealers screen when i got my Mogul), and if blackberry does require a contract, IMHO thats a bad call. They should (opinion) always have an opion to let you stay month-to-month. OTOH if you like sprint, may as well get the discount :)

    I am not sure on the exact phone features. I am 'pretty sure' the treo supports almost everything, but that's about it. I know just about anything will let you throw in a 2gb microsd card and listen to your music that way, and either phone should be able to stream mp3 from or something (this may require extra software, see for bberry). Treo 755p does have gps, which almost certainly means it works with telenav.
    Again, better get confirmation, maybe just go to a store and ask to play with one that has all the features.

    In all fairness, Sprint has its own share of CS problems. I'm told they are being worked on, but no huge changes as of yet. Getting a CSR on the phone can take a while, and once you do not all of em know what they're talking about (many do, but not all), so often they transfer you to other departments that can help you even less. I wish I could say your plan issue could never happen here, but well, it could. That's not to say that you ARE going to have a bad CS experience, only that we have our own CS issues.
    I can only hope that if it did, someone from this board or maybe executive services could fix it for you.

    I figured it was VZW, they are the only other carrier with the treo 700wx.

    What I CAN tell you for sprint is that it's a lot less of a rip off. Phones aren't nearly as locked down (you can get rings/software anywhere or load them yourself), Sprint generally doesn't cripple bluetooth OBEX. The phones have no craptastic Verizon UI, and 'unlimited evdo' means unlimited like 'you can use it as much as you want because there's not a limit', not 'unlimited until you hit the 5gb limit at which point we disconnect you'. Sure we have CS issues, but I get the idea they are being worked on and there are a lot of helpful employees both in this board and in the organization. And if you have a good Sprintstore or indirect dealer, their repair is usually actual repair, like they use a Torx driver to take the phone apart and fix it.
    If you get an expensive pda like the treo or BB, you might consider the TEP plan, its $7/mo but that covers you against both incidental damage with a $50 deductible (theft/damage/dropped/destroyed/etc) or simple repairs I think for free. You can also get either/or (insurance or repair coverage) for like $4/mo. This isn't worth it if you have a cheap phone (just get one on ebay, make sure the esn is clear tho of course). However you only have 30 days after buying the phone to get TEP, after that you don't qualify.

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    I am incredibly happy with my BlackBerry 8830.

    Let me clear some things up...first of all, there is no contract needed on the BlackBerry. If you want the BlackBerry data plan for $39.99 instead of $49.99/mo you will need to extend your contract another 2 years, but you can switch away from a blackberry at any time during those two years and not face any penalty.

    Secondly, you are right about the lack of video/radio from Vision. I find the media player on the BB to be just fine though. I have the BCS game (Go Gators!) on one SD card and a bunch of songs and music videos on another.

    I like the rock-solid BlackBerry OS. It cannot be beat IMO.

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    I hope you dont mind ifI drop in to this conversation butI have a question: I recently purchased a BlackBerry Curve and was undecisive between a Palm or Black Berry. I dont know the difference besides Palm is touch which I like. In you're opinion, which one is the better buy? Is the Black Berry Curve 8330 the best cell phone so far by sprint? I am new to Sprint coming from Nextel for 4 years which I upgrade my i930 to Black Berry Curve. Whats the difference between Between them both?

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