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4G LTE problems with LG G2 Nationwide - a phone issue NOT Network!!!

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Hi Fellow Sprint users and likely LG G2 users - I have horrific issues when attempting to use 4G LTE at home, despite being in range of several towers.  Sprint keeps reassuring me that they are updating these towers and that until updates are complete, I will have these issues but when resolved all will be great.


HOWEVER in response to two other threads I am on and in hours of communication with Sprint Tech Support, other LG G2 users all over the US are having identical problems AND did not have problems with 4G LTE service until they switched phones from their previous phone to the LG G2.


I am willing to bet money that you could replace your LG G2 that has issues with any number of LG G2s and have the identical problem, as the problem lies in this phone.  And it has something to do with picking up a clean and clear 4G LTE signal, period.  My phone works great on CDMA only, and works OK on LTE/CDMA only if I turn OFF the connection optimizer, at which point my phone receives calls but only on CMDA.    If I keep my phone on CDMA only it works fine but of course why have a 4G LTE phone within range of 4G LTE if you cannot use its capabilities.


Sprint tech reps are not in touch with each other and consequently what we experience on our LG G2s is not being forwarded up the line warranting an increased priority towards resolution.  I spoke with LG and they have no idea and blame Sprint for the problem.

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    We appreciate you reaching out to us here. I am sorry to hear about this issue with the LTE on your device. Before we consider this a device issue, we should look into a few things. Does your device get LTE signal anywhere else? If it does, then we know the LTE antennas in the device are in working order. We are still rolling out LTE, and since it is a cellular signal its strength can vary throughout different locations. You will see stronger signal in certain areas compared to others. I would also, like to check out the network in your area. What is your zip code and some close cross streets we can look up?
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    Hi Patrick,


    Thanks for your response.  Let me clarify when I talk about this being a device issue - I do not mean my G2 or even the G2 only BUT the G2 is one if not the most recent of only 4 new tri-band devices to hit the market and to hit the Sprint network.  I do see strong 4G LTE signal elsewhere both close to home and throughout Los Angeles so the antennas are as you say working probably just fine.  However when the 4G LTE signal strength is not sufficient to remain on 4G LTE, the G2 has a problem rolling back to CDMA and often gets hung up.  From every other thread I have read, this problem has been occurring in other areas with the G2 where 4G LTE signal is marginal or inconsistent.  And other users who previously had earlier 4G LTE phones were not experiencing this hangup until they switched to the G2.  In other words, they could use their 4G LTE phone in marginal areas rolling back automatically to 3G only with no problem.


    As has been documented elsewhere, the new phones do not have the same fallback capability of previous generations (I forget the exact technical term) and thus where the network updates have not been completed the phone does not always shift back to CDMA on its own and incoming calls and voicemail will not be received.


    I experience this issue at home every day.  I test it by calling my phone from my land line.  Sometimes I reach the G2 with no issues.  Other times my land line call goes right to my voicemail, and no notice of missed call and no voicemail message is received should I leave one.


    If I leave my G2 on LTE/CDMA in network settings, when I have no bars appearing on the phone at home, I do not know if I will receive an incoming call or not.  Sometimes it rings just fine, others no.  Because my phone is an essential connection to work-related calls that I need to receive, let alone important family calls, missing these calls without my knowledge is very problematic. 


    If manually switching to CDMA only when home is my only solution, it seems that upgrading to a new tri-band phone is a step backward where previous 4G LTE phones did not have this issue.  Worse even to purchase an older 4G LTE phone just to solve this issue at home when Sprint is busy rolling out improved networks and the Spark network.


    My zip code is 91364, my nearest cross streets, Alhama Drive and Ventura Blvd.


    Information I have received from Sprint tech support has been inconsistent and adds to my concern - one rep told me that the improvements in the towers I use the most have recently been completed so I should have by now seen a marked improvement.  Another tech support responder to one of these threads said my closest towers have not yet been updated and sometime in the future would be.  Needless to say the contrary information is not helpful and not having an ETA on updates and how long I have to be careful to manually change the network settings at home is troubling.


    Thanking you in advance for any help you can provide,



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    Wow am I glad to see that I'm not the only one. I've had this phone for 2 and 1/2 weeks and I am getting the worst service I've had since T-Mobile 10 years ago. All my Sprint phones before this have always received and made calls like a Gem. With this...OMG. I don't even get the call half the time and end up seeing voicemail hours later...My calls just drop unexpectedly...The sound quality when a call does goes through is horrendous. I thought it would get better but it has not. And now I don't know what to do since I'm technically over my 14 day return period. UGHH

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    I apologize for any misinformation you received. We have started doing 4G LTE updates, 4 towers in your area are completed, but unfortunately one of them is having some issues with our Network team is addressing. With the Network vision updates we are doing them in phases, with just the 4 towers in your area on LTE the signal may not be as strong as it would once all the towers on on the same frequency.

    Thank you,

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    I am here to assist you. What device are you using? Let me take a look at your towers for any outages. Please provide me your cross streets and zip code. Have you been having this type of service since you got this other device?

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    amrutherford12 Newbie
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    I have also has the same issues as reported above. I have a issue with the LG G2 time error as well. It will show the correct time then get thrown off and show it completely wrong which also affects my messaging.

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    Thanks for that feedback. Does this happen at a specific area or does it happen everywhere you go?  Where are you located; zip code and cross streets?

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    JSORRENTI8861 Newbie
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    OK Ive been doing some serious reading here and it seems there is an issue... I am in West Columbia ,SC zip 29170 cross streets SC Hiway 6 and US 378 and anywhere else I get a 4g LTE signal. I am only able to recieve incoming calls if I put my LG G2 in CDMA mode period. I do not recieve any calls if it is in CDMA/LTE or Global setting... the phone will make out going calls though. I spent alot of time on the phone with tech support but nothing fixed it.. I took the phone back to my Sprint retailler and they exchanged if for another phone today. and guess what it does the same thing... I also have a Motorola Photon Q no issues.. and A LG Optimus G no issues.... Sprint needs to get with LG and fix this issue ASAP. please


    John Sorrenti

    West Columbia ,SC

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    Here to help. Sounds like this may be a device issue if the rest of your phones are not having any problems with the service. I checked out your area to make sure the towers are fully functional and there are not open outages around you. You said the techs at the service and repair store exchanged your device correct? Did they update the profile on the new device? Was the phone cleared out? Please let me know this additional information.

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    yes the service center did everything they could to make the G2  work on the network.. what I have learned through another source is my problem exist in all Tri-Band LTE phones.... Circuit Switched Fallback is where the problem is. The phones stay in LTE mode as long as they recieve the signal and calls come in on the CDMA signal. The network doesn't swicth the phone back to receive the call... This is an issue of the Network and needs to be addressed and fixed. I have confirmed at Sprint/Maycomm phone service centers that this is the issue.. I am anxious to see Sprint address the issue asap.

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    JSORRENTI8861 Newbie
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    this C&P may help explain it better


    Sprint Internal Memo regarding Circuit Switched Fallback issues:


    eCSFB Gap Talking Points

    Sprint’s Network Vision Plan (Spectrum)

    • Sprint’s Network Vision plan includes access to three spectrum bands, (1.9, 800 and 2.5), and LTE handsets with a single radio.
    • Access to diverse spectrum assets allows Sprint to maximize capacity and coverage.
    Current Sprint LTE Devices (2 Radios)
    • Current Sprint LTE devices are Simultaneous Voice and LTE (SVLTE)—using two radios, one for voice and one for LTE data. This allows CDMA calls and LTE to operate at the same time.
    • Dual Radio SVLTE devices can degrade the user’s quality of experience – two antennas may slow throughput at the cell edge and reduce battery life.
    Future Sprint LTE Devices (1 Radio)
    • CSFB and eCSFB (Circuit Switch Fall Back and enhanced Circuit Switch Fall Back) are features that enable single radio functionality in the handset.
    • eCSFB Benefits:
    • With eCSFB implementation, Sprint will be able to offer fast LTE data speeds and 3G voice supported on single radio devices. This provides a more cost effective option for Sprint’s long-term business plans to support additional spectrum bands.
    • eCSFB is expected to improve handset battery life compared to SVLTE.
    eCSFB Gap Issue – What you Need to know:
    • Smart devices require eCSFB to “fall back” to 3G to accept a voice call if the user is connected to the LTE network.
    • All markets need to be upgraded with eCSFB capability.
    • eCSFB Gaps are only in non-incumbent markets where a site has 4G LTE and no 3G upgrade.
    4G LTE integration with 3G is different by OEM type:
    • Incumbent markets – LTE 4G only sites can communicate with either legacy 3G or NV 3G sites.
    • Non-Incumbent – LTE 4G can only communicate with NV 3G sites; so individual sites need both NV upgrades.
    LTE devices – Customer Experience
    • When 4G LTE is deployed in a non-incumbent market on sites without upgrade to 3G service, there is a gap.
    • Existing Devices – No Impact
    • eCSFB Devices – Phone becomes 3G only device
    Non-Launched Markets
    • No coverage visible on Sprint.com maps but different experience for users with existing devices versus new eCSFB devices.
    Launched Markets
    • Sprint coverage tools will display LTE coverage. For new LTE smart device users this could be confusing since they would expect LTE and 3G coverage with the device they purchased, but would not experience LTE until the 3G network is upgraded.
    Mitigation plan:


    New LTE Markets
    • When locking new LTE markets for announcement/ launch, eCSFB deployment status will be a factor in the analysis. New LTE markets will not be announced unless the eCSFB gap risk is low.
    • Complete the build quickly in eCSFB gap impacted markets.
    • CSFB – Circuit Switch Fall Back. It allows for single radio devices. (ERC)
    • eCSFB – Enhanced Circuit Switch Fall Back Next generation CSFB. (ALU, STA)
    • SVLTE – Simultaneous Voice & LTE. Allows CDMA calls and LTE to operate simultaneously
    • Incumbent – An incumbent market is one in which the OEM stays the same as before Network Vision
    • Non-incumbent – A market in which the OEM changes as well as all of the equipment.
    • ERC - Ericsson
    • ALU – Alcatel Lucent
    • STA - Samsung
    • NV – Network Vision
    • OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer (ERC, ALU, STA)
    • Gap – 4G LTE on sites without appropriate upgrades to 3G service
    • 1.9 GHz Spectrum - Provides initial capacity and coverage for voice and data services.
    • 800 MHz Spectrum - Improves coverage and in-building penetration for all services.
    • 2.5 GHz Spectrum - Increases data capacity to support higher data demands and more users.


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    Since beginning this and another similar thread and jumping into a third, there has been a considerable number of user responses identical to our issue.  Knowing that those of us who get involved in these threads represent a small percentage of Sprint G2 owners and so what we see is likey the tip of a large iceberg, what troubles me most is:


    1) Why do some Sprint reps keep chasing the faulty phone or phone set-up issue as they did for the most recent responder?  If there are so many faulty G2s out there - a phone that has only been available on Sprint for a few weeks - why has Sprint not notified all of us to bring in our phones for a replacement with resolved hardware?  Why hasn't LG stepped up and done anything?  Certainly the cost of upset users and tech support reps spending hours trying to troubleshoot a flawed product must be huge.


    2) If as we believe the CSFB hardware issue is at the root of this problem and not individual faulty phones, what is Sprint's mindset that they market and sell a product with this design flaw that isn't mentioned anywhere in Sprint literature, that affects so many buyers, and will only resolve if and when the entire network is updated?   I shudder to imagine just how many G2 users do not realize that they're not receiving any calls or voicemails when in marginal reception or yet-updated areas as the phone doesn't give any indication of the problem except the absence of bars.  Would my wife - who is not a tech person at all - would she check the bars on her phone often and know to switch the network settings if she didn't see sufficient bars???


    Is anyone with the ability to resolve this issue on more than an individual troubleshooting basis reading these threads and planning a resolution?

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    I think that the issue lays with one main thing: Sprint does not care about you or your phone.  Especially once they have your contract signed and the 14 day return period is over. I have had these exact problems since the day I ditched my Iphone and re-upped the contract with new LG-G2 phones.  Dropped calls all the time. From day one I wanted to take the phones back...but I kept getting the same mixed up response from Sprint. I do not understand this at all. I have been told several times that it's not the phone that is having problems. IT IS THE PHONE.  The DAY I switched phones the problems started. Yet they just kept telling me enough to keep me from returning the phones.  I called and went back to the store and asked them..."So what happens when these issues never go away? Do you guys have a record that I have lodged this complaint so that later, when nothing changes, you can let me ditch these phones?"  I was placated until the return period was over.  I had other problems with Sprint but this one belongs right in this thread. This is not a tower issue Sprint. This is a phone Issue. the LG-G2 phone is not fully capable of handling your network however you have it set up. I have read through these threads and I'm extremely frustrated. After doing some reading I now find out that Sprint totally knew about these eCSFB issues before they rolled out this phone!  That is harsh to find out now after my phones and plan are beyond returning. We bought phones that were gimped from the very start in certain markets and they knew this. This is why I say they do not care. Get new customers in the door and pretend the network is just having temporary problems. This phone should not have been released this early when Sprint has several known markets with various issues related to this problem. This link is directly ON topic to this thread and is not promoting anything other than free knowledge about this issue.  Read this: Sprint’s tri-band LTE phones to offer crippled service for the forseeable future | Android | Geek.com


    Sprint, to save you time...my city is Pleasant Grove Utah, and my cross streets are State and 820 South.


    On top of all this, all of my texts from family in CA have not gone through in either direction for three weeks.


    Please just help me at least get a clear signal at my home and restore my text function. Both of these problems started right when I switched phones. If this is how the LG-G2 measures up to the I-phone....I should have stayed on my Iphone.


    Is there an update of any kind to get? Is there a patch? Is there anything anyone can do so I can send and receive texts from CA? or get a clear un-dropped signal at my home? I have the latest OS for my phone. And all updates are current according to my phone.


    Please advise.


    Thank you.

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    Thanks for posting on our community forum and alerting us to the dropped calls you've experienced. As far as your location is concerned, there are no outages or tower related problems that would cause this issue. Also, there are no official known issues with the LG G2 when it comes to call quality. If you have our Total Equipment Protection, and our repair technicians can replicate the issue, a repair or replacement will be given. Please visit www.sprintstorelocator.com to find multiple repair centers near you.

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