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  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Refresh (1,081 reviews)

    Samsung Galaxy S4

    Smartshay251 Mar 3, 2015

    I love this phone the only issue I've with it is that I can't take pictures while I am on the phone Like I did on my old phone which was a Samsung galaxy 3 or go on the Internet while I am on the phone. But I love it.

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 (3,123 reviews)

    Love the Phone

    REGYPSY Mar 3, 2015

    This Phone is Great for me... still learning apps, etc.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (707 reviews)

    Great phone but...

    clanders57 Mar 3, 2015

    I'm a guy with decent sized hands. I was accustomed to swiping texts as a one handed operation. Can't do that now. Should have gotten the S5. Durable because of the Otterbox.

  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64GB (312 reviews)

    Fantastic step up

    t-cstone Mar 3, 2015

    We were nervous moving from Version to Sprint because we are in a very poor reception area previously. Very surprised that reception is not only good but better that the old system. The phones are really good because there is so much we do with video. The larger (6+) retina displays are fantastic. They compliment the Macbook Pro very well. The cust...

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  • Nexus 6 (84 reviews)

    Looks good, but constant problems with half the screen freezing.

    msommers.75 Mar 3, 2015

    Looks good,battery is about average. Half the screen freezing often brings it from 4 to 2 stars. You have to turn off the screen to get it back on some apps you have to relaunch after that, quite frustrating.

  • Apple iPhone 6 16GB (1,313 reviews)

    Iphone 6 work as intended

    sanchezgmc06 Mar 3, 2015

    No complaints on iphone 6. It is a great phone. Apple has never failed me.

  • Apple iPhone 6 128GB (215 reviews)


    avigil95 Mar 3, 2015

    The screen glitches sometimes. Love the battery life, for now. Good phone overall, but I'm still not #teamiphone

  • LG G3 (789 reviews)

    this product has an amazing camera and doesnt freeze up alot.

    CalebDaGr88 Mar 3, 2015

    I love my lg g3 it runs smooth takes great pictures and has a decent battery life.

  • Apple iPhone 6 64GB (642 reviews)

    great features but sometimes freezes up.

    Marcel1938 Mar 3, 2015

    This is a great phone although grossly overpriced. I didn't have a choice when purchasing because there were no iPhone 5's available. It does seem to freeze up when online and I have to shut it down and restart.

  • LG G3 Vigor (236 reviews)

    Not worth the price

    ebyrd316 Mar 3, 2015

    The phone is slow. The battery is pretty good but to open anything is very slow.

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