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  • Samsung Galaxy S5 (3,127 reviews)

    I love this product it is great

    anduna Mar 4, 2015

    I absolutely love my new Galaxy 5 . It is slim very comfortable To handle all the features are easily understood. It was a little pricey but all the great phones are. Thanks to Sprint for the new lease program I was able to afford it.

  • Apple iPhone 6 16GB (1,318 reviews)

    total solution

    dianaday Mar 4, 2015

    Sprint phone coverage in Point Loma , San Diego, is a (1) on a scale to 1 to 5. Many drop calls and spotty coverage. Additionally there is limited LTE coverage in the area.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (711 reviews)

    This phone has many great features

    Wildkittens12 Mar 4, 2015

    I upgraded last week from the S4 to the note 4 and I have not been able to put it down. I just love this phone. I'll never learn all it features this phone offers.

  • LG G3 (793 reviews)

    Problem phone

    LALA_QUE Mar 4, 2015

    Upgraded from my 3yr old HTC to this LG. Thought the tap to turn on feature was cool, until it kept turning on every time I touched the phone. Couldn't carry it without it constantly turning the power on. Too sensitive around the edges, but when i try to purposely turn it on by tapping the middle of the phone it would take 2-4 attempts tapping it h...

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  • Sharp Aquos Crystal (173 reviews)

    problems here and there

    mgrosso8890 Mar 4, 2015

    This is a great phone but there is minor problems with apps suddenly stopping and the screen freezing

  • Apple iPhone 5 64GB (263 reviews)

    Had the Recall battery free replacement, and it is still horrible

    francopacecca Mar 4, 2015

    I dont recommend the 64gb because of the weak battery life

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport (314 reviews)

    Battery Life of a Fly

    jvanderpool84 Mar 4, 2015

    This thing gulps the juice! Sat there asleep for an hour fresh off the charger (phone call awoke me) and lost 20% just sitting there. Ridiculous! Texting is a chore. Suggested word doesn't automatically enter. I have to select it. Swype is decent, but still have lots of issues. Charger cover already broke. Honestly, if I could swap phones without ...

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  • Apple iPhone 6 64GB (645 reviews)

    This product is simple to use.

    lilhulk2013 Mar 3, 2015

    I enjoy using this phone based on its reliability and easy to use software. On the other hand, the battery life is okay.

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Refresh (1,083 reviews)

    good phone

    steven4485 Mar 3, 2015

    I use my phone for everything from work to play, and it does everything i need. It also does things which i dont need which is good to know its there if i ever need to use. Like different apps and ways to share and sync with other devices.

  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64GB (315 reviews)

    Gets the job done and then some

    Texans41 Mar 3, 2015

    Great phone. Does everything I need it to do. Excellent sound quality.

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