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  • Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB (961 reviews)

    Overall decent phone, just didn't live up to the hype for me...

    Neesy58 Sep 1, 2015

    decent phone, not spectacular, diasappointed in some of the apps on this phone. I was expecting Sprint also to have better signal use with wi-fi. Poor signal strength pretty much every where, so disappointing. I renewed praying these next two years would have been better, so far it's not. The hype is what drew me in, but I guess, they got me..

  • LG G Pad F 7.0 (22 reviews)

    Worst Tab I've Ever Had

    augustinedomin Sep 1, 2015

    Allowed myself to be talked into this tablet as it was free and was told comparable to the Tab 4. I hate this thing. Internal storage is much smaller than my Tab 3, which I never had a problem with. Touch interface freezes almost every time I use it. I have moved every app I could to the SD card and apps still freeze up. I run both business and gam...

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  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (2 reviews)

    A good phone for the money

    GunnarNelson Sep 1, 2015

    I just came over from Verizon and was pleasantly surprised with the many phones they offer. You can find a phone that covers your needs at price you can afford. That's why I selected the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime.

  • LG G4 (212 reviews)


    Wealthy12 Sep 1, 2015

    This phone was very data hungry used up my data within the first day of service. Battery lasted less than four hours per charge

  • Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (290 reviews)

    The phone has nice features

    ANONYMOUS Sep 1, 2015

    It feels nice in your and the side screen is a neat access point for apps.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (1,577 reviews)

    I haven't began to explore all the options this note offers & I am already impressed.

    benlalko51 Sep 1, 2015

    I'm impressed about everything this note has to offer & am surprised to learn something new about it everyday. The volume seems to keep turning itself on & up. Maybe it's possessed....ooooh! Haha

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 (3,874 reviews)

    Do not buy

    Tysepe94 Aug 31, 2015

    This phone is absolutely awful my battery is constantly dead even after replacing it, my wifi and date are never good enough for this phone but other products work with my wifi and date fine, it is super slow and constantly freezes, the touchwiz home OS is always failing... I could go on, just do not buy

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 (3,045 reviews)

    I like the 4 way better than the 3

    LUMINA834 Aug 31, 2015

    I like this phone and can't hardly wait to upgrade to the 6

  • LG G Stylo (34 reviews)

    Not a satisfied customer...

    Nessa8080 Aug 31, 2015

    Overall I am a dissatisfied customer. . had better service with previous carrier.

  • HTC One (1,794 reviews)

    Terrible Phone

    bizm444rk Aug 31, 2015

    The camera now has a purple halo because the chip on the inside fried. Apparently this is a widespread problem. now suddenly the texting portion of it just doesn't work. I get that it's "old", but the phone falling apart like this is a signal of poor quality.

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