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  • Apple iPhone 5s 16GB (999 reviews)

    I love my new iPhone 5s

    PANAMA316 Apr 13, 2014

    I love everything about it except the LTE service it's sometime slower that 3G

  • LG G Flex (65 reviews)

    the product has a great battery life

    joe.p.painter Apr 13, 2014

    pros battery life screen size cons no sd card slot

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 (12 reviews)

    This has been a great improvement with great features

    ANONYMOUS Apr 13, 2014

    I had the Galaxy 3 with another provider and the service was not the greatest. So far I am getting better clarity and no drop calls. Great service

  • LG Google Nexus 5 (160 reviews)

    Simply Extravagant!!!

    Lamont-Derrickson Apr 13, 2014

    It is definitely one of the best phones on the market and I wouldn't trade it for any other. It's an elegant device that doesn't disappoint on anything! LG & Google really meant it when they said it was "Made for what matters most" and it makes it worth it even more while it's taking control of Sprints all new 4G LTE Network. If your looking for a ...

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  • Apple iPhone 4 8GB (1,989 reviews)

    Not so great

    kalissa35 Apr 13, 2014

    At first it seemed cool but not its not so im done with this phone. I don't wish this type of frustration on anyone

  • Samsung Galaxy Mega (197 reviews)

    Awesome device!!!

    Dettenheim Apr 13, 2014

    I love the phone. It is very large but that's the way I like mine. I'm a truck driver and when off duty and stuck in my truck; makes like a tv with cable on the go. Great gaming, internet and I love Netflix. Definitely keeps me from being bored at a truck stop. HUGE display. I had the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which is faster but not noticeably. For m...

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  • Apple iPhone 5c 16GB (1,107 reviews)

    This phone is ok

    gabbgee Apr 13, 2014

    My phone clicks loud when I'm on the phone it doesn't always call out the internet moves slow at time and the phone itself is heavier then a galaxy

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 (2,718 reviews)


    SUB316 Apr 13, 2014


  • LG G2 (1,120 reviews)

    average good

    dphil300 Apr 13, 2014

    Good phone, good features, its a good investment except its an android. so its freezes, lags, apps force close the usual android stuff. If it didnt act as an android it would b better than most phones out

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (1,074 reviews)

    This product is ok

    nickellebanton Apr 13, 2014

    I have trouble with wifi sometimes and slow reaction time with commands and clearing RAM. Just was expecting more but it is a pretty decent phone.

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