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  • Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB (201 reviews)

    Close but NOT perfection!!!

    HISWifey1949 Jun 21, 2016

    I like the phone but 64/128 Gig internal memory would have helped to push it over the top. The non removable battery feature I don't like, but the phone holds it's charge a reasonable amount of time. Additionally, I am unable to talk to make my text print or any other similar features I enjoyed on my S6. But you are partially redeemed by adding t...

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  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB (165 reviews)

    Galaxy S7 Edge Best Phone Ever

    m3talmilitia Jun 21, 2016

    The phone is beautiful, the screen is amazing and its performance is great. The only issue I have is with the performance of the fingerprint sensor which I find sub par compared to Apple's sensor, but in no way is this a deal breaker.

  • LG G4 (943 reviews)

    The LGG4 was a great phone

    rtbcreepshow6 Jun 21, 2016

    I have had my LGG4 for just 1 year and have had to replace it after 3 months from my screen not working and now I have the same problem with the phone and that it keeps restarting. I would like for you guys to focuses on other problems on the phone and not just the look and battery life. Thank you!

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport (489 reviews)

    it is a good durable phone

    jolelyno Jun 21, 2016

    Good phone overall, but dropped calls some times and screen froze many times

  • Apple iPhone 4s 16GB (3,695 reviews)


    tony121982 Jun 21, 2016

    Best cellphone really like how it runs and is as a iPhone

  • Apple iPhone 5s 16GB (2,454 reviews)

    Not loud enough

    ANONYMOUS Jun 20, 2016

    I had a 6 from Verizon but when I switched over I had to step down To a 5 I like the 6 much better. Screen size speaker just all in general the 6 is better

  • ALCATEL ONETOUCH PIXI 7 (3 reviews)

    6 months in, no charge, no boot

    DaleLovesSprint Jun 20, 2016

    Was OK for a few months, then it stopped charging. Tried multiple adapters. Wont turn on anymore.

  • Apple iPhone 6s Plus 16GB (577 reviews)

    Great phone with lots of features

    SuzetteW Jun 20, 2016

    This is my first iPhone and I'm very pleased with it. There's many features I probably won't ever use, but the ones I do use are perfect and easy to use. So glad I made the decision to change from Android to iPhone.

  • HTC One (M8) (436 reviews)

    htc one m8

    DOWLING2014 Jun 20, 2016

    Messages wont send.. says there is no sim card and just keeps causing issues because very slow

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB (2,286 reviews)


    nata3535 Jun 20, 2016

    This phone has confusing features. Briefings for news on yhe main screen. Can't get rid of it! Typing is very difficult also.

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