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Galaxy S3 unable to find mobile network

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As of this morning around 0900 PST, my phone stopped connecting to the mobile network.  I restarted, shut down and started up, shut down, took out the battery and started up, then called Sprint.  Sprint had me shut down and remove the batter, then reactivated the phone.  None of thi worked.  I took it to the Sprint store where there was another customer who'd had the same exact thing happen to him.


I left the phone and went back to work (I'm a hospice RN and really need this phone!).  I checked in later with the Sprint tech guy and he said that it was a tower that was down, to get the phone and just keep restarted it until it reconnected.  He said it would be a few hours.


That was 11 hours ago.  Still nothing.  The phone now randomly restarts itself and for some reason, it managed to go from 85% to 0% battery at one point in a matter of 15 minutes.  I have it off now.  I'm really really frustrated and concerned.  I rely on a Smartphone for my work, to communicate with the clinical team, to chart, to look up references on drugs and treatments.


Has anyone else heard of something like this happening?  Do I need to chalk the Sprint tech guy up as a moron and just presume it's a hardware problem and that my phone needs repair?


ANY help or advice or even plain old commiseration would be deeply appreciated.


Take care,


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