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Microsoft Live Search Problem

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I had the Microsoft Live Search app on my Samsung A920 and used it successfully any number of times. However, in the past few months, it has suddenly developed problems loading and running.


When I try to run Live Search, the Java-Powered screen comes up as usual but the progress bar doesn't move at all and the program never runs. My phone locks up and I cannot exit this screen. After about two minutes, my phone re-powers up by itself. Otherwise, the only way to exit is to remove the battery.


I've tried deleting and re-installing the app from Sprint's website with no success. I still run into the same problem.


Any ideas on how I can fix this?



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    cbowie6019184116 Newbie
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    I'm having a similar problem with my Samsung M520 when trying to use my Live Search.  I last used it on Monday, 05-10-2010 and tried to use it on Tuesday, 05-11-2010, but it stopped working.   It will load and just as it tries to connect, I receive the following message, "Error... please allow access".  I have gone to my Application for Live Search and reset the settings to "Always Allow" to all aspects of Live Search, powered the phone off and on, but the problem still continues.


    Is anyone else having this issue?  If so, HELP!!!!

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    PullMyBigToe Regular Visitor
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    When I try to open Live Search on my Samsung M520 I get the follwoing error:


    Please allow network access and try again


    Network access is allowed.


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    tjwald12 Newbie
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    I use this app often. I'm having the same issues on my Samsung. It stoped working about two weeks ago. I get the message "Allow network access and try again". I called into Sprint support and they were clueless.

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    elmo975 Regular Visitor
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    One of my Samsung M520 phones is having this same problem (within the past few days or so).  Does anyone from Sprint still monitor this particular board and are we likely to get any help for this problem here?

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    C.Zitek Newbie
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    I have used Live Search for almost two years on my Samsung M520. Within the last week or two it stop working. I recieve the "Pleaser allow network access and try again" error. I spent over 30 minutes on the phone with Sprint Tech support trying to resolve the problem. They had me try a number of solutions without success. They then had me erase the application from the phone and re-install it. The problem is that the Live Search program appears to no longer be available for download via the phone or PC. I am very disappointed. This is one of my favorite features of the phone.

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    C.Zitek Newbie
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    Just an update. A called back Sprint Tech support to find out where I could download Live Search from since they had me erase it. I was informed that Microsoft had discontinued the Live Search service and that is why it stopped working and is no longer available for download. I consider Live Search to be a feature of my phone. The Live Search application came pre-installed on the phone and was a selling feature. The splash screen for the application indicates Live Search for Sprint. I know that nothing last for ever, but I expect the feature of a product to last at least as long as my service contract.

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    tjwald12 Newbie
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    I agree with you this is a phone application that was on the phone at point of sale and has Sprint's name on it so it should be supported. It's very disappointing as this was a great feature. I will now go back to using the Google maps app, but it is much more cumbersome to use.

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    EHERBERG Newbie
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    It's still available from my phone to download -- but no luck getting it to work.  I un-installed and re-installed - but when attempting to use it, I get a "No connection available" message.

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    jim77763 Newbie
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    i am having the same problem with my microsoft live search, not able to use it-----says please allow network access.------------------there is nothing wrong with my phone, had a hard reset done etc.....  nothing fixed it. the problem is most likely with sprint, or microsoft.    got to keep calling tech support to find out whats going on.  this is a great featuure and more easier to use than the others.        i hope sprint will fix this problem asap.       it has really been a big inconvienance for me!    KEEP CALLING  SPRINT TECH SUPPORT AND CUSTOMER SERVICE UNTIL THE PROBLEM IS RESOLVED!     WE ARE PAYING FOR A SERVICE AND NOT RECIEVING IT!   SAMSUNG M 520 PHONE.

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    elmo975 Regular Visitor
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    Does Google Maps work on the Samsung M520?  And is it free?  (It is one of my family members having the problem with Microsoft Live Search on her Samsung M520, so I don't have the phone myself to try out Google Maps.)

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    sato Newbie
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    I have the same problem.  The application keeps asking for network access even after I have enabled it.  The Sprint tech support told me to have the phone reset to facory defaults but I do not want to do this if it will not fix the application.  If there is an alternate option that allows voice entries for search can someone please post a link.


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    JinBothell Newbie
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    I am having the same issue with my Samsung M520. When I called to tech support I was told to take it to the retail store. But based on other posts it looks like the application has been discontinued. No notice to the users or even their own tech support. Just another reason that Sprint sucks.

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    DWMORGAN52 Newbie
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    I must add my name to the list.  I have been working with sprint support to fix Live Search  and even took my samsung m520 to the sprint store.   They reset it and told me the phone must be bad.  WHY WASTE MY TIME LIKE THIS !?.  Sprint PLEASE let your people know what is going on, so they can tell ME!  (shouting out loud)


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    robremadie Newbie
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    Same story, same problem.  I loved the Live Search program on my Samsung 520.  All I get from  Support is:


    1. "take out the battery"
    2. "reset your location services"
    3. "it's a third party program"
    4. "unload and reload" (without the knowledge if can be reloaded)
    5. "take it to the Sprint store and have factory defaults reset"  (noting that they will have to back up everything)  THAT sounds like a sure-fire solution!!
    6. "Let me check and I will call back in 5 minutes".  (it's been 15)
    7. "Can I offer you a discount if you renew right now for 2 years?"  (like I'm in the mood for 2 more years of this headache)


    It seems that Microsoft has discontinued this, in favor of its Bing apps....which is not supported by my phone.   Another simple, functional piece of technology lost.

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