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Very dissatisfied with the Galaxy Epic 4G Touch (S2)

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This phone, or the Sprint network, or the combination of the two is the worst experience of a mobile phone I've ever had.  The network radios in this phone are the dumbest, most disfunctional, and embarassing implementation I've ever encountered.  Update after update since 8/11 still hasn't address this piece of junk's inability to connect when I need it to connect.  Broadband, WiFi, GPS (what a pathetic excuse for GPS), and even bluetooth.  I'm rebooting this phone constantly just to use the features that were peddled to me by the sprint marketing flubber.  My Palm Pre prior to this poor excuse of a smartphone was leagues better with network connectivity than this garbage..  This is my 1st and my last Samsung phone. Period.


The upcoming "Sprint Connections Optimizer" sounds like an efffin' disaster to me too.. I suspect it will make the notorious networking problems with the S2 much worse.  Such a piece of software shouldn't be necessary on a well-designed phone or a reliable network that has broad coverage.


Now with adding ICS to the phone Sprint, yes SPRINT, has removed USB mode so now none of your computer apps can see, sync, or import what's on the blinking SD card.    Thank you Sprint!!!   Other carriers kept USB mode with ICS.. Not our beloved Sprint though..  I get mad at this every time I want to get pictures off my phone..   Kies Air won't work for me either as I don't do Java on my home PC.


In my area Sprint has the absolute worst data coverage of all the carriers. Even the smaller ones.  I rely on WiFi for data because mobile broadband is useless for me unless I'm in the center city..  Soooo This is my last experience with Sprint.. Period.


I'm already looking at Verizon and come time my contract is up, Sprint will be less one customer for sure..   I need a phone that works, a network that is reliable and I do not have time to spend on the phone with amateur customer service reps and ignorant store clerks who are unable to efectively fix problems with this phone.  I should have purchased the Motorola.



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    You need to do a factory reset on your phone. Android and Firmware updates do not install fully until after a factory reset is done. Backup your info first, you will just need to redownload apps. You will have quirky problems like you're having now with any smartphone/carrier combination. It's similar when Windows come out with an update, it forces you to restart your computer. Restarting a Smartphone is not the same, you must factory reset.

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