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Sprint's service is terrible--anybody else having problems?

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So, I think I am going to end up suing sprint.  Here is my reasoning why.  In about October of 2012, my service went from being A+ to absolutely terrible.  Every single message I sent was returned as unsent, I could not make phone calls, I could not receive phone calls, I could not reach my voicemail, NOTHING.  I got ahold of sprint after hours of trying to place a call to them from my device.  When I got through, I was told that the towers in my area are being updated for better data and voice services, so this was a temporary thing and would be better come the end of the week.  Well, while the problem was less prominent, I still had problems (I cannot make it through an entire phone conversation without having my call drop at least 2 times--and this happens to the other 4 devices on my account).  Fastforward to November.  I am still having the same issues, so I contact sprint again, and they claimed that it was from the effects of Super Storm Sandy (AKA, New Jersey's scapegoat for being a poop of a state).  I was told the towers would be up and running in a week.  2 weeks later, I am still having problems.  When I called back to sprint, I was told that they are updating their towers (Wait, didn't they do that a month ago?).  They also told me that because my phones were down for 2 weeks due to the hurricane, I would be getting a credit on my bill for the amount of lines I have and the amount of days out of service.  Apparently half a month of service (on my bill, this would be about $125.00) is only worth $2.45 to sprint.  So, I call sprint--mind you, this call took over 2 hours because my phone still can't make calls 1/3 of the time, and the other 2/3 my calls are being dropped.  Sprint acknowledged that every phone on my account is having problems, and that there are no tower issues according to their systems, and to go to the sprint store to have our phones looked at.  I listened, went to the store, and got turned away for having iPhones.  Went to apple, and apple replaced almost all my devices (and then had to fight with sprint to remove the $38 activation fee for my devices not working and being replaced), and I still have problems.  Now, my sister has her own plan on sprint, and she is having the same problems.  About the beginning of January, I called sprint, and they told me that they were going to put a ticket on my account to have the techs track my, and my family's, usage to find out what towers I was being connected to, and how to go about fixing the problem, and that they would call me in a couple of days to get back to me (assuming my phone got the call, that is).  Well, weeks go by, and no call, so I called sprint back, and I was told there was never a ticket opened on my account, and they need to look into the issue.  At this point, I have been almost 4 months with barely usable service--I got yelled at by a judge due to my call dropping during an unemployment hearing--, and paying almost $260 bucks for said poor service.  is anybody else having similar issues?  I plan on suing sprint for fraud since they will not let me out of my contract, and I cannot use my services.  I might also consider damages since it is affecting my professional life, as my phone is daul usage for personal and business.  T


And sprint, if you read this, and actually care to make a response, it had better be a good one, because you've done nothing but lie and manipulate me and I am not having it any more.  I would rather use a tracfone over your service, and that is saying something.

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