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Bluetooth will not recognize anything

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I am having trouble getting any of my bluetooth devices to work on my evo 4g lte.  When I first got the phone, everything seemed to be working fine.  I don't use my bluetooth headset often (jawbone icon) but it did work for awhile and I was able to use it.  One time, it wouldn't connect so I charged the headset and re-paired it and still nothing worked.  Since this was a somewhat old model, I purchased the newer jawbone icon hd.  upon receiving it, it also would not pair with my phone.  When that happened, I had a friend search for the headsets, and sure enough BOTH of them were recognizeable...so I know it isn't an issue with my headset or compatibility (since it worked previously).  At that time, I did the reboot where you hold the power button over 10 seconds until it shuts off and restarts.  Immediately after doing that, both devices were able to be paired and used...for about an hour.  After the headset randomly shut off, I have since not been able to get either headset to connect.  I tried the same reboot again and it did not work this time.  I have tried unpairing and re-pairing the devices and since they "are not found" I cannot get them to pair again.  I have tried this multiple times with turning my phone off and on in about every different way possible in different order of resetting my bluetooth settings.  Nothing is working!  I do have all of the latest updates installed on my phone.  I cannot think of any reason as to why it is not working.  my devices are able to be found and connected to on both my brothers and mothers evo 4g lte's.


If anyone has any ideas for me to try, please let me know.  I would like to prevent the factory reset (the only thing I can think of I havent tried - I read that it didnt even work for a lot of people who had tried it) so I don't have to reset everything up on my phone and risk losing information in texts, etc.



Sidenote - I took my phone into a sprint repair center and after pulling up my account, she said that depending on the issue, it could cost $50 to look at it since I didnt have insurance on my plan.  I told her that I purchased insurance through best buy where I bought the phone and she just told me that I should "just take it there then".  After I asked if she could at least have them look at it to see if it is fixable without the charge (of opening the phone up) she took it to the back for about a minute and came back and said I would need to take it to best buy - I'm not sure they even looked at it since they knew I had insurance with someone else.  Once I got to best buy, the only option they gave me was to forfeit the phone and they would ship me a new one.  I really dont want to be without my phone for 2 weeks!  Especially if there is a simple fix that can be done.  Please help!!!  And thank you

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    Without TEP, Sprint won't look at it without you paying the $35 fee, not sure why they said $50 unless it's increased recently and I missed it. Your bet bet is taking it back to Best Buy, they will give you a loaner phone (POS) and order you a new one if it can't be corrected.


    I also don't see any reference to which version OS you are running? Is this the latest 3.16.XXXXXX or another version?

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    I have the same exact issues.  My phone has always been paired with my vehicle, which has microsoft sync.  After jelley bean, it started disconnecting from the vehicle.  Then they had the update to Jellybean, and I thought it fixed the problem.  It did for the first day, and then it started again.  Now it wont even find the vehicle to pair it anymore.  rediculous.  I would love a solution to this problem.  Having a hands free vehicle is nice, but a wast of money if the stupid phone doesnt work.

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    Sounds as if your on the latest update and since it's still doing it, it sounds as if it's an issue with the Bluetooth functionality with the phone.


    Have either of you tried re-pairing while booted into Safe Mode? Other then that, not much else you can do but try a Hard Reset to verify it's definitely an issue with the Device/OS.

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    SCCRCHIK20 Newbie
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    smotrs, thanks for your reply!  Here is some more info on my phone:


    Hardware - 0003

    Software - 3.16.651.3 710RD

    Bluetooth - 4.0


    I havent tried the re-pairing in safe mode.  How would I try that?  Thanks for your help!

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    Yeah its $50 now. No more 35.

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    Boot to Safe Mode by Restarting the Phone. At first White boot screen, press and hold the Volume Down button until fully booted. You'll see Safe Mode in the bottom left corner.


    At that point, simply goto your settings, delete the current Bluetooth devices and then re-pair them. The phone wil lcontinue to run in Safe Mode and you cna test as long as possible. To exit Safe Mode, simply Restart Phone.


    What this will do is simply deactivate all 3rd party apps and settings to see if it's Hardware and/or OS related. Theres still the possibility that some app is still causing an issue that only a HR can remove. Since only an HR will truly remove all 3rd party related apps and settings. But try the above first before going that far.

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    I tried the Safe Mode pairing as mentioned above, and it did not work.  I ended up taking the phone into Best Buy and talked to them about it.  We ended up doing the factory reset in the store and after that it still could not see any bluetooth devices (which the girl said there were tons in the store at all times).  They gave me a loaner and I should be getting my replacement sometime next week.  Of course, it will be refurbished and then there is the whole deal of messing with getting a new zaag screen protector sent to me as a replacement.  Thanks everyone for your help and input.

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    Thought that might be the case the way it was going for you.


    Good luck with the new phone and let me know if it works when you get it.

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    SCCRCHIK20 - I noticed that I have the exact same problem as described by you above. It will no longer connect to devices that it was already paired to.  I have unpaired but cannot repair any handsfree or headset devices to the phone any longer. I have practically tried with every single piece of bluetooth devices around the house and two different car models (Nissan and Infiniti) to no avail.


    It is not clear when it started happening since I don't recall the last time I used hands free bluetooth in my car but I'm pretty sure it was working as late as February 22 2013 (based on call history being in my car on that day). I do have the latest updates (including the last one in January) and confirmed I have same hardware/software version you listed above. This cannot be a coincidence as I saw someone else also replied above having the same problem. There has got to be something software related that has caused this recently to this phone. This is really frustrating as, like you, I purchased the phone at Best Buy (June 2012) but did not opt to buy any insurance on it. I have not attempted to call them yet as I don't know if they will even help me, let alone Sprint.


    What have been your result with the refurbished phone? Did you install latest updates (JB in Dec 2012, and other MR in Jan 2013)?

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    SCCRCHIK20 Newbie
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    As frustrating as it was to deal with best buy and have a loaner phone for 4-5 days, it has been worth it so far.  My new (refurbished) phone hasn't had any problems yet - with bluetooth or anything else.  The first thing I did when I got it was make sure it was up to date on all the upgrades.  Im afraid they might not be able to help much without the insurance plan, but I'm not sure.

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    Nixroks Newbie
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    I did this and it worked again, until i restarted my phone, then same thing..does that mean an app is interfering? how can I find out which one? Thanks!

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