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When is the Note 2 getting 4.2.1?

YRaj Newbie
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Can someone please let us know when and why Sprint users do not have this update yet?  I am still on 4.1.1.   This becomes a real disadvantage to going with Android vs Apple.


I was under the impression that Samsung devices got priority.

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    Just-Yankees Regular Visitor
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    It's 4.1.2 and got it yesterday .. From what I understand it's being sent in stages.

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    GrandmasServiceSoSlow Newbie
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    It is 4.1.2 and my phone keeps reminding me to install it, got the first notification this morning.


    But is it REALLY a disadvantage to going with Android vs. Apple? Really? I'd bet there are more Android OS updates than IOS updates over time. Not to mention, does being on 4.1.1 render your device unusable? Obsolete? Or just not hipster enough?

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    It's only an opinion when it comes to Apple vs Android you can debate it till your blue in the face it's all to ones needs.


    Updates to any OS are corrections to flaws and or upgrades to systems and utilities. I personally prefer android over apple for my needs and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has everything I need in a Phablet my pockets aren't big enough for both phone any mini tablet.


    The upgrades in 4.1.2 are minimal but needed and if you have the note 2  or S3 you can see the smoothness in operation, quicker response and a few minor changes in features. If you are still using 4.1.1 you are still running jellybean and all of it's great features. Bottom line is what you like and what you need. Should you upgrade YES all of your apps already have adjusted to the upgrade and might run a little funny or quirkie without the upgrade.


    My biggest problem is LTE in NYC.. They have been teasing us daily with 4G service in some areas and LTE in others so I guess in a few months it'll be up and running that's when you will appreciate your LTE device Android or Apple.


    As far as apple all of the iphones (original up to the 5) have been upgraded to the latest ios whereas Google has been very selective on the devices they upgrade and yes the Samsung devices have been prioritized to compete with the iphone.


    Here is something you might want to look at http://theunderstatement.com/post/11982112928/android-orphans-visualizing-a-sad-history-of-support and yes I'm a bit of a nerd and a device geek.


    Just Google Android vs Apple Updates and you'll be able to compare.


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    art1414 Regular Visitor
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    Hi, just the person to ask and hopefully you'll know the answer:


    BEFORE the upgrade we were getting, and still are, "Permission Request" for "these apps want access to your Google account from now on:"  It's a list of about 50 items.  "They are requesting permission to:  Android services" is in blue and checked. 



    1. What 'apps' are they referring because none are listed;
    2. Whose asking permission?
    3. Has this appeared on anyone else's device?  What did you do?
    4. Whoever 'they' is want access to (just to name a few):  com.android.samsungtest.SlateTest; System UI; Sprint DM Service; Google Backup Transport; Samsung Setup Wizard; Android System; PhoneUtil; Bluetooth Test; Security Storage and the Mobile Tracker.  Like I said this is not everything.


    Again has this appeared on anyone else's device and if so what did you do?  No thanks of allow access?  Has it affected your phone either way? 

    Thanks for any feedback.


    also asked in the main discussion thread

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    Dj_Damjano Master
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    Every app that you install will need to attach itself to the android OS in your phone, that way making changes to your registry in the phone. The permission is another way for them to be safe( lawfully correct).

    Some of those programs you mentioned are part of the core components in your phone, and for them to run, they will need to share recourses and files with your Google account for verification or sync, and most important the Android services.

    Allowing that will not put you or your phone in any risk, it will just make it run smoother.


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    YRaj Newbie
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    The Note II rocks so the hardware is excellent and the Jellybean is really the first mature version that runs like butter and the most serious alternative to OS.  Every update brings upgrades that make your phone more intuitive and increases capabilities of your phone.  At this point, the IPhone with OS6 update takes a better panaorama.  I would not want to wait a whole year after OS6 to have the amazing panorama that Android 4.2 offers.  It is absolutely about delivery of the best features timely for us to say that the Android phone and evironment is better.

    With that said, my Note II is still ahead of the IPhone5 in my opinion and that is without any rooting, something that I always felt was necessary to my previous Android phone...EVO 4G.  Does it meet my needs?  Certainly yes.  And the new update to 4.1.2. has really helped in making things move even faster.  I waited for the Note II for a device that met my needs comprehensively...at that time, there was much said about Samsung getting updates faster than others.  With the Note II being such a flagship device, it bugs me to see other devices coming out with 4.2.1....when we have been waiting for some time now.  It is still hipster...hipster enough?...well that advantage might be fading..I don't want to see after plunking down some serious change for a device to see others doing more simply because of an OS update.

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    Dj_Damjano Master
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    I think the updates in the Note2 have been good, the phone has been out for 3-4 months and already had 3 updates sent to it fixing many stuff.

    As far as the 4.2 OS, I don't know of any new device that is coming out now that has it yet. Even the HTC One, has the JB OS in it, so I'm not worried on that. I also know that this phone will support future OS that Google will release. I know it will take a while until it will roll out, but if you have a great device, won't really make that much different if I get the new OS in a month or 3 months after the initial release. Keep in mind Note2 was one the first phones to come out with JB in it, you still have devices that don't have that yet...

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