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EVO 4g LTE not receiving voicemail notifications.

EVOhasISSUES Regular Visitor
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For 3 weeks now I have had no voicemail notifications.  Just decided to manually call in after about 5 calls today without voicemails.  Had 8 VM's waiting.  Anyone else having issues?

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    SuperWilliamD Silver Expert
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    Hello! Sorry to hear about the issues! Can you confirm if you're using the Visual Voicemail app on the device? If so, launch the app, go to settings, and select notification.


    Let me know what your device says.





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    smotrs Master
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    The only notification options within the app itself are Sound and Vibrate options. I think what the OP is looking for is the bubble notification on the Widget Icon. The one indicating how many new messages exist.


    OP, do you have the Widget or the app icon on your desktop. If your not positive then lets assume its the App Shortcut and replace it with the widget.

    1. Long Press the icon on the screen
    2. Drag to the Remove bar at the top of screen
    3. Long press the empty spot on the screen
    4. Select Widgets at the bottom left
    5. Search or Browse for Voicemail
      1. Icon looks identical to the one you erased but this one is a Widget which will (supposed to) display the message bubble.
    6. Select it to place it on the empty
    7. Press Home Button to exit and verify icon is in place
    8. Have someone leave a voicemail and verify it's functioning
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    My apologies! I misunderstood the concern. If this is the case, we may want to try refreshing the voicemail, which I can do from our systems. EVOhasISSUES- Please send me a private message when you have a chance and we'll work on this together.


    Thanks @smotrs!



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    No prob. I updated my above post with instructions on how to replace the icon they have. The Voicemail App icon has the exact same look as the Widget icon which would give the impression its in place. The difference is that the App icon simply launches the app whereas the Widget will display new messages as well as launch app.


    Completly possible it was replaced somehow. At least it can be tried before resetting it on the system. 


    Which brings me to another subject. They should really change the icons, one color for the Widget icon another color for the App icon, that way we can ask, is the Widget Blue or Yellow or whatever color represents App.

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    It's fixed.  I hopped on with Sprint Tech Support and they reset my voicemail and fixed the issue. 

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    SuperWilliamD Silver Expert
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    Thank you so much for the update and glad to hear that your issue was resolved!





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    smotrs Master
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    Excellent. As William said, thanks for the update.

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    MRSSPRO Newbie
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    I am having the same issue and no one has responded to my help request.  Can someone please help me fix this problem!

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    I was having this problem some time ago, but it seemed to work itself out somehow. Have you installed the voicemail update? Or the Jelly Bean update? I would think that either of those factors could possibly have something to do with it. And how is your signal strength? I know that when my phone had signal issues, I missed both calls and voicemails.

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    I've been seeing this a few times with my HTC EVO 4G LTE.  I had to do a couple of things.


    I called up Sprint support.  There are some good suggestions that are offered from the line when you chose to troubleshoot Voice Mail.

    • I had tried turning off the phone for a while.  Try one minute off, then turn it back on.
    • If that doesn't work, try again for about 5 minutes.  Turn the phone back on to see if it pushes the notifications to your phone.
    • If that still doesn't work, then pull up your list of applications, locate and press the Settings icon.  Inside Settings, scroll all the way to the bottom of the list and press the option that says System updates.  Inside System updates, press the link for Update PRL.  I find that the Update PRL will sometimes work to push the notifications of voice mail to the phone.

    When none of those worked, I decided to call Sprint support again and get a live agent to work on this with me.  After describing the symptoms that I was dealing with (which sound similar to your problem), they gave me a code that I needed to dial into my phone - I won't post the code because I'm not sure if it's specific for HTC EVO 4G LTE phones or just my particular unit.  Nonetheless, they will provide a code for you to key as if you were dialing a number - what this means is that you'll need to have your Phone application loaded and key in the code as if you were dialing someone.  This code paired with the work they do from their end forces a push to re-activate the phone.  When I did this the first time, I was a little bit hesitant because there was something on the phone mentioning about a factory reset, but it will not wipe out your settings or files, so do not worry about that.


    After the phone rebooted and was loaded, I gave it some time to perform some updates.  In my case, there were no updates needed, but it checked and attempted to update firmware, update the PRL, and everything else that the phone would need to be up the current specs.


    If you do what I did by calling sprint support, check to see if your voice mail notifications are corrected.  As I did this, I had already cleared out my voice mailbox on Sprint's voicemail server, so I didn't have any messages.  The rep I was working with called my number and left a message; about a minute after that, I saw the voice mail notification icon light up with one message.


    The funny thing about this is after I had done this, I got more calls and they didn't pop up in my voicemail program, nor as notifications, but I ran another PRL update manually via the Settings > System Updates > Update PRL process on my phone and I got message notifications restored.


    Hope this may be of some help.  Oh one more thing, if you call up Sprint, have another phone handy that you can call from so they can work to reboot your phone and such while you're on the phone with them.

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    So since posting a reply to this, I've had the occurrence happen to me twice and I find my own advice being valueless.  I'm now really curious is there's any commonality between our phones that may be causing this problem.


    I have a few other types of voice apps on my phone.  I have Google Voice as well as Skype.  Neither is configured to use my Sprint number though. 


    I've tried updating firmware, updating the profile - what I come to find though is as I update the profile, the vDM Client stops.  I get a message that says



    vDM Client has stopped unexpectedly.  Would you

    like to send an error report to HTC?  This will help us

    improve our products.

    Don't Send                                Send report.



    I took a look at this post and found that others experience this error. 




    The post also discusses some means of getting around the error when trying to do the updates, especially the profile and PRL update.  I'm just not certain though if it resolved the issue with the Voice mail notification.  As I write this, I have about 6 new voice mail messages waiting on the Sprint Voice mail server that have not been directed to my phone.  While it's simple enough to give them a call, I think I will try using the Cellebrite process at one of the Sprint stores.

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    Thank you for your response. Did this issue stem from an update recently downloaded?  We could try a couple of things on our end here to see if a voice mail reset might work. Please private message us with your name, account number, phone number the voice mail is attached to and pin/security answer to access your account. We look forward to working with you.

    Thank you,

    Social Care Team  

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    I've had this issue happen repeatedly to my phone.  I'll think I have it fixed, then the issue arises again in a few days.  Updating prl, clearing all data in the app, etc does nothing to help.  Have called Sprint at least twice about it and have gotten no long-term solution to the problem.  I've missed several important work and personal VMs in the past couple of months because of this issue.

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    So, I was almost guilty of not coming back to this thread after I got this issue resolved personally.  While I can't exactly say what causes the issue, I'll tell you what my fix eventually ended up being...


    I factory-reset my phone.


    Essentially, I've started from scratch and I'll tell you why.  When this problem occurred, it wasn't immediate of any important update on my phone; nor did Sprint do anything on their network or else there would be more reported cases of this happening.  This implies to me that we all have something in common as far as what we use on our phones.  After the factory reset and re-installing my apps, all seems to be in working order.  I went to a Sprint store and spoke with a rep regarding this Cellebrite appliance & from what I gathered, it was really just a resetting device that also backups your data.  Any one with the proper set of instructions and know-how could do that on their own.   I've been running for about 2 weeks now and messages are definitely appearing in my voice mail application.  I'd recommend this as a second-to-last stitch effort to resolving this problem, or perhaps just consider doing this anyway.  Find time to backup your data and get it done.


    You already know the cautions involved in doing this: make sure to backup your personal data, photos, contact data, etc.  This was a breeze for me since I usually keep my photos on my SD micro and all my contact data is on Google and never solely on the phone.  Additionally, since my apps are obtained from the Google Play Store, when I set up my Google account back on the phone, my apps were also re-installed.  It took me just a little shy of 2 hours to get my device up and running back to a state that I could appreciate with my custom settings and such. 


    The following link shows how to go about performing a factory reset:




    I was going to list the apps that I have but I know after resetting my phone, there are some apps I'm no longer using & in truth, it may have been residual temp files or so that may have still be resident on the phone after uninstalling unsaid apps.  Who knows for certain.  I'd say if you follow my path and still have problems, maybe list the apps to then see if others may share a commonality to help deduce what's causing this issue with voice mail.  Best of luck.

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