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3/14 - HTC EVO 3D Software Update - 2.95.651.5

dshoem01 Gold Expert
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HTC EVO 3D Software Update - 2.95.651.5



- Stream AVI files via DLNA

- Improve Messaging application loading time

- Sprint Connections Optimizer


Important Notes

- Software version is 2.95.651.5

- Refer to the HTC EVO 3D Software Updates blog for install information

  • 1. Re: 3/14 - HTC EVO 3D Software Update - 2.95.651.5
    underseer Expert
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    Any word on whether or not we will get Jelly Bean? 4.1 or 4.2, either would be great if we could get it.

  • 2. Re: 3/14 - HTC EVO 3D Software Update - 2.95.651.5
    ameszewski Newbie
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    So yeah anyone that updates to this latest version might want to check Swype out. For me it was broken for me after update. Tried even to do a full restore to give the update the benifit of the doubt....Thanks better be a update to fix considering i use Swype every day.

  • 3. Re: 3/14 - HTC EVO 3D Software Update - 2.95.651.5
    bhoppy17 Regular Visitor
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    Many issues with this update... I am so frusterated... Swype is broken, I cannot download any new apps, auto correct does NOT WORK, NOW IT IS STUCK ON CAPS... I HATE TGIS UPDATE, I WANT SWYPE BACKA! I CANT EVEN TYPE... NEED A FIX NOWA!

  • 4. Re: 3/14 - HTC EVO 3D Software Update - 2.95.651.5
    MARYROSE520 Newbie
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    I agree to the above post.  I can no longer use swype.  Not sure if I have any other issues yet.  I just downloaded the update and that is the first thing I noticed.  My phone already has enough issues (I had a Sprint tech tell me to just change phones because my phone was too old and I have had it less than a year).

  • 5. Re: 3/14 - HTC EVO 3D Software Update - 2.95.651.5
    od1nsnymn Regular Visitor
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    Since update to 2.89.651.2 (July 31st) My alarm volume randomly mutes, and 4g cannot connect when storage encryption is enabled. Since the update to 2.95.651.5 (March 14th) the problem with 4G has been taken care of, even though I rarely use 4g, and am no longer inclined to encrypt my data. Unfortunately Swype now cannot find a valid license, swipe Beta is not like the version the Evo 3D had installed, and I would rather not sacrifice 16+ MB of memory for swipe beta since the preinstalled version is no longer working.

  • 6. Re: 3/14 - HTC EVO 3D Software Update - 2.95.651.5
    Q3 Newbie
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    Swype and Swiftkey flow are not working. Sprint, what the heck. How could you overlook this while sending out this update. For anyone out there looking to update I would wait. I use both Swype and Swiftkey Flow during the week and this is unnacceptable. Invalid license for Swype and for Swiftkey it just keeps telling me to try again.

  • 7. Re: 3/14 - HTC EVO 3D Software Update - 2.95.651.5
    OminousG Newbie
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    Same issues with Swype, noticed within seconds.  I've been with Sprint for over a decade and that will be coming to an end. 

  • 8. Re: 3/14 - HTC EVO 3D Software Update - 2.95.651.5
    doombob Newbie
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    Agreed that this is problematic.  It's just very hard to type with one hand now, which is necessary if you're hauling around your child in the other arm.  Immediately after the update, I was unable to use Swype.  Here is the full detail/description of the problem I am having.


    I received the following error message in a pop up box in the middle of the screen (background greyed out) when I switch the input method to Swype: "This version of Swype has an invalid license and will operate with limited functionality. Beta users please run the installer again. All others contact Swype about this issue" -- OK button immediately below.  The Swype style keyboard still is there, but then when I attempt to "Swype" instead of type, the message "Please try again" appears in the bar immediately above the keyboard where the spelling suggestions normally appear.  Swype forums indicate that any Sprint/HTC phone users having issues with the built in Swype should be contacting the provider.  So this is me contacting Sprint.  Everything else appears to be functional, but this is basically the only way I interface with my phone anymore, rendering it much less useful than before the update.  I could care less that particular AVI codecs don't stream right, I actually care about Swype working.

  • 9. Re: 3/14 - HTC EVO 3D Software Update - 2.95.651.5
    LMN99 Newbie
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    I'm having the same issue.I was left with no other option but to download and install Swype beta, which is a real pain.

  • 10. Re: 3/14 - HTC EVO 3D Software Update - 2.95.651.5
    bjhoedl Newbie
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    My phone prompted me to perform this update today.  Clicked on the notification to update and everything performed flawlessly up until the phone restarted and had wiped my OS clean off.  Somehow this update performed a factory restart and all of my apps/data that was on the phone was cleared off.  There was no indication that this update would do a wipe.  I had previously had ICS from the previous Sprint update.  This has made for a very frustrating morning.

  • 11. Re: 3/14 - HTC EVO 3D Software Update - 2.95.651.5
    GENNYW1 Regular Visitor
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    I did the update and was able to fix the Swype issue on my phone.  Click on this link http://www.swype.com/category/get-swype/ from your evo 3d and download the Beta version.


    You have to downlaod the installer, then download Swype Beta, after it installs, enable it on your phone.  Swype is now working great on my phone

  • 12. Re: 3/14 - HTC EVO 3D Software Update - 2.95.651.5
    MARYROSE520 Newbie
    Currently Being Moderated

    We should not have to download a Beta app in order to use Swype.  It's BS.  Not only does that Beta take up a lot of space, it is is a Beta!

  • 13. Re: 3/14 - HTC EVO 3D Software Update - 2.95.651.5
    G-Ray-n-seattle Newbie
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    I must say to Sprint that I am very disappointed with this update. I havent seen anything this buggy and this bad since Windows98 First Edition. For those folks who don't know, it was so bad they had to comeout with a whole new version to fix all the problems with it. Thats why we had Win98SE (second Edition)


    Sprint why the rush to market if all this was was to fix some connections problems?

    Why was there 73 seperate items listed as patches or fixes?

    From some of the compalints we are now hearing it appears your update broke more things than it fixed.


    Apps are no longer working.

    Connections that were ok now are not being made.

    Email and message signitures have been deleted and replaced with an ad for HTC.


    We the customers spend days customizing our phones to US and you revoke it back to you.

    I also want to know what are you doing resetting my settings so that you and big brother can track me.

    I have a right to privacy and I turned off my GPS and location settings deliberately.  I did not give you permission to turn them on again.


    What manager approved of rushing such a bug filled patch to market without proper inhouse beta testing? They have cost Sprint tens of thousands of dollars in bad PR.

    This person needs to be demoted and their name published and they need to make a public video apology to all of the HTC customers whose phones he/she screwed up and the lost manhours and the revenue that sprint is going to be having.


    I have been with sprint for over ten years and I am very disappointed and I have been loyal, where is the loyalty to us Sprint?


    I think I shall be looking for a new phone...... and maybe a new carrier too.

  • 14. Re: 3/14 - HTC EVO 3D Software Update - 2.95.651.5
    WNYMule Newbie
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    I have been able to work around the Swype issue by going back to Touch Input and turning on the Trace Keyboard option.  So basically works the same, but I share in the frustration that others have expressed here.  A few of my apps were acting oddly, information was not displaying correctly but an extra reboot seems to have corrected that.  The Sprint Connector Optimizer is working on my work Guest network that normally requires a log on each morning, now I do not need to do that which is nice.  Overall, this leaves me a little concern about the way these updates are done.  Seems like this one was not tested well before it was released.  Swype not working is a big deal and very dissapointed that it was not caught in QA.  All the other updates I have received have worked great, so this is just Strike 1 for me...

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