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Why sprint do not unlock iphone 5

Jammyboss Newbie
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Why sprint do not unlock iphone 5 for other usa gsm network even thought your contact is done ?

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    only1ruth.e Silver Expert
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    Thanks for posting on Sprint Community for assistance.


    Just to be sure, we would like to gather some more info from you. Are you looking to unlock your phone to be used with a different carrier? Or were you looking to use your iPhone 5 while travelling abroad, while on an active Sprint account? Thanks in advance for the opportunity to assist you.


    Ruth E

    Social Care Team

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    PIETHO Newbie
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    It might be because Sprint isn't on the GSM network, they are CDMA, which means takeing an iphone from sprint and running over to at&t or the pink one wouldn't work.


    It might also be because while they give the phone at a horribly reduced price, they still have to pay full price for the phone and they are trying to re-coup the cost of that and all of the other ones they've sold.


    It might even be that you didn't use proper grammar in your post, but the first two are far more likely.


    Be Well.

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    SprintThor Silver Expert
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    Thank you for response.  In regards to the networks’ carriers utilize this is correct.  Sprint and Verizon utilize the CDMA network while AT&T and T-Mobile utilize GSM.  They are similar but completely different networks which would cause extreme software compatibility issues.  Sprint is required to abide by all manufacturer guidelines to continue selling their devices which is only allowing the unlocking of devices for international use only.  Sprint has applied additional requirements to the unlocking for international usage to insure customers are properly utilizing our services with a device we provided to our customers especially if discounted pricing was provided.  I assure you any use of improper grammar will have no effect on the decisions or answers we reply with.


    Sprint Social Care Team


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    Jammyboss Newbie
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    I have simple question let's say i have some month left on my contract and if i pay all ETF. And than i am not bound with contract anymore . Now Will sprint unlock my iphone 5 ? so i can use for any gsm network in the USA . If the answer is NO what should i do with my iphone 5 since it's no use. I did some research verizon iphone 5 is unlock for gsm and at&t can be unlock if request . Plz explain !

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    Jammyboss Newbie
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    Anybody wants to talk about this iphone 5 unlocking policy , i think sprint wants all of their customer to bound with this policy so they don't get out from their contract since iphone can't be use in USA. Sprint will have big problem coming since tmobile has iphone 5 now ! Let's see .

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    sezginiv Regular Visitor
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    I don't buy the CDMA network thing.  The iPhone 5 is a world phone, which can be on both CDMA and GSM.  Verizon's iPhone 5 comes out of the box unlocked to use on any network even in the USA whether AT&T or T-Mobile.  I don't know why Sprint doesn't have this option also.  I've been on Sprint since 2001 and don't plan on leaving, but I find it annoying that I cannot have the option to have it unlocked for U.S. SIMs also in case I want to use something for work or someone I know needs to use my phone with their SIM.  Come on Sprint and fully unlock the phone.

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    fil131 Newbie
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    I am looking at the box of my Sprint iPhone 5 and it states that it supports CDMA EV-DO Rev A&B (800/1900/2100Mhz), UMTS/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA (850/900/1900/2100Mhz), GSM/EDGE(850/900/1800/1900Mhz), and LTE (Bands 1/3/5/13/25)


    It does not state anywhere that this is locked to domestic or international. From my understanding these phones while manufactur


    I currently use this iPone on Sprint and my contract ends on 6-20-13, I would like to switch to T-Mobile after 7 years of being a Sprint customer. In my state 4G is not available and 3G is extremely slow on Sprints network.


    I have called over 100 times to ask about unlocking and Sprint will not assist in unlocking the iPhone for domestic use.


    I cannot understand why Sprint would not allow their customers who have abided by their 2 year contract to unlock their iPhones.

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    bikehigh Newbie
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    fil131 Newbie
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    I dont think after having a 2 year contract expire it has much to do with money, when my contracts are up I am leaving Sprint even if I cant unlock my phones.


    I may even pay a few contracts off just to leave early at this point.


    I just think that after a contract is fulfilled whether the full 2 years or paid off the device should be considered your property and unlocking it to apples original condition before cell provider locking should be 100% supported.


    Its not like I'm asking for an illegal hack, or for a way to cheat Sprint of minutes or data, I just want to utilize my property on another companies service.


    Thats absurd. Whats next? Automotive companies selling cars that can only be filled with gas from a certain gas station, or that you can only take to certain cities or states?

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    azmurph33 Regular Visitor
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    YOu can unlock your sprint iphone by finding an online resource that will help. There are there different unlocks.


    1.  Sprint will unlock your phone under certain conditions for over seas use on a gsm network only. Like go to Europe and use an international SIM card For local rates.


    2.  Jailbreak unlock. This is not the way to go because its based on the version ios software you have. So if you jailbreak, unlocked and iTunes pushes a new ios, you won't be able to keep your unlocked status when you update phone.


    3.  Permanataly unlocked through apple. Must be done online using your meid number. This opens your phone to both gsm and CDMA networks within the us. Here is where it gets tricky. You can use your unlocked sprint phone with tmobile but you can't access their lte network because it runs on a differnet band. You can however connect to their 4g hspa+ which is much faster than sprints 3G.  Check to see he type of phone you have and what lte networks it can access. You can take it to Verizon and use their lte because its the same band.  All mms SMS and data will work like it is supposed to.


    Don't let the Internet fool you, there is so much wrong info about this topic. To get it permantanly unlocked it can run anywhere from 50-179 US dollars to unlock permanatly through apple. 

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    munkyBeatz Regular Visitor
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    Good post azmurph33!  The info you posted is accurate.


    I had a friend that unlocked his verizon iphone 5 to switch to ATT, and their customer service told him that he could indeed use his CDMA carrier based iPhone on their GSM network. However, like you said it cannot use their LTE due to different radio's installed on the CDMA version than the GSM version LTE. Also, he was told that they would only guarantee 3G coverage on their network and 2G coverage on roaming networks. Doesn't mean he couldn't utilize their HSPA bands, but they weren't going to guarantee good connection either. Also, Apple only likes to factory unlock the GSM based models, as they don't officially show the ability to unlock CDMA carrier phones to GSM for the signal issues listed above.

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    azmurph33 Regular Visitor
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    This is wrong information.
    If you have a sprint phone that you got unlocked through a service
    (unlocked to use in the US) the phone can work with verizon and have no “extreme
    compatibility issues” because both phones work on the same band.  If you have a sprint or verizon iphone you CAN
    take it to att and tmobile but you can't access their 4g LTE.  You can however access 4g hspa which is much
    faster than sprint offers with its 3g.
    go to youtube and type hspa speed test for att and tmobile and the city
    you live in.  You will see how much
    faster it is than sprints 3g.  Keep in
    mind you can only access the 4g hspa when either tmobile or att offers 4g lte
    in the area. Sprint says things like do not do this because it will cause
    "extreme software compatibility issues" but this is another way of
    saying please don't leave us we will scare you into thinking your phone doesn't
    work.  Sprint tells you unlocking is
    illegal however this is only half true.
    If your phone was manufactured before January 26th, 2013 you are legally
    allowed to unlock it either with or without sprints help (several articles
    about this, just Google unlocking phones fed rules).  If the phone was after Jan 26th , 2013 it is
    illegal to unlock phone unless the carrier gives you direct permission.  The Obama administration is trying to get laws
    passed that allow you to unlock your phone regardless if the carriers wants you
    to or not.  For sprint management...  Sprint can no longer drag its feet, with many
    cell providers starting to offer contract free phones and better service people
    will not stay with sprint.  Loyalty is
    the thing of the past, it’s all about the best phone with the best
    service.  People are willing to pay a
    little more for better service.   Sprint
    is screwing customers. Look at it two ways, either people in cities with 4g are
    getting their 4g service for free because me being in phoenix I can only access
    their 3g and pay the same price as a dude in texas (4g offered throughout
    texas) or I am being charge for something I can't get in my city.  Either way you look at it, customers with 4g
    lte phones are getting ripped off because we are unable to get a 4g signal in
    phoenix or other major cities.  Also they
    are doing things backwards, they started to add 4g lte in cities with very
    small populations and ignore cities like phoenix.  People in phoenix are leaving in droves (my
    work just dropped over 50 lines and moved to verizon because of 4g lte in phoenix)
    to switch carries who offer better service.
    By the time they get around to providing 4g service like the other major
    carriers sprint will be left in the dust.
    Cities like LA don't have full 4g coverage but a small town 100 miles
    outside of austin, tx has it.  Plus since
    sprint is terrible about launch dates, we as customers don’t know how long we
    have to wait.  For example, phoenix is
    not on any list but when you talk to a service rep either online, phone or at
    store they say very soon.  They told me
    the same thing in October 2011 when I renewed.
    1.5 years later and nothing.  In
    my book, 1.5 years is not soon.        

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    SDECKER149 Newbie
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    Sprint not unlocking their Iphones after contract should be a crime. I have been a customer for 4 years now and what if I bought the Iphone 4s, 5 at full retail, will Sprint unlock it then? They are not loosing any money, theyprobably gaining a few $$s as they buy in bulk. I agree that after the contract date ends the Iphones should be unlock if the account is in good standing.Actually I believe they should be sold unlocked and only locked if the account is not in good standing or they fail to complete the contract. What if I am in an area that does not have Sprint service or a roaming agreement, I should be able to use the sim slot. I have recently canceled two lines and paying the ETF, and am planing to cancel the other three, because of some of Sprint's policies, one being the the Iphone lock thing and the second reason being charged $10 a month on line with smart phones for "premium" data, when there is no "premium" data in my area nor has there been since the started charging for it. Any way that is a different subject. I seen in this thread where people are saying that we should contact Tim Cook of Dan Hesse to have this policy change, well I received an email when I canceled my two line from asking me for feed back why I was unhappy with Sprint and canceling service. At first I thought it was just an auto generated email but I responded any way stating the Iphone unlocking policy as one of my reason and I actually got a real response. I think everyone with an issue with with Sprint's Iphone or any other policy should write to  I hope this helps.

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    sjkramer29 Valued Member
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    azmurph33 wrote:


    "the phone can work with verizon and have no “extreme
    compatibility issues” because both phones work on the same band"   

    I hate to correct you, but if I may.. CDMA cannot be unlocked, the GSM portion can be unlocked and used on non-domestic GSM bands (except for the Verizon iPhone 5 which can be used on AT&T's HSPA+ Network (which you were correct). A Sprint LTE device also cannot work on Verizon LTE due to Verizon being in the upper 700Mhz band, while Sprint LTE is riding off of 1900Mhz.


    Verizon CDMA runs on 700Mhz I believe, while Sprint runs on 1900Mhz..same technology yes, but the bands are different. Also the MEID/ESN of Sprint CDMA devices are NOT in Verizon's Data pool and their system will not activate the device.

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