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Error 34 with Outgoing Texts (Galaxy S4, LTE)

InactivePixel Newbie
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Hey All,


This is occurring for me again.

Only with Outgoing Texts, I get an ERROR 34 Code, could not connect to network.


I'm on a Galaxy S4 with 4.2.2 in (mainly) area code 94949, and 94945.


Somebody have any ideas how to circumvent this very irritating error code (which I NEVER GOT ONCE with my S2, only after upgrading to my S4)

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    BrandonAndMeleah Regular Visitor
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    I get it on my S3 the last week or so, and have been getting a lot of dropped calls also.  Sprint seems a little (understatement) flaccid about this problem.  If you search the forums the problem is all over the place.  Sprint keeps defaulting to the reset the phone, reset the PRL, then finally, we have no bloody idea.  While the unlimited data is handy, its getting easier to see why people are willing to pay more money for Verizon.

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    Dj_Damjano Master
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    How long ago did you upgrade to S4? Do you have any issues with data and voice, do you get any errors, dropped calls?

    I had that error due to misconfiguration of my profile in Sprint Network, try updating Profile and PRL while in the areas that you have issues, and see if that can help.

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    OroRo_MunRoE Silver Expert
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    I am sorry for the delay. Are you still having issues?


    If so, are any other services on the device giving you issues or errors? When was the last time you power-cycled the device or updated the data profile on the device? Also, how long were these issues occurring?


    Look forward to assisting you (if still needed)




    Social Media Team

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    HOOVSTA Newbie
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    Same thing happening with me, I get no error code though. All texts seem to be going through, but then certain people text me back saying they got a blank text or it said "no content".  In area code 89115. 

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    aayon3061 Newbie
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    I'm honestly thinking it's this new stupid update.... both my wife and I have S2's still but I just had mine replaced and came with the new jelly bean and now i'm getting error code 34 and hers is working perfectly fine..... Super frustrating... It's garbage paying for a service that does not work

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    celestialdawn Newbie
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    Okay --- so I have read a ton of these posts in regard to "error 34, 97".... has anyone gotten "error 200"??? Im having the same issues most of you are having. My messages are not going through ONLY when it's a certain length though -- and when I mean certain length...I don't mean as an MMS...just a standard text that keeps giving me that error. I've done the PRL update and what not...still isn't doing anything! I always power down my phone just to refresh the network...still nothing. Id gladly appreciate if someone could help me out with this?? Thanks guys!

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    JENJAS01 Newbie
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    My wife and I have this same problem on an S3 and S4 only when we are in our home, zip code is 25401.  Extremely annoying.  I have no issues anywhere else that I have noticed.  Happens connected to 4G, 3G, and wireless.

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    J.Antonio.Leblanc Regular Visitor
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    Hi, I'm a Sprint customer. It's a very simple solution and the error is because when the phone was activated they entered the same MIN as your phone number. Do as fallow go to settings/ about device / status / and check if the MIN is the same number as your phone number, if that is the case speak with tier-2 ask the customer service to transfer you that you need tier two. Be ready, Tier 2 will try also to do many things, you keep telling them, that you want that number on the MIN change no matter what and you don't have more time to lose even if he tells you that is not the case. Once he change the number, then you go to profile update and update it and your phone should start sending texts right away. Hope this works for all of you. It did worked for me and now I can send texts from anywhere, including my home were I use a Airrave machine. The machine has nothing to do with this problem, don't lose time with reset. It was a bad configuration form day one on the phone.

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    kemokam Newbie
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    I just bought my S4 on Saturday.  Came home and had the same issue - no texting, Code 34.  Called Sprint and they went through all the tests then told me to either take the phone back and get a new one or go to a Sprint service store.  By 11pm I was able to receive and send texts. This morning, I'm back to square one again.  I saw this post and decided to try it.  I asked for the Tier-2. Josh, the rep, said that he has to go through all the necessary steps first before he could transfer me to another dept.  We did that. Went through all that I went through with the other rep on Saturday. We updated PRL, software, reset the phone, etc. Didn't work.  Then instead of transferring me to Tier-2, he came back and said, "I've been informed that there is no Tier-2 Tech department".  So I said really? Because on YOUR SPRINT FORUM a customer said that there is.  Of course he denied that. He also told me that this is a KNOWN ISSUE with this phone.  So today I went back to Best Buy and returned the phone.  They replaced it with a new one with no problem.  I stayed there and made sure that I could send and receive calls and texts.  Everything worked fine.  By the time I got home, SAME **** AGAIN!!! Someone needs to give me some answers and fast. I've been a SPRINT customer for almost 15 years. Even with their crappy customer service, being the LAST to get the new phones, trying to cut your phone off for 5 cents. I stayed.  Believe me when I tell you I have no problem switching to Verizon or T-Mobile.  Especially with all their new plans.

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    kemokam Newbie
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    10-28-13 7:43 UPDATE

    Just got off the phone with a knowledgeable Sprint rep.  Thank goodness for him using his knowledge and not just relying on the "WHAT TO DO NEXT" prompts on his screen.  They actually have to reset the MSID number.  If you go through the ##six digits that they get you into and you see that your MDN and MSID number are BOTH your cell number, then they need to change the MSID number.  This is what is causing the issue.  I hope this helps someone. If you go to SETTINGS>ABOUT DEVICE>STATUS and scroll down to where it says MIN (it will be grayed out you can't click on it).  If that number is your cell number then tell the REP it needs to be changed.

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    parrotheadmom Newbie
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    What if your MIN number is different?  What then?

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    Dj_Damjano Master
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    if the MIN # is different then you are good, it is supposed to be different, you might just want to call them and do a network reset if you still can't connect, but I used to get that error when they were doing network upgrade in my area (the 4G LTE).

    Also it will not hurt if you do profile and PRL updates once a while

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    lifesmoments Newbie
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    have you checked to see if you go into your settings, under connections, more networks, mobile networks, is your mobile data checked? When that's not checked for me i am unable to send or receive texts, unless there is wifi

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    WoodyNalex Newbie
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    So, I go the S4 yesterday after having the EVO for nearly 3 yrs.   I also live out in country where I have little to no bars.   Therefore, I have the AIRRAVE (sp?) which uses my broadband connection to give me a better signal.   Works good.

    So, I get home yesterday and am unable to send text messages.   Receive is no problem.    I found this forum thread.    I called SPRINT REP...she was not convinced the issue was the MIN...  She did, however, refer me to the AIRRAVE customer support (866-556-7310).    These folks were AWESOME!   A real person answered IMMEDIATELY.   She said the AIRRAVE was still trying to recognize my old phone.   She then told me to go to my DIALPAD on the S4 and dial a code ( ##7..something..can't remember resest).   This sent my S4 into several reset actions.    In a few moments, I was fixed!!!  And was able to send texts!!!   ....unfortunately, .....after hanging up...   The AIRRAVE has gone into a cycle of reboots trying to accept new firmware.   (sigh).    So, I called the same number (866..above).   Again, immediately got a LIVE PERSON (awesome!!).   After some trouble shooting, they are going to send me a replacement AIRRAVE...  Ok,... 5-7 days in the mail. ... (sigh).  

    If you don't hear from me again (before Christmas 2013), you'll know this fixed my problem....

    -- USAF (Ret)

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