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Turn by turn navigation?

icyquid Regular Visitor
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My plan includes Sprint Navigation and on my previous phone, the HTC Arrive, I used the Telenav software and it worked pretty well.


Now on the 8XT, the Scout software is installed, but it does not seem to provide the same function as Telenav did. I can not figure out how to make it give me spoken turn by turn directions, whenever I select that function, it wants me to sign up for an additional for-pay service even though this service is already included in my plan.


Has anyone figured this out, I have not found anything in the documentation yet.



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    ShayStuart Regular Visitor
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    I've was wondering the same thing too while on a road trip this weekend.


    Haven't figured anything out yet, but if I do, I'll be more than happy to share.

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    icyquid Regular Visitor
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    I am not liking the way this is going:


    Used web chat to ask about this Nav question, the agent did not know what to do and asked me to call Sprint tech support.


    Support rep and supervisor did not know what to do and asked me to call Telenav tech support.


    Telenav is rather busy it appears and I am tired of waiting on hold now.


    Will update if I learn anything new.



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    icyquid Regular Visitor
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    Alright, I did talk to Telenav support and here is what I was told:


    Sprint stopped paying Telenav for the service that is the voice turn by turn directions.


    The free Scout software that is pre-installed on the 8XT does not provide turn by turn voice directions.


    What Scout does provide after setting a route and clicking 'Directions' is a list of directions.


    This function will simply *ding* at you when you come near a turn and then you are supposed to look at the screen (while hopefully avoiding to crash and perish in a ball of fire) to see what turn you are supposed to make, left, right, whatever. There is NO voice output!


    Obviously this is unacceptable and not a viable option to use while driving.


    Sprint, my plan includes navigation and my previous phone, the HTC Arrive used Telenav software to provide this function at no additional charge to me. I expect that you continue to provide this service to me on the 8XT, since my plan has not changed!



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    TOVIP2000 Newbie
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    Go with MapQuest it has free voice naviagtion.

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    TOVIP2000 Newbie
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    Sprint did the bait and switch with Scout.  Sprint devotes 2 pages to Scout and no mention that is now a pay service.  Beware, by default it signs you up for $4.99 a month.  Delete Scout and install MapQuest.  Make sure you cancel the Scout account to aviod a $4.99 monthly charge.  Then delete Scout from your phone.  Also give Sprint a call to complain.

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    Sprint_Julian Silver Expert
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    icyquid and others,


    Regarding the Telenav Scout app on the HTC 8XT, I brought this to the attention of our internal product managers. In the meantime if you are looking for free turn-by-turn navigation, there are free apps available through the Windows Phone App Store. I will provide you guys with more insight as soon as possible.



    Sprint Social Care

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    TOVIP2000 Newbie
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    According to TeleNav voice-guided navigation is part of the
    premium package. So, its free as long as you pay for it. It did not take sprint
    long to incorporate banker doublespeak. I imagine more banker doublespeak in
    store for the future with Softbank running the show.


    From Sprint Web Page:

      "Join millions of drivers and get free voice-guided navigation using the power of Scout - award-winning
    personalized navigation and traffic for your daily journey."


    Yes! You can have free voice-guided navigation for $4.99 a month plus tax.

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    icyquid Regular Visitor
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    Thank you for the suggestion Tovip2000, I installed MapQuest and will try it out.

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    icyquid Regular Visitor
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    Thank you for your response, Julian.


    I am by no means married to Scout. It does seem like a nice application and I wanted to use it. That was based on the facts that it was pre-installed on the phone, leading me to the assumption that it was the replacement for Telenav which I had on my Arrive.


    When I discovered that an additional fee was demanded to have Scout on the 8XT provide the functionality that Telenav GPS provided on the Arrive, given that Sprint Navigation is listed as included in my plan, I was naturally unsatisfied.


    I look forward to the outcome of this and also had an extended exchange about this with the social team behind @sprintcare on twitter.


    Meanwhile, I will use MapQuest and see how that works, it looks promising at first glance.

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    NYClos Social Care
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    Thanks. Keep us posted on MapQuest. I'm interested because I also want turn-by-turn on my soon to be Windows Phone 8 device.


    I've been researching this ever since I received your Tweet. This is what I've found: Scout for Android provides this function without requiring premium access, Telenav for Windows Phone 7 provides the function. There is no Telenav for Windows Phone 8, only Scout and the Windows version requires a premium account for turn-by-turn. I'll report back when I receive more information on this.




    Thank you,



    Sprint Social Care Team

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    JONCABLE2 Regular Visitor
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    I just got off the phone from tech support for this issue. They confirmed that voice navigation is part of my plan and I should not be charged for this feature. They noted my account and said if i get charged to call back in and the charge will be credited back.

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    DFG_Financial Valued Member
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    I have the same problem. Telenav was great, very easy to use. Scout sucks in comparison and I will not pay for **** service.


    I hope this gets resolved.

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    icyquid Regular Visitor
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    I have now had a few opportunities to try MapQuest.


    It did a good job directing me to my destination, voice output works good, aside from minor issues like it saying for example "ell en" instead of saying "Lane" in street names.


    What I do not like about this program - admittedly, it's free - is that the screen does not switch to a dark mode automatically at night time like other programs i used do, I did not see a way to switch it manually and I did not like to have the bright screen in the car while driving in the dark.


    The other complaint, which is more of a pain in the shorts, is that MapQuest does not appear to be recognized as the navigation program by the phone. What I mean is this, when I have an address in another app, for example the address of a contact and then select to map this address, the map is opened and the address if found.


    Then I tap the directions button in the Maps app and it prompts me that no app for this is installed and opens the Store app offering a number of other navigation apps, including Scout, which I since uninstalled.


    It would be nice to have it integrate and open MapQuest with the desired start and destination locations to determine the route. Anyone know how to make that happen?


    Meanwhile, I received a letter from Sprint regarding my recent contract renewal. This email lists in detail the information about my service plan and what services it includes.


    GPS Navigation is one of the listed items.


    On the "My services and device" page that I can see when I review my account online, Sprint explains 'Navigation' as follows:


    "Scout™ by Telenav is a daily personal navigator (...)


    Key features:

    • Voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation and easy-to-follow visual directions.
    • Choose the best path from up to three routes based on traf?c, distance and estimated drive time.
    • (...)"


    So, indisputably, voice navigation is part of my service plan but not being delivered. As has been confirmed it is not provided with the free version of Scout. I look forward to Sprint's resolution for this.


    Thank you


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    AdlerVent Newbie
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    Have you tried Here Drive and Here Maps? You can download the maps you need for when you're going out of cell signal. The turn by turn directions are pretty spot-on, and I use this at least once a week on my 8xt. It does the auto-dimming, and also has 3d representations of certain buildings as you're near them.


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