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Google Play Bill to Sprint option screwed up AGAIN

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Ok so there is a problem with my Google play not billing to the phone account.


The problem is that Sprint support either has no idea how this works and of course having information shared is a MAJOR obstacle for the support agents which is just offensive to what little intelligence I like to think I have. ANYWAY .... So you know that the payment approval is managed thru the Sprint network and only an approval code is sent to Google to allow the billing.  So when there is a billing issue the accounting and payment people are the ones who need to be addressed only. There is info on the account that determines if the system is working or not.


Seems as if there is a server issue with Sprint tonight as there were several calls per the support people I engaged tonite saying they had several calls tonight with this issue.


Can anyone from Sprint confirm this please.

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    I've been having the same problem, really for the last 3 months with my Google Play Music App. Sprint has given me every excuse in the book as to why they can't fix it and a bunch of rigged quick fixes that basically fool Google into giving me another free trial. Last night they were supposed to have a Supervisor call me back on my Sprint home phone, but mysteriously that line stopped working for a few hours. Google has given me a reason that makes sense - basically Sprint is the one that has to authorize, if they don't authorize, then Google can't approve it. I am just furious that Sprint reps are that incompetent that every time I call I get a different answer. I doubt either one of us will get a reply to this post either. At this point, based on this and my other ridiculous experiences with Sprint, I'm switching to another phone company for all 6 of my lines.

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