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Enjoy The Phone

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I've got news about 2.0, it will be here when it get's here.  We've got the coolest phone out there.  I've been told the Hero has increased my sexiness by at least 10% and I'm already a sexy dude!


Sprint and HTC are aware of the issues.  It's safe to assume there's a decent reason 2.0 hasn't been released in the US for our phone yet.  You can rest assured the pocket protector army is working diligently to to fix any problems with the phone.


One final thought.  I know you've heard and seen this before but it's worth repeating.  Just because there's an app in the market doesn't mean you have to download it.  Remember your Hand Touch Computer isn't much different than your home computer.  The fewer programs you add the better it's going to run.  

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    I'd love the Hero to get Android 2.0 sooner than later. Hopefully it is released in the US at the same time is is released in Europe.


    Are you reading this Sprint????? Sprint, seems to always be delaying upgrades on the phone and/blocking them.


    is'nt it hypocritical that Sprint advertises itself as the NOW Network??????


    Still the Hero needs fixes on the bugs/ issues that as of now there is still no official release by HTC providing clear and real information about any solution.

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    I completely agree, It will get here when it gets here, If you want 1.6 or 2.0....dont go with HTC, its that simple, the UI of HTC sense is so awsome and we all know thats the set back, so you either quit complaining and wait it out or get the TP2...its that simple...stop blaiming everyone for the problems, this is an amazing phone with amazing potential and its gonna take time, any decent Linux based user SHOULD realize this.

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    MonkeyBrawler speaks the truth!

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