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Blocking "Private Number"

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I am being harassed by an un-known caller. When told they have the wrong number they say, "no, I got the right number". They continue to call despite me answering and hanging up, telling them I don't know them ("yes you do" is the response) or just not answering period.


The problem is they are calling from an unknown "private number". I have already gone and blocked text messages I was getting a few months back in a similar situation (could be the same person too), but this was from a distinct number I could see on my caller-id.


My question is how do I block all numbers that do not allow me to view the number, either unlisted or private numbers. I basically don't want anyone to be able to get through unless they are willing to identify themself with at least phone number.

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    you can't.

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    but it would be great if Sprint could work on a way to make this possible...the more options they could offer customers the more they'll stand apart from the competition

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    Hi, the above post is correct, there currently isn't an option to block unlisted callers, and I see that you have already accessed the ability to block texts, and e-mail addresses via text which is good. However, in our billing systems, we are only prompted with the option to block all calls (incoming and outgoing) on your line, and not specific numbers or blocked phone numbers. I would suggest possibly changing your phone number to avoid this inconvenience of being harassed. I am terribly sorry that you are going through this. Hope this helps!

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    I had the same problem with Sprint last year when my Ex-Fiance was stalking me.  To make a long story short, Sprint is unable to block a specific number or a "Private Caller" or "Private Number".  The only way I was able to block him from call was to take care of it myself and download a seperate app.   I went to  if you do a search for "phone number block", a bunch of apps will come up.  Make sure you read the entire description and reviews.  From my understanding, two of the best phone number blocking apps out there are "You Got Blocked-Call Blocker" (I believe this app blocks all 800 series numbers and all private numbers) and "Call Blocker Professional".  Both apps cost $2.99 and are well worth it. The app I downloaded definitely gave me piece of mind knowing that he was unable to get through to me.  I was so glad I did it.  The best $2.99 I ever spent.  I hope this information helps!  Good Luck! 


    P.S.  I just assumed you have a Blackberry (because I do)!  If not, I'm sure there is still an app you can download to block the number that has been bothering you! 

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    Thank You SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much, you might be saving a marriage!!!!  There is this annoying woman calling saying all sorts of things and we don't even live in the same part of the world about my husband...


    God Bless You!!!

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    I went to the appsworld and searched "phone numbers blocked" and purchased "You Got Blocked" and it worked great.  I had to check the box send "blocked numers to voice mail"  in the in the options page but it worked perfectly.  When I called from a blocked number it went straight  to voice mail.  I finally have peace  of mind and now my Blackberry smart phone just got smarter.


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